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Old 01-23-2021, 09:33 AM
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Question Wish In One Hand


There is an old saying that goes: “Wish in one hand and defecate into the other, and see which one fills up first” – And unfortunately, such is often the case with life as well, unless of course, you are an eternal optimist? And more unfortunate than that, however, is the fact that no mortal being can absolutely control the ebb and the flow of life itself, but this is not to imply that existence is totally random –

“I Truly Do Not Know?” What it does say, however, is that only a fictional sorcerer, or “The Devine Itself”, possesses the power to truly determine life’s outcome – “Day By Day?”

So carry on my friends – but always remember this: “No human being can ever determine their absolute path or their exact direction in life!!”

“And So It Forever Is!!”

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Old 01-23-2021, 10:37 AM
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AMEN Brother HC

The world turns still today
Almost every human must have been confronted by this question, 'Who Am I?'. Some may have found the right answer and many just let this thought go by without realizing how imperative it is to answer it. Why is it so important to answer this question?

If we do not understand who we are and what our aim in life is, we will continue to wander towards the edges of this life in search of something that will give us complete happiness, peace, and tranquility. The mind may assume that this 'something' could be material like money, property, person or even power. It may also be an object beyond the material realm, something more subtle and spiritual in nature.

Unless we find the answer to our true identity, our goal, and the means to acquire it, a void will remain inside us. No matter how much you feed the senses and the mind with all the material pleasures dispensable to us, a feeling of emptiness hangs heavy within, that life remains unfulfilled.

It is the experience of almost every person, that mere material objects cannot completely satisfy the mind. It may provide temporary happiness but will either consume the person completely or leave him dissatisfied after a while, making him want more of the same thing. Hence, this short-lived mirage of happiness is not what we truly seek.

Therefore, to quench the inner thirst, it is essential for every individual to sincerely seek the answer to the more profound questions in life. One must recognize this inner calling for true knowledge and not fall prey to procrastination. This is the very beginning of our spiritual journey for the 'Absolute Truth.’

Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go when die? Since time immemorial, these are also some of the most debated questions that scores of sacred texts, manuscripts and religious books have attempted to answer. Renowned philosophers, scholars, theologists, historians, and even scientists have propounded a variety of theories. Yet, very few have been able to provide a universally acceptable answer.

The most comprehensive and decisive answer to these questions is provided in the divine scriptures of Sanatan dharma, the eternal religion. The original name of Hinduism is Sanatan dharma. Sanatan means eternal and dharma means those actions, thoughts, and practices that promote social, cultural and economic harmony in the world and ensure God-realization.

Standing tall amongst all the scriptures of the world, The Vedas, Upaniṣhads, the Smṛitis, the Purāṇas, Darśhan śhāstras, Bhagavad Gita, Rāmāyan, the Bhāgavatam as well as the writings of many saints, acharyas, and Jagadgurus, reveal the complete knowledge for the who are sincere, faithful, and discerning.

The concept of eternity is difficult to grasp since our conception of time is limited. We are unable to reconcile the notion of something or someone being eternal that has no beginning or end. Our modern scientific method of learning and thinking does not lend itself favorably to believe facts such as, God is eternal or the scriptures are eternal. We always look for a beginning and an end. The mind is skeptical by nature.

But the spiritual world, which governs the material world is an eternal realm beyond the immediate grasp of the material mind which we have. It would not be possible to fathom or comprehend it unless we are given a divine intellect. Hence, it is best to put our complete faith and belief in the holy scriptures, the saints, and the Guru during the learning process. Just as we trust our teacher in school during our kindergarten stages without questioning too much, it will be beneficial to trust the facts of spiritual wisdom as presented.

These doubts will slowly disappear as the facts present themselves, falling into place like a giant puzzle, to unravel the philosophical truth of the spiritual realm at the opportune moment.

or we could say;

It is our experience that every action that we perform is with a definite aim or a purpose. No action is performed without an aim. This might seem like a very lofty statement to make, but come to think of it, every action has an aim.

Action does not involve just the physical movement of the body; even the thoughts are to be considered. Thoughts lead us to perform actions and at times, we think of certain ideas or action but never commit them. What is the aim of our actions? Let us consider some examples.

We sit, stand, walk, or laze around. Why do we do this? What can be the "aim" for such a simple, involuntary action that we perform hundreds of times a day? We don't even think about these actions but we do it instantaneously. Why? Because it gives us pleasure or happiness. If we are tired and sit down for a while, our body is rested. Our mind feels good, happy, and relaxed. Can we continue to sit like this for five hours or more. No, we cannot. We get bored, lazy, or even tired. To overcome this feeling, we get up and walk.

Why did we walk when sitting gave us happiness initially? It’s because after a while, even sitting did not provide us with pleasure. By walking, our body feels stretched and refreshed. Now, this new action gives us happiness. Can we continue to walk for five hours? Not all time. We have to come to a rest because resting will give us happiness.

If such a simple action has an aim of happiness, what about larger and more complex actions? We work and earn money. Why do we do that? Because money allows us to buy material objects that we believe will give us happiness. Suppose we were asked to work without receiving any material benefit, would we go to work? A vast majority of us would be unhappy about it. How can we survive without earning?

It is needless to say that one needs money to buy food, shelter, and clothing but what about the amenities and luxurious items beyond the basic necessities of life? We desire many such objects and work hard to attain those objects. What do we intend to gain from those objects? The answer cannot be anything but happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, or bliss.

What is it that we are all looking for? The Vedic scriptures say that we all seek happiness in everything we do. We may have different opinions about the source of happiness. Someone feels that if only he could get a bigger car, he would be happy. Another person thinks that if she could get a nice house, she would be happy. Someone else believes that by becoming rich, he would be happy, while yet another feels that if only she could become a movie star, she would be happy. However, everyone’s goal is happiness, and twenty-four hours a day, all that we do is for the sake of happiness.


Life is too short to worry about what comes next - what I have is today I will make the best of it I can.


O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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