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Angry LTC McDaniel (Then a Major)

This is from a North Korean POW. He is in his 90s now and is in bad shape. Thought you guys might like to read what they went thru as POWs by the North Koreans. Brenda [Mrs. Hardcore]

Subject: LTC McDaniel (Then a Major)

Here is some information that you may not have known about.

There was a group of POWs, many from the 24th Division, captured near Taejon South Korea, on July 20, 1950. This group became known as the Major McDaniel group. He was with Hqs 34 Regiment of the 24th Division.

They were also paraded through Seoul like we Tigers were. Later they were taken to Pyongyang like we were. They were taken to the infamous Sunchon tunnel where they were slaughtered! On 21, October this group of 250 American POWs were outside of the Sunchon Tunnel. (that is the same tunnel we went through earlier)

The first group removed from the train was a group of 15 which included Major McDaniel. They were ordered to face away from the guards and then shot. Burp guns, Rifles and pistols were used. Many more of the whole group were shot the same way

The North Korean Officer in charge was a Major Chong Myong Sil. THIS WAS THE TIGER!

After this bloodletting that NK Major came to our group on Halloween 1950. For some reason two or 3 men who were not shot at the tunnel came to our group and are known to the Tiger Survivors.

It is now very chilling to learn of this. But we did find out what and why he was sent to our group and that was to march us until we died.

I know all this because I have a copy of the interrogation report of a Jr Lt Lee Hae Do, who was in the same NK unit the Tiger was in. He was captured by our troops!

I now believe that had it not been for all the high ranking civilians with us none of us would have survived. At one time the Russian Ambassador came past our group in a sedan. He must have made a report about that encounter. Some of the civilians told me they saw him at that tim

My tank is now very low.

Sunchon Tunnel Massacre

You must know about that book? Here are some things that you do not know. A Jr Lt Lee Hae Do, NK Army, was taken POW by the Americans, after the massacre. He was a member 3rd Platoon 1st Company 2nd Battalion 316th Unit Security Guard Bureau, Home Affairs Ministry, North Korea.

I have a copy of his interrogation report.

He says that a Major Chong Myong Sil, was in charge of this group and thusly the massacre. Lt. Do also says that he saw Major Sil shoot POWs by himself. At Least 100 were murdered this way by that group at that time.

This guy was to become the infamous Tiger who took over our group in a corn field just south of Manpo-jin on Halloween 1950.

At the tunnel, a guard took 3 POWs thru the tunnel and then took them to where we were in that corn field arriving about the same time as Major Sil did. They became part of our group of POWs. I have never found out why this guard did this. Was he ordered to do it? I don’t know. Maybe that guard had family in that area and this was his way of “coming home.” We shall never know.

ADDED: Father Phillip Crosbie, who wrote “March Till They Die” also had an encounter with the “Tiger” after he had been arrested in South Korea.

I have information that shows that the Tiger was arrested by the NK government and convicted of stealing our rations and sentenced to 2 years at hard labor! Knowing the Communist like I do I believe he never saw freedom. Out of sight out of mind.

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