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Default Some great links about C-Rations

Some good links about C - rations :

( I ate way too much of this stuff while I was over there. I was in a Mech unit, and we could put as many cases inside the track as we wanted to. From late April '70 to November '70, we might have been in a base camp once or twice at most, and we didn't get a lot of hot meals, especially while in Cambodia for 2 months, so C-rats were it. ...after I got out of the Army in May '71, I actually went to an Army surplus store and bought 2 cases for hunting and fishing trips. I particularly liked the gristly beef slices for some reason. I never saw the dreaded lima beans or green eggs and ham or whatever, during my tour...not sure why... )

In the link just below, it says there were 5 kinds of smokes in C- rats, including "Benson & Hedges Menthol" ??? Did anyone see these ? I sure didn't. It also says all cigs were out of C-rats in 1972.

Great pics below of the food inside yum yum :

Make your own C-rats ? :

the Army's greatest invention ? lots of good info, check here :

the "Charlie Ration Cookbook"... Anyone heard of this before ? I sure haven't. Should have been in each case of C-rats :

( check out the "Battlefield Fu Fu" !! )



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Old 02-14-2007, 04:23 PM
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Beans and Franks my favorite. The B-3 units with the cookies was the other. Didn't much like any other of the meals. Hated Barf (beef) slices with potatoes. MRE are ready to eat. I hear they are not fit to eat.

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While In Basic Training in Jul 80 we ate C-rats ahile doing the obstacle course, Seen a few small packs of cigerettes mostly Chesterfields I think. My Dad always said the Ham tatsed the best so I made sure I grabed Ham when picking up my Box. One of the guys got the dreaded Green Eggs and Ham , On MREs I liked the Ham Slice and also the BBQ Pork with Rice. They warmed up nicely on a power unit too When they first came out dehydrated Pork or Beef pattys were the worse MRE to get.
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