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Exclamation Senator Kamala Harris Introduces China First Bill To Condemn References



Sen. Kamala Harris introduces China first bill to condemn references to the China virus

May 20, 2020, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement blasting a resolution by Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) to condemn references to the Chinese coronavirus or the Wuhan virus:

“The virus which has shut down much of the world killing hundreds of thousands of people started in Wuhan, China. China then protected its own people by denying travel from Hubei Province (where Wuhan is) to the rest of their country, while continuing to allow travel from that area to the rest of the world. China denied and the World Heath Organization repeated the lie that the virus was not transmittable between humans, creating a false sense of security that it could be contained using less aggressive measures.

“Now, China is engaged in a full court press of blame shifting rather than taking an honest look at their decisions which either inadvertently or purposefully spread the deadly China-originated virus around the world.

“And California’s junior Senator Kamala Harris and twenty four of her least astute colleagues have jumped on the China propaganda bandwagon by introducing a virtue signaling resolution condemning references to the China virus as the Wuhan virus.

“When Americans decide who is going to put them first versus China, Senator Kamala Harris has sent up an irrefutable smoke signal that she and many of her fellow Democrats in the Senate are fully incorporated members of the Chinese propaganda machine. But the good news for Harris is that she is not the California Senator who has done the most damage to the U.S. on China’s behalf. That distinction belongs to Dianne Feinstein who employed a Chinese spy as her driver for almost two decades, who during that time (2009 -2014) served as Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“If this makes you as mad as it makes me, please go to and sign the White House petition.”

To view online:
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