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Old 05-02-2003, 11:33 AM
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Unhappy Target Karachi?

Another advisory is in the works, this time as concerns the United States Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan. As such, a warning has been issued to the airline?s industry that al-Qaeda might be in the advanced stages of planning to strike at yet another U.S. Asset from the air!

Granted, our intelligence community has been ?Johnny On The Spot? lately, and an army of terrorist operatives have been collared, but some of these bad boys of terrorism are being defended by idiots, while others are being afforded stardom by the same kind of fools who worshipped and exalted gangsters, murders, and hell, even that idiot - ?Iraqi Bob, the Babylonian Boob!?

There is nothing funny or amusing about those who attack from behind and then run to the cover of terrorist states, or the United Nations, to avoid capture! These people are not heroes, and their puppet-masters who hide in caves to avoid detection or seek a posh exile, rather than a fate similar to that of Nuremberg, are not icons either!

And what amazes me the most is the fact that those who issue the death orders of the innocent and often the poor and middle-class, are usually well endowed $$$$, while many of those who carry out these suicide attacks are far less than well ($$$$) healed! ?What is wrong with this picture?!?

And even when caught, the international criminals who planned these atrocities, are gifted with things that their victims were totally denied - time, justice, three squares, compassion and life itself!

?Again, what is amiss with this scenario!?

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