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Old 03-05-2004, 12:55 PM
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The predictable lackluster jobs growth under Bush's failed supply-side
economic theory has the White House and their economists baffled.
Only 21,000 new jobs were created last month -a figure far less than
predicted... to be exact, about 279,000 less! But just as with his
failed policies in Iraq, Bush is going to ride this dead horse to the
bitter end.
One of Bush's campaign ads boasts the he has faced an economy in
recession, a stock market in decline, a boom gone bust
and the 9-11-01 attacks, but through his strong leadership, "America
is turning the corner." Frankly, it would be amusing if the ad
weren't such a pitiful stretch of the facts.
Economists are surprised that the labor market has refused to improve.
They say Bush has now run out of workable options to boost job growth
before the Nov. 2nd election. One of the only options left is another
tax "rebate;" members of Congress are not likely to be lead down that
slippery slope, again, given their deepening concerns over the rising
deficit which increases $991,001 per MINUTE over what is being taken
In spite of spin after spin after spin to mask one policy failure
after another, there are still 44% of Americans who approve of Bush's
handling of the economy, according to the latest ABC News/Washington
Post poll. Incredible!

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