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f. FB Flag At Half-MastFore Frame
f.t. FBFlag OfficerFore And AftFreeboard
FairleadFBFlag OfficerForecaslteFrogman
FairwayFBM FlagstaffForecastle (Fo'c'stle)FSC
FalkFDI Flank speedForemastFSch.
FalkFed FlatForenoon WatchFW
FalkFiat Flight DeckFoulFW2DRS
FallFidFloodFouled AnchorFWASDR.
FantailField DayFlot FounderFWH
FantailFife RailFltBtry Four OFWPFS
FAPFiremainFlying-Fish SailorFr. FWSFD
FathomFitness ReportFogyFRAM
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This Day in History
1775: British troops capture Ethan Allen, the hero of Ticonderoga, when he and a handful of Americans try to invade Canada

1846: American General Zachary Taylors forces capture Monterey, Mexico.

1914: The Battle of Albert is begun by the Germans to prevent their encirclement.

1914: The Russians are driven across the Niemen, which they proceed to defend.

1915: An allied offensive is launched in France against the German Army.

1915: Germans attacking Dvinsk from the south are driven back with severe losses.

1915: Russian Fleet bombards enemy positions on Gulf of Riga; silencing the enemy batteries.

1916: Bulgarian forces attack the French beyond Armenohov.

1917: Russian detachments attack Turks successfully near Ortobo (Bitlis).

1917: German troops penetrate between Tower Hamlets ridge and Polygon Wood.