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Old 10-01-2009, 08:15 AM
jlcoad jlcoad is offline
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Default Greetings

Hello, All,
Name here is Jon.
No war hero here.
Entered the Army Dec 14 1967. One month before my 18th birthday.
Basic at Ft Lewis, WA
Infantry AIT at Ft ORD, CA
Jump School at Ft Benning, GA
As an 18 and half year old PFC, I reported to Special Forces Training Group July 1968.
Graduated from SFTG May 1969 as SPC 4, MOS O5B2S. Yes in those days 2 was E4, and 4 was E5.
Assigned to the 7th SFG June 1969 and there I sat until I ETS'd Dec 1970.
No combat, just stuck at Bragg picking up pine cones.
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