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Cool Love leads the way on drill field

Love leads the way on drill field
Submitted by: MCRD San Diego
Story Identification Number: 20037313616
Story by Lance Cpl. Edward R. Guevara Jr.

MARINE CORPS RECRUIT DEPOT SAN DIEGO, Calif.(July 2, 2003) -- For many Marines, their families are the key to their success and drive to become better.

Staff Sgt. Victor Leanos, senior drill instructor, Platoon 2078, Company E, attributes his success as a drill instructor to his wife and her consistent support of his mission on the drill field.

"One thing helps me as a drill instructor," said Leanos. "Some say noncommissioned officers are the backbone of the Corps. My wife is the backbone of my drill instructor career."

Asusena Leanos, his wife, said she feels it is important to encourage her husband to keep his confidence up.

"I encourage him in everything he does," she said.

Just as Leanos' wife looks out for his welfare, Leanos looks out for his troops' welfare by making sure they know their jobs.

"He passes on the experience he has to (his drill instructors)," said Sgt. Arturo Blanco, drill instructor, Platoon 2078, Company E. "He always looks out for the welfare of the team. He doesn't micromanage us."

Leanos' style of leadership is guided by his philosophy of being a Marine.

"The most important part of being a Marine is being true to yourself and the Marine Corps," he said.

Leanos has included his wife in his life as a Marine and uses any free time he gets to spend quality time with her.

Asusena, a former Marine, said she understands her husband's work on a level that makes it easier for them to communicate and provides her more understanding of his long working hours.

Behind his professional persona, Leanos is an easy-going person, according to Staff Sgt. Justin L. Ezell, drill instructor, Platoon 2078, Company E.

"He is easy to get along with and easy to talk to," he said.

According to Ezell, Leanos likes to have a good time, but he is professional and knows when to take care of business.

For a drill instructor, time at home is limited. Asusena may not know when her husband will be home, so she has meals waiting for him if he is running late or just getting home from work late.

According to Leanos, dedication and work ethic are the most important part of being a drill instructor.

"He is the type of drill instructor that makes this job enjoyable," said Sgt. Jefferson A. Rivas, drill instructor, Instructional Training Company. "He is what brotherhood and camaraderie are all about."

Asusena's support has made Leanos' time on the drill field much easier, according to Leanos.

"I couldn't have done it without her," said Leanos.

Even though the newly wed couple has limited time together, they have been able to separate the events of their marriage in a timeline, to include an initial small wedding ceremony May 6, 2002, and a larger ceremony with many friends and family members held March 29.

Their next adventure will be in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. After Leanos graduates his sixth cycle today, he and Asusena will escape in between cycles for their long awaited honeymoon.

Staff Sgt. Victor Leanos, senior drill instructor, Platoon 2078, Company E, stands as a proud Marine with the support of his wife helping hold him up.
Photo by: Cpl. Ethan E. Rocke


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