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Old 08-05-2003, 11:27 AM
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Question Another Kind Of Sniper?

Of all the diseases that I envisioned rearing their nasty little heads in the aftermath of War with Iraq, I hardly foresaw ?PNEUMONIA? as being a key player!

?Well, (unpleasant) surprise, surprise!? As of this writing, 15 cases of Pneumonia have struck down our troopers, two fatally!

With an investigation underway (something our top brass does really well, maybe?) our folks in the white smocks are excluding anthrax as a potential cause! Of course, it must be remembered that these scientists and doctors have been ?DEAD WRONG? many, many times in the past. (i.e. Tuskegee Experiments, Naval Mustard Gas Testing, Atomic Veterans, Mk Ultra, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, etc., etc.)!

Hopefully, and for a change, our troopers now being afflicted (with pneumonia this time around), will not also be subjected to the (some times) criminal medical incompetence of wars past (experimentation). Nor will they be denied proper treatment, cast aside (again) as mental cases, or worse yet, threatened, belittled or even worse, by a few of those in whom they now place their absolute trust! ?It has happened many times in the past you know (DAIG IN 21-75, COS 385, and Church Senate Reports of 1977 on experimenmtation!)

It seems that when a few within the ?Powers That Be? find a workable scenario, they usually stick by it, even if it is as un-Godly and un-American as experimentation by our own, and upon our own! "And for the record, I am not the culprit here for seeking truth and justice for our vets!" The pigs who wantonly conducted these domestic atrocities, and then hid their shame, are the real beasts here!

Are a few of the ?Interrelated, Medi-Military Experimenting Maniacs? starting to get offended by truth - God I Hope So! But here is a little suggestion for y?all? Why not try to do the honorable thing for a change! ?Face up to your screw-ups like real men!? Treat, cure and compensate your human guinea pigs, do not (ever again) experiment upon the unwitting and un-informed as you have in the past, and most of all, don?t just cast your hapless victims aside as expendable or as just so much medical cannon fodder!

Honorable is spelled ?H-O-N-O-R-A-B-L-E!?

?The word means worthy of honor or respect, illustrious!?

Honor, however, means less than nothing when it is self-conferred, taken on by the undeserving, merely a hollow title, or unearned on a daily basis!

Those who erroneously seize upon this title for personal gain, and not for genuine truth and service, are the worse of all human snipers! They shoot at the backs of, not only the truly honorable, but indeed, even at the backs of our Founding Fathers! (opinion)

EXTRA - Fox News has just reported that the Veterans Administration is closing up seven hospitals, and they claim that they will be opening up several new ones closer to veteran populations! Will, after these closures, the VA carry out their newest promises to veterans? ?Do jackasses fly?? (opinion)

It is further my opinion that, with the VA SYSTEM constantly in hot water, and ?Plausible Denial and Adversarial Paternalism? at the top of the VA Hit Parade (or is that Bull Shit List), I personally would not be at all surprised to see any VA promises evaporate like a fart in a tempest, or a rainbow on a clear and cloudless day! (Past performances you know!)

Put your money (make that our money) where your mouths are! Cut back on the bonuses and other inter-system freebees to star employees, and divert that cash to it?s intended purpose - THE VETERAN HIMSELF!!

I think, and again this is just my opinion, that you are just playing for time in the hope that you can fog the minds of mortal men, most of them veterans! (Prove Me Wrong - PLEASE!?)

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Old 08-05-2003, 12:22 PM
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I?m sure this has crossed someones mind and is being looked at, but the dust in the urban and suburban areas in the neck of the woods is fairly loaded up with nasty, nasty bacteria that many may not be used to, especially this time of year. And the Arab style headscarf with camel hobbles, crossing nose and mouth cloth shield has a real practical purpose. I know I had a never-ending sore thought and mild fever until I let Hedi show me how to dress properly for the environment. Hedi was our camp interpreter, organizer, raconteur and more or less ?Mom? that kept things at least halfway sane, maybe. But I?d never let him drive while I was aboard, talk about Mr. Toad, Jasus. Brakes, throttle and horn were all the on or all the way off with nothing in the middle. Lucky we only gave him a Certroin 2CV to bash around in as I can't begin to envision what he would have done with one of our Dodge Power Wagons or one of the Ford F-500 4X6 growlers. I shudder to think. :ek:

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