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Old 03-27-2023, 06:23 PM
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Question Only What They Want Us To Hear


Apparently and considering any potential indictments of a former (and maybe even future) President of the United States, I get the distinct impression that a few of our lawmakers are party partisans first and American Patriots Last (if ever)?

Are we not All Americans First and do we not owe our fealty and our loyalty to this Our Beloved Nation? And if this is indeed true and I firmly believe that it is, then why in THE NAME of HELL can’t Our Country and Her People ever get their acts together on many critical issues that have to do with our national security, our sovereignty, our economy, foreign affairs and maybe even our very survival itself!? We are, after all - First, the United States of America and not just another indigent cog in a world-wide gearing system that is apparently minus a great many of its original steel-hard teeth! And for countless years now, we have managed quite nicely, to defend our very own laws, fight our own wars, pay our own bills, and to summit our own mountain tops - and this we have done, almost entirely upon our own!

So why is it, I ask you, that we and our government now find it necessary to clear our every move and to even seek permission to pass gas, and this, from the rest of our populated planet? And are we not still our own man, and is this not still our own government, and are we yet under our very own control and laws?

And if you find it difficult to answer these questions without a teleprompter, then I put it to you that you may indeed be made of far lesser stuff than were – our brave and gutsy founding fathers and our courageous and magnificent founding mothers as well!


Mr/Mrs Hardcore

P.S. – Our Founding Fathers and devout Patriots of Yore - did not concern themselves with space or word limitations, but rather - with content, poignancy, spirit and soul! “And so, it once was, and so it still is with me!” (Amen)
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