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Default Mitsubishi G4M2 Model 22 "Betty"

Mitsubishi G4M2 Model 22 "Betty"

Country of Service :Japan
Role :Medium Bomber
First Flight :October 1939
Production Date :November 1942
In-Service Date :June 1943
Manufacturer :Mitsubishi Jukogyo K.K.
Number Produced :1154
Crew :7
Length :19.63 meters
Height :6 meters
Empty Weight :8160 kilograms
Operational Weight :12500 kilograms
Maximum Weight :15100 kilograms
Wing Span :24.89 meters
Wing Aspect Ratio :8
Wing Area :78.12 square meters
Wing Load :160.01 kg per square meter
Engine Number :2
Engine Name :Mitsubishi MK4P Kasei 21
Coolant :Air
Capacity:42.1 Liters
Power :1800 hp @ rpm
Power / Weight Ratio :288 hp per tonne
Max Speed :438 kph @ 4600 meters
Cruising Speed :315 kph @ 4000 meters
Climb :420
Service Ceiling :8950 meters
Range :5262 kilometers
Fuel Capacity :liters
Machinegun Armament :2x 7.7mm Type 92 (Trainable Forward Nose)
1x 7.7mm Type 92 (Trainable Rear Blister)
2x 7.7mm Type 92 (Beam Positions)
Cannon Armament :1x 20mm Type 99 Model 1 (Dorsal Turret)
1x 20 mm Type 99 Model 1 (Tail Turret)
Payload :1000 kg (Centerline External)
Gunsight :None
Avionics :None
Pilot Armor :Yes
Self-Sealing Fuel Tanks :No
Armored Windscreen :Yes
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