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Old 12-07-2023, 06:54 PM
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Question Where Does It All End


“So where does all of this violence really get us, where did it begin, and most of all, how do we put a stop to it?”

Apparently, our society hasn’t got a clue, save for those politicians and media buffoons, who talk up a storm, prance around like damn fools in front of those media cameras, and get all garbed-up in fancy duds with their eyes firmly fixed upon those bigger and better political things that lie directly in their futures!? Worst of all, they have learned little (or nothing at all) from their past mistakes, and they continue on, until their ever so brief tenure within this lifetime, merely fades away like bodily gasses in a windstorm! So far better we ask not - where it all began, but rather, how can we put an end to it, and this is a task that humanity has not been able to get a grasp upon, ever since he abandoned the cave, and ceased to talk in grunts and groans – welcome to the space age! “And now that we have arrived at the edges of tomorrow – what now, and how do we proceed into the future, if that is, we even have a future?” You know, it kind of makes you wonder if the mentality of mankind is really progressing, or if, in fact, we are just digressing into a revival of “The Dark Ages!?”

So the only question remaining now is: “Will we indeed continue to advance, or even digress, to that point where we cease to exist as a promising race of beings, and plummet backwards, head-long into oblivion? “Well - only time itself, and that big bomb that we have been playing around with for the last seventy-eight years or so, will eventually be in a position to tell us for sure!?”

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