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Video Details
Title new JF-17 II concept
Category Weapons Rating
Date 02-27-2010, 12:14 PM Time 0:57
by David Views 1,875
Hoster YouTube Comments 0
Description PAF first 150 JF-17 will have
- French RC-400 radar
- Russian Rd-93 and Chinese WS-13 engine.
- French avionics
- Chinese/French armament package

PAF next 100 JF-17 II batch
- 9 + hardpoints
- AESA radar
- New engine
- New EW suite
- New avionics

Future Modernization Roadmap

I think the future modernization of the JF-17 in PAF service will be along two more blocks first 50, next 100 and final 100. It may be that the first 50 will be modernized after the last block.

The first 50 will include Chinese avionics and weapons, RD-93 engines and at best a foreign IR missile. The second block is likely to incorporate the WS-13 engine, Western radar and missiles and various augmenting sensors. A HMD/S such as the Guardian or the Cobra with a HOBS missile would also be something the PAF is likely to be looking at. Some minor stealth features may also be incorporated in the second block.

The third block would possibly incorporate a Chinese AESA and perhaps a Chinese ramjet BVR missile (given that the speculated Meteor buy does not go through).

It is also likely to be more stealthier than any previous blocks. I would personally like to see provision for two BVRs to be kept semi-recessed, centerline and one behind the other, while the IR missiles stay on the wing tip. This could be a good trade-off between stealth and performance on a limited airframe.

A few readily available upgrades can also be borrowed from the J-11 program, including the new 3D holographic wide angel HUD and the optical missile approach-warning receiver. These should go into the JF-17s from the very first block.
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