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There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell.

-- General William T. Sherman

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f. FB Flag At Half-MastFore Frame
f.t. FBFlag OfficerFore And AftFreeboard
FairleadFBFlag OfficerForecaslteFrogman
FairwayFBM FlagstaffForecastle (Fo'c'stle)FSC
FalkFDI Flank speedForemastFSch.
FalkFed FlatForenoon WatchFW
FalkFiat Flight DeckFoulFW2DRS
FallFidFloodFouled AnchorFWASDR.
FantailField DayFlot FounderFWH
FantailFife RailFltBtry Four OFWPFS
FAPFiremainFlying-Fish SailorFr. FWSFD
FathomFitness ReportFogyFRAM
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This Day in History
1917: The USS Cassin (DD-43) torpedoed by the German submarine U-61 off coast of Ireland.

1950: Nine Chinese armies, totaling over 300,000 men, began to cross the Yalu River. By traveling at night and hiding during the day, the largely foot-mobile Chinese Forces avoided detection by U.N. aerial surveillance.