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Old 06-27-2022, 07:42 PM
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Angry It's The People & Not Just The Political Party


Am I missing something here, or have we truly degenerated backwards in time and space, to a point, where we are once again aligning ourselves to “political parties”, instead of what we feel is best for “Our Nation” en masse? And did we not address this very same issue - several times before in human history? But have we slipped so far backwards to a point in time where, like “The Civil War (1861-1865)”, we once again find that we must rigidly align ourselves to one patriotic side, or the other, and this to a point - where shots are eventually exchanged, and lives are even lost? And granted, it is, and always has been, “Different Strokes for Different Folks?” And also granted, this penchant for violence is (to a degree), still what makes “This Old World” go around! But let’s get real for a moment – we are still “One United Country”, and it is “Our Unity” that has seen us through, ever since “The Pilgrims” first set foot upon “This Strange New Land”, away back in “The Year 1620!” And let us face the fact that: “Humanity has been at each other’s throats ever since the days of “Adam and Eve” – and probably before that as well, but we have still managed to survive thus far!

So just answer me this one poignant question, if you will: “Just how many times do you think we can get away with nearly blowing each other into Hell? And will we eventually get the task done right?” It seems to me that it is away past time that we human beings begin to try working together for a change again? But ‘Hell’, that has not worked-out thus far – now has it? So are we to plausibly assume that it is just a matter of time before our advanced mentality eventually figures out a final way to obliterate ourselves entirely? I mean, just how long can “We As A Race” continue on, until someone, someplace, and at some time, figures out a way to erase our entire species!? And if my rhetoric is beginning to sound more than a little bit redundant, then let me once again remind you that: I am not the first individual to bring up this troubling subject, but then as they always say: “Hell isn’t half full yet!” And someday, once again in my opinion, maybe mankind will finally get the job done right! But then, this is still all but speculation, now isn’t it - as we all know that we are immortal - “Are We Not?!”

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