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Old 11-04-2003, 01:09 PM
Otis Willie

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Default US, Vietnam scientists in talks on Agent Orange

US, Vietnam scientists in talks on Agent Orange

(EXCERPT) Scientists and environmental experts from the United States
and Vietnam have met in Hanoi for talks on measures to deal with the
legacy of Agent Orange, the defoliant used by US forces during the
Vietnam War.

The US embassy says the aim of this week's workshop is to assess
methods to identify Agent Orange "hot spots" and to treat the
contaminated sites.

Hanoi says the defoliant, which was used by US forces to strip trees
and plants of vegetation and deny North Vietnamese troops cover,
continues to have devastating health consequences.

Washington argues that there is not enough evidence to link the
spraying of millions of litres of Agent Orange to generations of birth
defects and other diseases.

Although Vietnam has not asked directly for co...

U.S. and friendly nation laws prohibit fully reproducing
copyrighted material. In abidance with our laws this report
cannot be provided in its entirety. However, you can read it
in full today, 04 Nov 2003, at the following URL. (COMBINE
the following lines into your web browser.) The
subject/content of this report is not necessarily the
viewpoint of the distributing Library. This report is provided
for your information and discussion.

Otis Willie
Associate Librarian
The American War Library
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