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Old 06-29-2022, 09:55 PM
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6-29-2022 (Suggestion for A New Idea & A New Name)

“TAVARESITE” - (A New Igneous Rock Name (or even copper or gold (AU) - ore)
A new name and/or definition, ‘created by me’, for application to any previously unknown, undiscovered, or even fictional mineral and/or rock group or even a newly -discovered mineral for that matter, that has been previously unnamed (and/or undiscovered) as of this date, and the time of this writing!

(Rough Pronunciation – ‘Tah-Vahr A Site’)….

A Proposed New Name For “A Mineral Deposit” - as relates to some newly discovered mineral deposit (or even a new mineral name anomaly) - for a yet unnamed - naturally occurring, rock or mineral deposit of any kind (or variety), be it sedimentary, igneous or even metamorphic, that was previously unknown, unclassified and especially unnamed!
“TAVARESITE” – would be a splendid– ‘though somewhat egotistical’ name for some new (naturally occurring), or even extra- terrestrial mineral (or even a mineral deposit) that is yet to be discovered - or even a good name for some currently fictional mineral in itself, and one that currently has no name presently applied to it? (Named After Me And By Me, Of Course!!)

For example, ‘Tavaresite’ could be a yet unnamed mineral or some other mineral or rock deposit, and would be in need of a name that is not currently in use, or even implied as of this writing, because technically, ‘TAVARESITE’ does not even yet exist!?

Nor is the word or the meaning of “Tavaresite”, meant to infringe upon or even attempt to circumvent any prior-existing or even previously undiscovered mineral’s name that is (of course) currently not even in use? Or it could even be used and attached to some future discovery or yet unknown mineral deposit, that is (of yet) unnamed, unclassified or is not even a part, of any celestial sub-body, name or even geological structure, that has not already been discovered, utilized, named or even currently contemplated - for use as a mineral’s name….

It (TAVARACITE) is, to my knowledge, but my own, made-up and semi-imaginary name – ‘Genus Hardcorium’ (Also an Imaginary Igne-Morphic Rock), and a name that is currently not in any usage that I know of - nor is it even listed within any language or geological facility (that I know of as well)?

But once again (at least as far as my ultra-limited knowledge, minimal schooling, and even my fuzzy and decrepit old eighty-one year old brain is concerned - “Tavaresite” is not even a current fictional word at least not that I am currently aware of - but once again, and in my own grossly under-educated opinion: The Mineral Name Of ‘TAVARESITE’ does sound kind of nice though – now doesn’t it?!

Hardcore – But Still Rottin’ To The Bone
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