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Once we have a war there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war.

-- Ernest Miller Hemmingway

Civil WarMemarandum of Events of Basil H Messler's term in the U.S. Ser Arrved in Davenport on the 27th day of February. Put up at the Penn. House and took Dinner and then I went to Lieut Walthams Recruiting office and made out My Inlistment papers in Dupicates and then got permistion of a furlow and was examined by Dr Church and pass examination Then got the Agt, to excep them and got an order to go to Camp McClelands. But did not go that evening went to the theater and then returned to the Hotell and took room No 69 in co. with Sergts Grooms & Allsop.
Sabath Feb. 28th Spent the day in stroling round town in co. with Sergts Grooms & Randolp and went to church that evening and returned to Hotell Roomed in No. 7 Monday Feb. 29th Was mustered in to the Servis of the U.S. for 3 years if not sooner Discharged by Lieut W. H. Harboth of the U S. Regulars in Camp McCleland at 12 o'clock returned to Hotell got My Dinner got an order on the town of Davenport and Drew a Local Bounty got a Sky Blue vest and a large trunk and Strolled round town that night or evening rather till ten oclock. then retired on an old settee in The Gents room in the Hotel with one Shall for a bed and another for a covering But I was then a Soldier and it was good enough, as I may as well comence to hard use age then as any other time as the Hotell was More than Crowded and some. Davenport Iowa, March 1st 1864. At the Pennsyllvania House. Walked out to Camp CCCleland and seen nothing interesting returned to town eat Dinner wind down to the office (Than took a nap) spent an Hour with Lieut Waltham & Mr Malry and then went with them to Charly Bells Saloon and got Oysters and Coffee then returned and got my Furlow and at 9 oclock took the train for Pond Creek on the R I &C R.R. arrived there at 11 1/2 and took the Hack to Wyanet and put up at the Ellsworth House. March 2nd Took the train at 5 oclock for Young America via Galesburg then got Breakfast and then went on regar arrived at Young America at Ten A.M. Stoped at the Union Hotell and then went to Mr. D. There I found N__ and took Dinner there Then G. & I took a Buggy ride to Rairitan to his Brothers arrived there at 4 P.M. and found the folks absent. Returned Soon had Supper and at 8 P.M. I lit out alone for Y. A. arrived there after 17 Miles ride at 12 oclock at Midnight Put up at the Union Hotell Thurday March 3rd Visited Some old Friends and went to Mr. D's and spent the time very pleasantly till 3 1/2 P.M. Bid all good By and left on the train for Galesburg thence to Bushnell arrived then at 7:20 P.M. Went to the National Hott spent the night with old Friends took the train in I rather an Surprise as was there in a Soldiers aptr.. Friday March 4th 1864 Left Bushnell at 7:30 A.M. for Galesburg in company with James T McDonald arrived in G. at 9 A.M. Met Than G. and at 10 A.M. took the train for Norris arrived there at 11.30 A.M., met Father he and I went Home found the folks all well But not pleased to know that I had Inlisted Spent the remainder of the day at home. Saturday March 5th 1864 At Home till noon T. D. Morrin came in while I was eating My Dinner and Inlisted, after noon went to Canton Met Cruda Ross and Hannah Spencer took them Back to town Stopped at Brother Johns there we found Than Grooms & Sister Spent the remainder of the and took supper at Johns and then we all got in the Wagon and went out Home our lode was composed of the following persons Than Grooms Mr.T.D.Morrin Miss Ross Miss Hannah Spencer Mr. Grooms Sister Mary & 3 Brothers got home 9 P.M. had a good time retired after Midnight etc. Sabath March 6th At Home Brother John came out all the folks went to church Except 3 or 4 and we had a pleasant time at Home John and I went to Canton was at Brother Mahlons to Supper returned home with Sister Mary and A. T. Norris Thus endeth the Sabath etc. Monday March 7 Up early got Breakfast of to the Depot accompanied by Sister and Brother took the train for Peoria arrived there at 12 noon Met Brother William at Depot and went to Brother Ezras took Dinner spent the day very Pleasantly in Peoria with My Brothers William took the train at 9 P.M. for Home so I staid at Brothers. . Peoria Tuesday 8th 64 Spent the day in the city till 3 PM Then took the train for Young America arrived there at 7 P.M. Staid at Mr. D's Young America March 9th Took the train for Galesburg at 7 A.M. arrived there at 9 A.M. Met T.D.Morrin & J.R.Messler then took the Trant at 9.20 A.M.for Wyanet took Dinner at the Ellsworth House Got throwed from the Hack at 1 P.M. and had my Hand Badly hurt Staid there the remainder of the day and also the Night Had a Soldier Supper and Dance Had a good time.. Wyanet March 10 Left at 4.20 A.M. in Hack for Pon Creek took the train at 5:30 for Davenport ran to Sheffield then laid over 4 hours on account of a Smash up of a 8 Cattle Cars the night before and then went on to Davenport Arrived there at 1 P.M. and went in the Buss to the Penn House. Took dinner Met Sergt Tory of M.M.B. went to Capt Pamer's office had T.D. Morrin & J.R. Messler Sworn in to the U.S.Servis and got an order to take them to Camp McCleland Stade at the Hotell all night. March 11th Went to Camp McCleland then reported and took quarters in Barrack No.2 in the Sergt Mess, spent the remainder of the day in Bed with the Sick Headach caused from being hurt at Wyanet in the left hand. Saturday March 12th Went to town met Than Groom and went to Cap Palmers office where T. D. Morrin & J. R. Messler got their local Bounty and then we all went to Charey Bells and got oysters and coffee spent the day in town went to camp and took supper and returned to our quarters Happy ETC. Camp McClleland, March 13th 64 Sabath March 13, in camp nothing of importance. Barrack inspection By com. officers I wrote 3 Letters one to W.A.M. one to E.F.M. and one to R.E.H. went to German Theater in the evening returned to camp at 2 oclock, retired 14th Monday all quiet in Camp. Went to Town in the evening went to the Missionary Baptis Church heard a Lecture returned to Hotel put-up for the night in room 83 - Tuesday March 15th much excitment in camp caused by the 15th Reg. In. Vet. Vol.had returned and stacked there arms and ware going Home Brothers Meating Brother Sons Meating Fathers & Friend Meating Friend as a general thing the the Veterans looked well and being in good whack helped the matter some. Went to town in the evening Spent the evening with some friends then went to the Pa. Hotel none of the Boys there went on to East Davenport. Met "Than" on the way going Home with Mollie. Found Jake at a Dance whare I considered not a very healthy plase from all appearances Told Jake to get his things and we would go to camp But his dress coat and Blanket were Both Stolen So he picked up a New Inft. overcoat and we went on to camp. Wednesday 16th in camp all day nothing for doing went the Grand round with "Than" at 8 P.M. and we retired for the night.. Thursday 17th in camp forenoon went to town With "Gwan" and returned to camp in the evening. Friday 18th Cold and disagreeable Staid in camp all day and evening also. Saturday 18th Camp McClelands all day got a pass for 30 Men to go to Theater took 26 or rather started with that many and after theater had them fall in and March back to Camp 16 did loss of 10 But all on hand in the morning But some of them res the Guard House for not comming back with the Squad. Sabath 21 in camp wrote letters to W.A.M., M.E.M. & R.E.H. Took an extra Dinner at 3 P.M. in Barrack J which was excelent. Several made remarks in Behalf of the Dinner and the Boys who got-it-up &C ..... Monday 21st regular pay day went to town with the Boy's was put in for guide and had them to see to got our pay and returned to Camp in the evening quite tired eat supper and retired. Tuesday 22nd in Camp in the forenoon went to town with N.C.G. & J.R.M. done considerable of trading and packed My Trunk for trading Went to LeClair House took Supper Started away without my over coat "Than" reminded Me of it. Went in and got It and over took the Boy's went to Theater returned to Camp where all was quiet. Wednesday 23th left Camp in company with 600 recruits was appointed Baggage Master of M.M.B. Squad got all Baggage Checked and aboard took train 9 P.M. took dinner at Bureau Junction at 2 A.M. got T.D.M. Cup of Coffee. Kept the cup saucer and Silver Spoon as I would of had to of paid for My Dinner and the Coffee Both if I had of gone back so Back I decident went. got to Laselle at 5 A.M. left 5 A.M. Bound for Cairo T.D.M. quite sick with the Measles took Supper at Wapella and got 5 eggs.. extra 10 that night,lost my glove borrowed a Boy lantern to hunt it. got the lantern yet it will come good on the Boat.. Thursday Morning 24 in Ashley at sunrise layed over two hours for the up train got breakfast out a citticens House where the had a logfire Breakfast was good went to Hotell Kept by old Copper Head who would not give any of the Boys Breakfast. There made a raise of 2 Lamps Box of Blacken & Brush and a new wisp all of which I thought would come Handy on the Boat and so thought N.C.G. who was in company with me all morning left there at 8 A.M.passed through Some Barren Country Huge Stones and then tall timber came in Sight and Steam Sawmills anything but what looked interesting or lovely arrived at Cairo at 4 P.M. was left in charge of the sick till the Ambulance came and T.D.M. of Co. C.M.M.B. was taken to the Pest Hospitle Suposed to have the Small Pox Then returned to the Squad found them on the warf got Baggage aboard U.S.Mail Steamer Belle St. Louis and then the troops came on left Cair at 8 P.M. took Supper on Board the Boat Slept in the cabbin. Friday 25th passed Island No. 10 New Madris Fort Pillon and a few other hard looking plases run 2 fellows out of there Beds that night and got a good Sleep and so did a friend of mine arrived at Memphis at 1 oclock in the night but I did not know it till Morning. Saturday Morning 26 at Memphis N.C.G. & Myself took a walk up town before sun up heard the Spring Birds whistling and singing there morning praise and everything showed signs of spring returned to boat were ordered to Fort Pickering went there at about 9 A.M. N.C.G. & Myself went to the Post Sutlers got a good warm Breakfast I offered to Pay for it they said we should go below and setle so we did I paid N.C.G. 50 cts for my My Breakfast and he Paid me 50 cts for his Breakfast and it was settled. I went up to see about the Baggage wrote letter to R.E.H. returned went up again in the afternoon to see 7 Cav. saw Co. D and several of the Boys I knew got so clean close and returned to the Fort. Sabath Morning 27 went out to hunt the 7 Cav Boys in co with N.C.B. & J.R.M. walked till 11 A.M. but could not find them then I called for Oysters and we eat and ware Much revived and again started out and Met the Non Vet, portion comming through town Brother Nathan with them he recognised me and Spoke from the ranks, and then rode out too us we went on to camp seen the other Boys Spent a couple of Hours then wen to the Non Vet. Camp and spen a Hour or more there Brother went up to town with us and we took Supper and returned to camp. Monday 28th Spent the day in Camp Brother Nathan came in and Staid all evening and all night. Tuesday 29th left Fort Pickering and Marched to the River got aboard the Steamer Superior Bound for Vixburg took Dinner left Memphis at 4 P.M. Wednesday 30th on the river nothing of importance occuring. Thursday 31st at 12 noon Vixburg whove in sight and we landed at one P.M. reported to Head Quarters and were ordered to report to Capt Brown on B.J.Adams and we there took Dinner had quite a Hail Storm that evening. Friday Apr 1st N.C.G. & I Sadded up a couple Horses took a ride through town and over the Breast Borks in the rear of Vixburg and returned through the city to the boat. Saturday 2nd The U S Steamer John Raine came and we Mooved from the Adams to the Raine that evening. took on some forage that evening for the Horses and was taken up on the Co Borks of Co. C. Cap. O. F. Brown Commanding. Sabath Apr 3rd on Board the Raine The Boys are taking on forage for 50 days and the deck hands are coling and no Sabath to me. Monday 4th yet in Vixburg had my first drill from 10 AM till 12 noon Batt Drill from 2 P.M. till 4 P.M. all quiet in the evening. Tuesday 5th Spent just the same as Monday by Drilling 4 hours. Wednesday 6th Drilled 2 Hours in the A.M. & 2 in the P.M. N.C.G. was appointed as Orderly Sergt of Co. C. and acted as such out on Drill to-day. We all Marched through town By 4rs. Thursday 7th was drilled By Sergt Roorer in forenoon rained in afternoon I visited the 17th Reg Ill Boys in camp in the rear of Vixburg returned to Boat through tremendous hard rain. Friday 8th Detailed for guard went up town bought so Potatos and rode about town was to Jale No 2 there I saw friend Spark act-Sergt of guard or doing the r'ts Self had a chat returned to Boat went on guard a 11 P.M. for the first in my life Spent the day very well. Saturday 9 Morning 4 oclock left Vixburg went up or going up the river no not where. Sabath 10 got up Boat tied up to Trees fine morning the Dianna & Adams are here they call it Caroline Co inspection this morning at Sundown Steamed up and went on up the river. Monday 11, Shoved out and on run Six Miles took Scout some 8 miles and back took one Prisenor 4 Horses and drove in 20 Head of cattle Shot the best of them for Beef and so ended the day and the Beef went good. Tuesday Apr 12th 1864 got Breakfast, saddled up and took another scout of some 25 miles saw some Rebels got some Horses.. returned at 3 P.M. to Raine. anchored off Greenville this evening. Wednesday 13th weighed anchor and landed at Greenville I wrote a letter to T.D.Morrin at Cairo in Hospitle read in various and pamphlets. Thursday 14th left Greenvill to day runn down some 15 miles grand Lake there we found the Battie it had captured a Rebel Boat the Progress also some Prisenors. Friday 15th at Grand Lake Landing Nothing going on Lieut Wicoff receved his sesignation Papers. Saturday 16th left Grand Lake run up to Fords Landing went out on a Scout in the afternoon to Bayou Mason on Bear Lake, Ark. returned at dark did not accomplish anything... Sabath 17th at Fords Landing had Co insp on shore left at 11 A.M. run down to Skippers Landing took on some wood or Looked at the Boat Crew do it, had a Haile Storm and considerable raine rote letter to E.R. and then retired. Monday 18 left Skippers ran down to Lake Providence. Laid up a Reg of Negros in Camp here The Boys had a Horse rase I was not out to see it as I was writing Tuesday 19th took a Scout out through La in to Ark. and on the North side of Lake Providence rode some 35 miles return without accomplishing anything of interest. Wednesday 20 left Providence for Vixburg Stopet a short time at Good Brides Landing arrived at Vixburg at 6 PM. Went out the 72 Inft camp spent the evente returned found T D Morrin on the Boat and a Happy meeting we Had. Thurday 21st at Vixburg on guard today the Adams & Diannd came up from below this afternoon took a walk uptown with T.D.M. J.R.M. gathered flowers and returned with a recrut for C. A Inft Friday 22nd went uptown font Friend Sparts at the Court House went to camp with Him took dinner with him and 2 Lieutenants 6 Srgts returned to town see them pumping water out of a cistern suposed to have money in.. returned to Boat at 4 P.M. done chewers eat Supper took walk uptown returned wrote Letter to Home and to R E H retired. Saturday 23 at Vixburg John Negley called to see me not very well troubles The Military necessity caused from drinking Miss. water so Said Sabath 24 at Vixburg all quiet except the Necesity made me restless. Monday 25 left Vixburg in the evening runn down the river to Carthage rather the worse of the ware on accont of the Necesity no taking medsen left Carthage ran down to a plase where they ware some Negro troops there tied up for the night Wednesday 27 ran down to Grand Gulf then the Co C & D took a short scout for forage found none I was not so well to day did not leave the Boat. Thursday 28th run down to St Joe then Co's C & D took a Scout for Corn and got two Lodes returned before Dinner Two Boys robed a citticen and were arrested one turned Evidence and reveal the one that concealed the goods and they ware put in Irons for Gods Sake. This evening the Fairchildes came down and Brought us forrage. Rations and Had Co's A & B Cav. on her. I was improving slowly But not able to do any thing not even see to my Horse. St.Jos Friday Morning 28th Boys taking on forrage and Rations left St. Joe went down to Rodeny there they toke a scout out on the Fayet rode in forenoon and out on the College rode in the afternoon I was not able to go out anchored out this evening Saturday at Roney we mustered for Pay but it worred me out so I had to lay down for Several Hours The day went by very easy in this position anchored out this evening Sabath May 1st Weighed anchor run to shore and in less than ten minutes the report came to the Boat that two of the Boy's ware taken Prison up town and it was a fact as Lieut Ellis and Corp Russle had just went up and came back in Moe Co D ralied and went out on foot for them But all in vain, we left there in the afternoon and as we ware leaving we see the Rebels gathering on the various Hills so we rounded too and throwed two shells among them and it made then scatter. Son landed at St. Joe. anchored out that night. Monday 2nd weight anchor and run to shore Tied up spent the day The Batt all went out on a scout I went out visiting in company with Wm Cloud returned to the boat Boys came in in the evening and had 7 Beeves dressed on shore and so we had fresh beef for a few days anchored out this evening Tuesday 3rd weighed anchor and went to shore and soon ware ordered to leave But smashed up a wheel and had to call back the other Boat and repair and we left St Joe at 5 in the evening and came by Grand Gulf just at sundown. Splendid scenery Boys on a tere I slept with Brother Jake for the first time since in the servis. Wednesday 7 landed at Vixburg at sun rise wrote two Letters one to Brother W A and one to Brother A.D. and in the afternoon took a ridd up town visited the 17th Reg Ill's Boys spent two Hours with my old friend William Stockdale no Lieunt had a good visit returned to boat at 4 P.M. after supper went up town in Company with Sergt Hacelman got some dried fruit for our Mess which we started this day. Thursday 5th yet at Vixburg Left Vixburg at 12 noon on the Yazoo Expedition run up to the Big Sunfowr then up to a town on the Yazoo 90 miles from Vixurg we tied up at 9 P.M. at Satarsia and the Bugle sounded Boots & Saddle and there was a grand rally to the stable But we did not go out as they was a co. came in from the Main Army with Dispatches for us so ended the Night and all was quiet On the Morning of the 6th we steamed up the river to Liverpool Landing and at 1/2 6 we ware call to sadde up and we went out on a Scout and returned at 8 A.M. did not discover anything. at 1 P.M. we again came out and ware ready to March when they was a Squad of Men of the 5th Ill. Cav. came in and reported and gave us our orders and we accompanied them some 6 miles in the country there we left Co. A on picket and we returned to the boat at 6 P.M. got Supper and I retired. But we ware called to arms at 8 P.M. caused by the Black Yankys that ware on picket fireing But I soon retired again rose at the sound of the bugle in the morning of the 7th Done my chewars such as seeing to my Horse and eating My Breakfast and at 8 A.M. mounted our Horses to go out on picket to relieve Co.A. found Co.A well fortified and the "Fort" named after the C. Com.d "Wathan" Stood picket from 10 A.M. till 12 Noon then went to a House got to Canteens of Milk had it charged to the Col. eat my Dinner with Col. and went on picket as 1/2 2 P.M. and staid on till 1/2 4 then the Col. came with relief and he and I went and got some more Milk and setled for the whole amount which cost 50 cts in Yankey Money being all the kind they could use we ware then relieved and ordered to return to the boat we we arrived at 8 P.M. got supper and retired. Sabath morning the 8 of May all bright and fair and yet at Liverpool all went of quiet till 10 A.M. and as we ware getting ready to go on inspection we ware ordered to Saddle up. I was the first one out and we then ware soon of on a Sabath morning ride Destination I New not whare Only it was in search of the Main Army But after riding some 12 miles we met a quad of men from the Main Army bringing Dispatches to the Boat. we met at a Plantation and ware not long drinking all the milk and eating all that was eatible and then we returned to the boat's again at 4 P.M. and Immediately Steamed up the River to "Yazoo"City" at which place we Landed at 6 P.M. all quiet Shelled Some Rebels as we came up the River they Skedadeled. I took the Colery Morbus and was quite sick all night Monday morning the 9th Not able to be out kept close to my room Tuesday 10th was spent in my room quite sick Wednesday 11th was up and about on the boat all day and in the evening I walked out and got a pitcher of Cistern water to Drink being the first attempt I had made to leave the Boat. and was not long aboard the Boat again till all was called to arms as the Rebels ware Fortifying in site of our Pickets But I did not stir as I was about plaid out and told Than to let me know when they attacted so I could go out to But we ware not attacted at all. Thursday morning 12th all quiet and I eat a Lite Breakfast and fult very good considering that I had not eat any thing since Sabath that staid on my stomach all had to come up that went down and apart of it wanted to come up. at 8 A.M. the Autocrat came out She bing the Flag ship of M.M.B. and we comenced to sine the pay rolls at 1/2 9 A.M. But Co. C was called out to scout and the Rolls ware laid away and just as got done eating my dinner one of the co. came in and reported that the Rebels had attacKed Co. C.. a part of them were cut of and we made a grand ralley every man sick or well was up and doing I had on my rid and old Gray Bill out in line in short meter alth I was in Bed when the News came and had been most of the day But Than was out and I wanted to see after him and as we ware going out through town the Boy's all came in no one hurt Than went in to Battle with 16 men and came out with 9 and two of them had no armes But the part of his forse that ware cut of would not surender but cut there way out and came round through the Swamps to the Boat and ware the first to report. The other boys stopping to fight detained them considerable they killed 2 or 3 Rebs and some of there horses but none had a man no Horse touched and Bullets whistled all about them. after meting them we returned to the Boats. Put up our Horses and went out to receive them on foot as they were in the outskirts of the City we walked 1 1/2 in less than no time clum high Bluffs but all in vain they had skedadled and returned to the boats and I was about plaid out as I had not been 100 yds. from the boat in 4 days. after supper I took a walk up town went to the court house got some Paper then as I returned stoped in a Drug store and got a Holy Bible Large New Testament and 2 other books got a pitcher of water and returned to the boat just in time to hear Lieutenan Barton cussing that he could not find any of Co. C. on the boat sick or well Than came in read a few chapters in the Bible for my benefit and his we then retired for the night. Friday morning 13th not feeling so good worsened myself to much yesterday was not around much was of the boat for a pitcher of water. The boys all went out on a scout Beyond Benton They left at 2 P.M. I was quite sick in the afternoon and eavening The boy's all came in at 2 oclock in the morning of 14. Saturday 14 felt much better wrote a letter to E.F.Messler in the forenoon and Brother Jake and I went out to see the 11th Ill Cav. Boy's that ware in town But could not any one that we know we then walked round through the city and amused our selves gaging at the many scenery's and returned to the Boat at 4 P.M. in good order and some what fatiqued. got our Pay being the first that was paid to us since we had been on the Boat. I got $14.20 amount due me colected some that the boys had borrowed of me and so spent day Sabath Morning all quiet Church Bells ringing I comenced writing a letter to Sister Mary Stoped writing long enough to put some Blackberries on to Stew comenced writing again and was soon Interupted By My Old Friend William Sparks who just came in from the land force and a good time had we he staid and took [dinner] with me and then I moddified My Pass of Yesterday and went out with Him to find whare his Reg. ware Campt. found then on top of a ruff Blull in the hot Sun But soon Moved down in the Grove or Bushes and there spent an Hour with Lieut Skant formerly from Bush had a good time returned to the Boat done my Chewers then resumed my writing so spent the evening and just before retiring I signed a Petition Recomending Sergt N.C. Groom's as 2nd Lieutenant of Co.C. 1st Cal M.M.B. Monday 16th at Yazoo City I wrote a Letter to J.T.McD. in the fore noon in the after noon was reading till 5 P.M. and then the Allarm was given that the City was on fire. Some one had stuck a match in some trash in the Court House and it was soon consumed by fire another house was also burnd I took a walk up town that evening got some more Books so ended the day. Tuesday 17th Constant firing all around the City (the Boys killing Beeves Hogs. I read all the fore noon and at 12 noon was call to and told that a friend on the stage wished to see me it was Friend Sparks could not bring him on Board as it was against orders so he and I went out and got a pitcher of water and took a chat Then returned to the Boat got Him 5 lbs of cheas at 20 cts per pound and we parted. I then got a pass and started out to the 72 to see after John Negley and Tom Pool Met them comming to the Boat came back with a Capt of 12th got good news from him concerning Grant on the Potmac.. got the Boys on Board went up town in the evening got me 2 arm chairs and 1 stool and a Gallon Bottle. got back they was taking of our Horses and putting on mules and wagons all confusion The Town all on fire and the hardest I ever seen No fire bells to ring no sound of the roling engins and noisy firemen to be heard Nothing But the sparking fire and the soring flames and the crashing of slate roofs. Wednes Morning aroused By the Bugler at 4 o'clock and all Busy our Cav'lry left at five and I went up town got a pall of water and 4 more Books and at 7 we left the smoking ruins of the City and run down tied up at a Plantation I supose the Gen. wanted some Chickens and Egg's for his Dinner we then went down to Liverpol Hights and raid them at 6 P.M. our Cavl came in site and at 7 P.M. some of the Boys came on Board so ended the day I read most of the day in a Religious Book called The Young Man From Home. Thursday Morning I went in yaul to a plantation and got a Bucket of water and 9 A.M. we steamerd up and ware off again. Landed at Hances Bluffs at 2 P.M. I was on gard and at 3 P.M. we shuved out and run down to Vixburg landed at 7 P.M. I then went on Guard came of at nine and went to Bed and was about plaid out. Friday Morning 20th Went up town got some light Bread for "Than" G. as he had to have light diet and I thought it would not hurt me to eat light Bread also Than having the Brasiloid at the time at 4 P.M. I went down the river a 1/4 of a mile to visit the 11th Ill. Cavl. then went up to the Washington Hotel read the Chicago Times through got my Supper and returned to the Boat at 9 P.M. and Chatted on the News of the day and the suckcess of Gen Grant in the east and one thing another. Saturday May 21st Vixburg went to market got some lettis raddishes and Bread returned to the Boat. William Sparks came in soon Eat Dinner with me then I went up town with him got my Hair cut and if the Barber had not run out of Hair he would of done a good job went to 72nd Camp spent a coupld Hours Then returned to the Boat wrote a letter to James T. McDonald eat Supper Grooms much Better got some Tea for him when up town at 8 P.M. 25 men came aboard of the Boat who blong to the U.S.A.&.N.S.C. from the city of Washington Sabath Morning Vixburg May 22nd all quiet and pleasant red up my Trunk and Sunk some things in the Botom of it not to be reserected During the war then went out on Inspection then wrote letter to N.R.M. 7th Ill. Cav. so also one to Miss N.R.E.H. of Young America then eat Dinner took a chat with U.S.A.&.N.S.C. then came to my Room found Robert Harper ant Brother Jacob Chatting ETC. I then wrote a Letter to James T. McDonald of Bushnell and in theven about dark we run acrofs the river and left our cole barge and 9 P.M. we started down the River and some time in the night tied up. Monday Morning 23 got up found that we ware tied up at a Nigro Pen commonly known as the Ashwood Landing. Got all the dew Berries that I could eat and have made in to pies and the Battallion went out on a Scout I had a Severe Headache all day. Tuesday 24 felt good yet my Head ached some and at 8 A.M. the call for Boots and Saddes was sounded and I Harkened unto it and was soon out got in the 1st platoon wrode all day we surrounded Lake Built 3 Briges over Bayoos and run in to St. Joe. at 5 P.M. got supper on Board the Boats as they had run down there during the day steamed and run Back up to the Nego Pens that night passed Grand Gulf at sun down and tied up at 10:30 P.M. at Ashwood. Wednesday 25 after doing my chewers in the morning went to the Dewbery patch and got all the berries I could eat and then bought a gallon & quart and returned to the Boat and after dinner was on polise 2 hours then done my evening chewers. The Steamer Mariner came up along side and I sent to Letters to Vixburg on her got no News of any importance and thus passed the day all quiet. Thursday 26 came out to roll call was informed that we would go on a Scout after Breakfast and at 6:30 A.M. we ware of rode till 12 noon Cap of S.C. accompanied us we see some splendid plantations that had gone to ruin and distruction on account of the war 27 Went out in the Morning on the in side of Lake Brnen after cattle drove up a lot selected out two and drove them on had a spat of Fun one of the Boys get in the Bayoo and got his Horse down lost one of the cattle near the Boat shot the other took Dinner Co went out on a scout I wrote a letter to W.A.Messler & one to Mary L. Whitemore and the Steam War Eagle came long sid at 8 P.M. and got our Mail and at 9:30 P.M. the Autocrat came down and brought the mail none for me. Saturday 28th went out again after cattle again and drove in some 20 and they were killed and divided among the 3 Boats John Raine Autocrat & Fairchilds went out Berry hunting and got all I could eat Brother John and T.D.Moran was with me after eating all we wished we picked a Gallon or more it was sprinkling all the afternoon Spent the evening in reading. Sabath 29th Wrote at a Letter till ten oclock then went on Inspection of arms took a short drill on foot returned to the Boat eat dinner resumed my writing at 2 P.M. we left Ashwood Landing Bound for Vixburg arrived there at 8:20 P.M. Then N.C.G. and I eat a can of Peaches and I finished My Letter and retired at 10 P.M. 30th of May was aroused this morning By the Boat running across the River to Coal done my chewers then wrote a letter to Cousin John Messler of Ipary we run back to the Visxburg side of the River at 2 P.M. I then wrote a letter to William Bbds of the 47 Ill. Reg. But found out that had been taken Prison a fiew days before leaving Red River and after Supper I was passed off By Catp Brown went down the River and visited the 119th Reg. Ills Cal, and found sevral of my old aquantences James Sutton returned with Me to the Boat and at 8:30 P.M. shoved out and run up to Millekens Bend (31) and in The Morning put a Shor the Negro Reg that We carried with us and at 5 P.M. we shoved out and run up to Goodridgeslanding. Spent most of the day in Readind Stanley's Amusements or Betting to cont the game Nothing of importance occured during the day Wednesday June 1st 1864 at Goorideslandindg all quiet spent Thurday in reading at 11 A.M. shoved out and run down the River at 4 P.M. had envors of Arms and at 6 P.M. we landed at Vixburg and at 7 P.M.went a shore and visited the 72 Reg Ill went with them to the Rive and went in Swimming heavy thundering going on at the time in the South and prospect for rain came up through town got glass of sody water and returned to the Boat and retired. 2nd Thurday Morning run over to the cole ground to cole got a Pint of Dewberries and eat them roasted and put on clean close from head to foot. then set down and wrote a letter to Sister Maggie & one to Friend William Link of McDowney County and then eat one of the Best Dinners I ever had to eat South of Mason & Dixon line then we run across to the Vixburg side of the rive and I wrote a letter to Brother John. Then Bough a Pater of N.D. 31 cts. 2nd today at 1 oclock I Bought a Buson pin of Peat Houly it was the Links I.O.O.F. Pin and I thought I deserved it and at 4 we had quite hard shower of rain. and after supper up was quite pleasant and at 7 P.M. got a pass to leave the Boat, went up town found two half Dollars met a lot of the Boys and got in company with Mr. Tucker of the S.C. and took a walk drank a glass of Sody water and returned to the Boat chatted a fiew hours on the sights of the times. 3rd Friday June 3rd all commotion today making ready to go of on an expedition up the rive at one P.M. ran over the river after a Barg for Horses and they would not let us have it some Swaring done By the Capt of the Boat ran back to Vixburg again and then a hevy raine and Thunder storm ensued which lasted an Hour and Half Splende flashes of Lighting and shot and roring Peals of Thunder which ware interesting Then done my chewers and at 6 P.M. The Steamer Mossnord came up with the 119 Reg.Ill Boy's on I was lacled by then as they passed and went up to see them and was met By a dozen or more of them on the shore spent the evening with them came of our Boat at 9 P.M. and T. D. Morrin came with an old Friend from Ohio of his Mr.Rumsy of the 8 Ind Reg and we had a grand overhauling of Pictures and spent another hour very pleasantly and during the evening the Boat J Adams of the M.M.B. in well riddled with shell and shot having 26 put through her on the 2nd of June killing 3 men and wounding several others. retired 11 P.M. 4 Saturday done my chewers and while eating Breakfast Lieute Plotts called to see me and we retreated to my room and in came Jerry Eby Dick Covent James Suture Henry Dewey and we had a good time I received a letter of my Sister Mary I went over with then to the Mossnord Steamer whare the Belongur and spend a couple hours very pleasantly with the old Boys of 119 Ill Reg and then we went down to See U.S.Steamer Adams and found her well ridded and well stained with Blood andfragments of the dead then returned to the John Raine Eat my dinner and while so doing we shoved out and had run up to the Bend in the River before I was done went out and the River was full of Boats of the 16th & 17 Army Corp's and the M.M.B. the Raine run By 4 other Boats in 30 Minutes I then returned to my room to resume my reading. Nothing of importance took plase during the evening 5 Sabath Morning Still running up the River Show and Steady and at 4 P.M. we tied up near fords landing and we went out to reconorter amd was soon fired into returned the fire and pressed on to the enemy Drove them a cross a Bayou there Killed one of them drove then some two miles Killed one of them drove them some two miles further throwed some shell and By that time it was dark so we retired to the Boats in good order 6 Monday we went out in full force and was met near the same plase By a stronger force and soon put them to flight drove them in like manner till they came to a woods where the made a stand and we dismounted and went on double quick and soon routed them and pressed them out of the woods They took shelter behind a levy but did not keep it we drove them on and carried the day our loss in the M.M.B. was two Men wounded and Gen Smith Brigade had 27 Killed and 98 wounded we captured there wounded. and camped at Lake Village and ransacked the town of all the eatibles and everything els 7 and in Morning of the 7 Tuesday the town was seen on fire and Burned and we came on unmolested to the Boats at Senny & Columbia went aboard at 11 A.M. took dinner. Killed and dressed 27 head of cattle that we drove in and at 2 P.M. we were called out in line on the levy to feed and returned at 4 P.M. got our chewers done and at 8 P.M. started out on a scout with 4 boys and we charged on a gang of Beehives and each one got a gum Mine proved to be the only good one we got about 40 of good Honey Changed close and went to Bed At night the townes of Columbia and Senna ware Burned 8 Wednesday steamed up at 8 A.M. rundown to Greenville had Inspection of arms at 4 P.M. and mad ready for a 2 day scout and then wrote a Letter to Father and retired. 9 Thursday ware routed up at 3 1/2 A.M. and at 6 A.M. we ware out and ready for action and ware soon of Co. D taking the advance and we in the rear of our Batt and then 2nd Wis. Boy's and then came in our Mounted Inf. we ware going out to make a rade for Horses & Mules & Negros and we went on meting with success all the way as we passed taking Horses Mules & Negros from the plows in the Fields and many ware the plows and harness that ware lef Negros left and Mule left and at 12 M. we haulted to water our horses while so doing we distroyed a store and ransacked a large House. then Crossed Deer Creek and war soon on Some Pickets formed in to line of Battle But all passed of into line again we rode on some five Miles through Cane Brakes & Swamps till we came to Bogeshah Ferry at 2 P.M. There we found an Irishman and two Negros and about a dozen Mules quite a prise we had them Ferry us over the river and at 4 P.M. we were accross and ready again we then rode 10 miles through the most ungodly swamp ever man trod we ware the first Union Soldiers ever in that part of the Country we got through the swamp and in sight of a house at 6 P.M. and soon ware in the yard and ready to dismount for the night and no sooner dismounted than chickens commenced to squall I cooked 7 young ones for supper and 3 old ones for Breakfast. and we had a good time I laid under a huge white oak tree on a green blanket that night with my over cote on. June 10 During the Night of 9 our Patrolls came across a Plantation whare the had a danze in full blast and they went down on them got 10 Confederate Soliars and two citizens and some 20 Horses & Musls and 3 or 4 Negros so also 4 more Prisinors at an adjoining house in all making a good thing of it All came in to camp in the morning 10 Friday Morning all routed at 3:30 A.M. and at day light ware of again Bound for Big Sunflower River so 8 miles after going 3 miles we came to the plase whare the Dance was I was there detailed to lode some teams with Meal Bacon and all other eatibles I could find they was pleanty of Every Thing after dividing with the Widow and loading one team we ware relieved by a Party come for that purpos so then spent some time with the Ladies and then went on Met the Brigade comming Back fell in our plases returned stopped again to see the Ladies one gave Me a piece of Pound Cake then rode on and took my Plase in line we then struck out for to hunt a Steam Boat which the Confeds had run up Sunfower River to get it out of our way (it was a) we found it about 3 P.M. it was the U S Maile Steamer E. H. Mairs the Gen. ordered it sen on fire which was soon done and it distroyed and we also dimolished another store we then fell back to with in 3 miles of whare we camped the night befor in Sunflower County and Sunflower Parrish (the) But just befor nigh I was thrown from My Horse in to a Bayou and got all wet and it had been raining all day yet I was till I got in the Bayou went on Picket at 11.30 P.M. and came in at 3.30 A.M. and all ware ready to moove every thing went of at this encampment much like It did the night Befor only I think they was more Squalling among the chickens and of cors more chicken for supper & Breakfast and we got some Negros here and found lots of things that came good to the Boss such as Tobgo and such like. June 11 at 6:30 A.M. started for the Boats came on By the old camping ground and then the swamp and Ferry and at the ferry I mad some Mush on a couple Clabbord and fried in in an Iron heator and it was good Then went over the Boge on the Ferry Boat and fell in line again and ware soon on our journey again and it had been raining all Morning and continued to all day we got to the Boats at sun down amidst loud chears from all on board and was echoed back from the glad raids of the different Cos in the 3 days we accomplished all we under took we got 123 Horses and Mules some 70 Negros Burned one Steam Boat and destroyed 4 Stores and some of the Boy made Quite a raise in money and nearly every one brought in some thing that would come handy on the Boat to sleep on or eat out of or ware in some way. 12 Sabath Morning all quiet and all at Greenville cleaning arms and at 1 P.M. we set out for Vixburg I wrote a Letter to W.W.Stewart and retired befor the lamp was lit in the evening (had inspection at 4 PM) 13 Monday Morning Arrived at Vixburg at 9 A M and Willam Sparks call to see me spen an Hour and then we run across to the coal groun and went to coaling I spent the day in reading. 14 Tuesday read all the fore noon in the Testament wrote a Letter to Than Norris and Dalphus and also one to Mary E. Messler went to Vixburg in the evening to the Theater returned at 11 P.M. 15th Wednesday read a while in the morning and then wrote some for amusement. at 12 oclock noon we run across to Vixburg went town and visited the 72nd Boys took Dinner at 3 P.M. with Sergt Pool and took supper with Sergt Sparks at 5:30 P.M. Came on Board the Boat at 9 P.M. 16 Thursday Morning helped the Orderly Moove also Mooved my selve and helped fit up a Room for The orderly and My self (and) also and put Carpet on it some that I got out on a raid went uptown got some tacks and returned all quiet during the evening. 17th Friday quite warm I covered a trunk and also put hinges on it that took the most of the day and in the evening Sergt N.C.G. and I went up town took a dish of Ice Cream strolled around till 8 P.M. returned to the Boats and retired. [18] Saturday was on guard after Guard Mount went out and visited the 11th Reg. Ill. Cav. found some half dozen Boys I knew went on Guard at 11 A.M. and at 1 P M went on shore again and in like maner I spent the evening on shore with 11th Cav Boys 19 Sabath had Inspection at 9:30 A.M. Spent the remainder of the fore noon in reading and after dinner went out visiting among the 72nd Boys took Supper with Sergt. Schank then went to witness dress parad and then returned and then went to Church with Sergt.s Sparks & Baise and heard My first Sermond in Dixy Then went to the Boat 20 Monday Very excruciating and on Board till after dinner reading Then at 2 P.M. was detailed to cross the River on the tug with 5 men to get Hay then returned at 4 P.M. read a couple chapters in Testament and had a nise shower of rain at 4.30 P.M. done chewers and then wrote some for amusement and as Supper is about ready and I am through writing I close to do justice to my stomacher. we have been laying her at Vixburg one week repairing. 5:20 P.M. Jake and I got a pass and went out to visit the 11 Cav Boys found friend Morton quite unwell then made acquaintence with their Chaplin and made arrangements to go up to the Christian Commition in the morning. 21st Tuesday according to agreement fixed up and went up town with the Chaplin to the Cht. Com. There I found my old Reveren Friend Marion Havermale and we spent the time in a good old stile and at 11 A.M. I went up to the 72nd took dinner with Sergt Pool and then wrote a letter to Sister Mary and then Sergt Sparks and I went to the Cht Com spent an Hour with Friend Havermale. I then got two Books out of the Libray and 4 papers and went on towards Home stopd at 11 Cav Camp took supper at Allen Thomases request then came on Board the John Raine and wrote some more in my letter and then done my chewers and retired.. Wednesday 22nd wrote Letters in the fore noon to N.R.M. D.B.S. of 7 Reg. Ill. Cav. read some in Beachers Star papers also in some I got from the C.C. in the after noon had Mr. Lin & Mr. Morton as visitors Spent time very pleasantly with my old Friends as we ware under orders to leave so I did not leave the Boat during the day. Wrote a letter to Friend Lintz in the evening then retired But was amazed By The Miskitoes for the first time in the season But I managed to Bar against them Promptly Thursday 23rd we Steamed up in the morning and at 8 A.M. we shoved out run up the Yazoo River to Sniders Bluff till noon after Dinner We Mounted our Horses went to a plantation & an old mill some 5 miles of got 2 ***** Hooks and returned stopping by the rode side and eat Blackberries so 10 or 15 minutes and then came on to the Boats This is a rafting expedition as we are guarding a Boat that is engained in getting out old rafts that were used to Blocade the River once after supper Brother and I went on the Huricane Deck and read Letters Then I wrote on a letter till dark addressing it to Brother E.T.M. and so I spent the day Friday 24th had a late Breakfast considerable cussing heard from Members of the Mess. I was reading and did not pay much attention to how things ware going I am on Guard to day went on 3 relief and wrote Letters or read between times was on guard from 7 till 9 P.M. and while on J.A.Smith brought me 3 Peaches which ware nise and ripe They being the first I had this season Saturday 25th we Steamed up the river nearly to the mouth of the Sunflower River and run Back again opposing Harris's Bluff and then they took on wood all the after noon and it was quite warm and I took the advantage of the occation and in co. with some 40 more after getting permition we started to an Orchard which was in about a 1/2 mile off But after leaving the Boat we found that that 1/2 mile was lengthened out at least 3 times so far and they was a Bayou that we could not cross therefore we Undertook to suround it But in day's of Rebledom they had fallen all the trees that ware on the ground in every direction and of its self was almost imposible for man to get through But as it had growen up with weeds & vines till the logs could not be seen it was the cause of many of us having sore shins But as I was in the advance of the center I was bound to not be out flanked by any of the party There fore I pressed about half passed double quick time and by so doing I kept the center a little ahead and I gained the Crossing of the Bayou first and assended the opposit Hill and then looked to see how many ware with me yet we No 3 out 40 that started I soon pressed on and gained the Peach tree first and Broth J.R. 2nd we found the Bluffs well fortified and in the Orchard ware the Moderen Earth works with a stake of a piece of Board at each end to mark it those earth works ware quite extencive and it reminded me of Cemetery Hills in the North we then waded in to Peaches Apples Pears Figs and last But no least ware Blackberries which attracted our attention some what and then one of our Party discouved a path and sugested that led to a Spring and by that we set out in Hunt of the much desired fluid that we then stood much in need of and we found water running in a small rivulet at the foot of a steap Hill and then we Made Boy's of our selves and prostrated our selves and drank of the clear water which was prattling of over the pebbles at will and then we returned to the orchard and then we worked our way Back to the Boats got to the River a Bove the Bayou and was met By some of the Boys in a yawl and we crossed to the Boats much rejoiced Bearing with us each about a 1/2 Bushell of Apples and a fiew Peaches and all in all had a good time the Boat run down a mile. we had a Pie for supper and I wrote some and then retired. 26 Sabath 26th after Guard Mount we rode out over Harris'es Bluff to the ruins of an old plantation and returned to the Boat at noon we got all the fruit we could eat and more too and at 6 in the evening we steamed up and run down then to the Miss. and then to Vixburg where we landed at 9 P.M. then retired after reading a couple Letters Jake got from Home 27 Monday 27th Mooved every thing off the Boat and spent the day in cleaning the Boat and all was confusion and Swearing generaly I wrote a letter Home in the evening so also one to E.F.Messler Tuesday 28th Still cleaning the Boat and was Detailed to go after rations to the Autocrat went over the river in one of the tugs so also I got a Letter from Mrs. W.W.Stewart and answered it in the evening and had quite a rejoicing over a letter from Hannah and then retired 29 Wednesday 29 Spent the day on the on the Boat with the exception of an Hour spent in riding around in Co. with Sergent Swift it being very hot I did not amuse my self much in reading or writing or in doing any thing else. 30 Thursday we cleaeaned up my arms and went out to be Mustered for Pay and at 1/2 9 A.M. & returned at 11 A.M. and had Dinner and I was then put on Polise and worked an hour and a half and had lots of fun and then I sit down to write for amusement it being very warm Brother & I took a walk after Supper and return at 8 P.M. 1 July 1st got a pass went cross the River on a tug and then went to the 72nd Reg Ill Boy's there stent the day took Dinner with Segt. Powell and had a heavy rain in the after noon took Supper with Lieut Schant and Sergts Starks Baise & Gorum and then I started again for my Home the John Raine crossed the River from the Autocrat to the Dianna and then then down to the River to old John Saturday 2nd layed around all day on the Boat Crossed the River at 2 P.M. took on some wagons got a pass went to the Christian Community See firend HaverMale and returned to the Boat at 5 P.M. eat my supper wrote a letter to Sister Mary and at sundown we shoved out and run down the river. July 3 Sabath Morning at 4 A.M. we landed at Reading and ware soon in line and set out for someplace I new not whare we got some 3 miles from the River and on our ware fired on and one Horse shot and we then captured 4 of the shooting party we then went on to Oaklen College and there Co. C. was sent on North rode some 3 miles to reconorter and was also fired in to By one Scout we then got some Horses & Mules and returned to the comand which had gone on and ware at Coleman's wating for us we came there about 1 P.M. it being 12 miles from the River they were Pickets put out and considerable of fireing going on during the after noon and night we had a good Supper and linened in for the night while camp fires ware burning all around. July 4th Monday Morning 3 oclock we ware aroused by the sound of the Bugle Breakfast over and every man in saddle by day light eager to Spend a Joyous 4 and so we did we rode out on the Port Gipson road a ware fired in to in about 2 miles from Coleman's and one of the advance guard was shot dead and one Horse and we ware soon all on in motion and on hand for the 4th of July which had comenced quite lively the comand was soon given for Co. C. to dismount and to prepare to fight on foot and we ware soon in line and advancing. But then the Co. was brough to a hault and 4 of us ware sent on a head to skirmish with them to accertain there position. we crossed a ravine and I soon got a shot at one and then the Ball was open and we kept firing for an Hour at sight and it was a regular Shooting Match we had some shots come close yet not to tutch I fired 34 rounds the National salute in full and then we ware reenforsed and began to press then and eat Blacberries between times and then the Black Yankeys came up and we ware relieved they then pressed them to the Bettal Church and then we pressed them on some 3 miles further and then returned to Colemans to rest and had our Diner. We had a capital Dinner for 6 of us composed the following persons Dr. Eldridge Lieut Barton Sergt Groome J.R.Messler and your Humble servant we had Ham and 4 dozen Eggs Coffee Corn Bread Molasses Sardines and you Bet we all felt well after we got through Then fed our Horses and began to fix for the Better part of the 4 that was to come yet and it soon came as the Rebels had commenced firing on our Pickets and The Long Role was soon Sounded and The Darkeys ware soon to arm and The Battle was then surely opened we soon Saddled up and was on Horse again But no sooner than we found we ware Surounded and The Rebels packing in on us on every Side we rode out on the North rode Co C dismounted went in to a corn field and ware soon in position and made a few shots and ware Surprised By the sudden appearance of The Rebels running The Negroe's and cussing then to halt we war then all together White Men Rebels & Negros and there's whare we seen the Elephant and he was tramping on our Toes we limbered up 7 of Them There and then and Then They came so thick and fast we a got on the elephant's and rode across the cornfield some 50 rods at the rate of 2.40 But the Elephant had a Back lode and he took the Rebs back over the same ground in like Manner. as the Negros had come up in to line and just more than pored in the vollies on then and I laid against the fence and the shot passed over Me Both way's and I then gain My Co. again and we mounted and the attack was general on all sides we ambushed the rebels 8 times before we got them decently whiped The firing sceased at 8 P.M. I had been joking all day about having fire works at night But they was pleanty of Fire works and the most maginfficen I had ever beheld they was 500 of us participating in it and 1500 of the Reb's and it was a constant glare of fire and roar of Muskets & Carbines and we ware retreating and ambushing for them we left them come up with a fiew pases before we fired we then frough them to there sences we then went on to the rive[sic in Pease arrived at 1 oclock A.M. and retired. July 5 spent the day on the Boats and had Inspection at 4 P.M. By Srgts Grooms & Boarer and so we spent the day. went over to see the Boys & Mr. Dean an the Dam and spent 2 hours.. Wednesday 6 was on Polise duty till 8 A.M. then saddled up and went out after cattle drove in some 50 head shot what we wanted I cut there throats and then shot three for the Negros then had dinner and laid round the Boats till evening got a Letter from Sister May & Answered it and at 8 P.M. we shoved out and we retired July 7 and at 3 in the Morning of the 7 and at at sunrise we ware out again in line I in the advance of our Co. and our Co in the advance of the Brigade and we ware of for Port Gipson when we got with in a mile and a Half of town they comenced firing on us and we pressed them in to town and then charged in to the town some 20 of us comanded By Lieut. Edd. Ellott had one man mortaly Wounded we Killed a Reb. & took one Prisoner and then promenaded around throug the Streets and then returned to the boats at 3 P.M. I then went to the Peach orghard and some some P. and returned to the boats had supper and a fine rain at 5 P.M. so went to 6th day of July 1864 8th Friday at Grand Gulf all day and nothing going on received orders to be ready to go on a 3 day scout and retired But we received orders to report to Vixburg so we did in do time 9th arrived at Vixburg at 8 1/2 A.m. received orders to be ready at a moments warning to go and reenforce Gen Dennis at Black River whar he had been repulsed on the 6th of July went up to see Marion Havermale spend an Hour with him and then went to the 72nd Ill Reg. spent the afternnon with the Boy's rote a Letter to Allen Sparks & wife and returned to Boat at 7 P.M. went on Board the Sultina and spent the evening with Marion Havermale in Social Chatting Then went to the Raine at 9 P.M. and retired after talking to Sergt Grooms and Hour or more. Sabath 10 of July done up our morning works and then was visited by Rev. Mr. Havermale and looked the boat over and then he left for home in Ill. we had Inspection at 10 A.M. and Dinner at 12M. and at two we heard the Bugle sound Boots & Saddles and at 1/2 2 P.M. we ware out in line and then we were Blessed By a fine refreshing shower which laid the dust complecpe at 5 P.M. we left Vixburg for Black River arrived at the Black R. camp at 12 oclock at night and retired after feeding and ware aroused at 3 1/2 A M of Monday Monday July 11th and soon in to line and then Marched on crossed the River on a Pantoon Bridge and went on to Champion Hills and then rested a Hour or more and then in to line again marched all day got a shot at some rebels and we camped in the woods at 5 P.M. after marching 30 miles and had a good Supper made a shelter out of Ponshows and turned in at 7 P.M. and it comenced Raining and we had quite a heavy rain we had a good dry Bed and slept well. Tuesday 12th we Marched at 7 A.M. and marched all day on till 2 P.M. and then we camped in the woods near Utice and the Broom House was sacked By the Soldiers and Miss B. choose me for her Body Guard and I had a good time it also rained that evening we had a good Supper I made a rase of 2 Hams at B. and we had a rainy night of it and I got quite wet 13th and we ware up at Sunrise in the morning of the 13 and had Breakfast layed round till 8 A.M. then went to see Miss B took Breakfast with her at 9 A.M. She then Plaid several Southeren Tunes and a fiew Northeren ones for me on the piana I went back to camp again and spent an Hour with My old Firend William Arnold and then we formed in to line and marched on Towards Rock Spring at 3 P.M. I was left by Maj. Mumford to Guard the Southeren Female College and the Women that ware there got a good Dinner or Supper rather and had all the Music Pounded out of the old Piana I wished and chatted with the women without ceaseing and after the rear came up I went on leasurly and after the rear came up I went on leasurly we had the Maj. of the 1st Miss Cav Kill near Utice we took 6 Prisoners also at Utica Crossed the Big Sandy at 6 P.M.and over took our Batt and fell in to ranks again and at Rock Springs was Detailed to help get rations got rations Hooked two chickens of a Negro teamster or Q.M. or some one els and went on to camp with two teams had a Devill of of a time getting up the Hills got in to camp at 10 P.M. retired after eating an apple July 14 Thursday got up at 4 A.M. and eat a hasty Breakfast of chicken and coffee and ware in line again on the roat to Port Gipson was Detailed to Carry Water for Co. C. had pleanty of leasure time and lots of good things to eat eat My Dinner at Mr. Watsons 6 miles from P.G. got to P.G. at 2 P.M. went in to town a head of the Batt had a good time was call Maj By all who I met and was met By many especialy Ladies who wished to have Guards. we went in to cam at 5 P.M. South of town got supper had Butter that cost three $ per lb and eggs that cost two $ ter Doz and pleanty of corn and a Huge supper and pleanty of Peaches to eat between times at 9 P.M. I went to Mr. Browns and had 3 canteens filled with Water for Breakfast then retired. 15 Friday all quiet in camp went to town and then was sent back by the P.G. and got a Blanket full of roster eears and had a big mess of corn for dinner and at 1 P.M. the assembly sounded and the allarm came that the Pickets ware drove in Co. C was the 1st Co out in line had quite a little fight and repulsed the enemy and we marched to Gray Gulf and after crossing the Bayou the enemy comenced firing in the rear we ware ordered back gave them a couple of vollies and they disappeared and we went in pease to Grand Gulf where we camped on the Hill at 9 P.M. and all quiet 16 Saturday morning went down to the Boats changed clothes and returned to camp spent the day in running Back and forth caugh a loose Horse with Saddle & Bridle rode it to Camp and reported it and then went to see the Boys of other Reg. had a good day of it retired at an early Hour and had a good nites rest of it Sabath Morning 17th was attacked in two plases By the Enemy at day Break we ware soon ready for them after some sharp fighting we repulsed them Killing 12 wounding 7 and took 30 Prisoners one Maj among the latter and one Col. among the former our loss was two wounded slightly we then went to our Breakfast which the Cook had about ready they attacked us while we ware a sleep in our camp yet we ware not confused and ware not going to be fooled out of our Breakfast. The enemy came with the intention of capturing the M.M.B.S. But just as the did they diddent they throw in there Guns and Revolvers and scattered in all directions So we had the Sabath badly bent if not Broken before Sun rise. we spent the day there among the hills and at 11 P.M. we went aboard of the Boats and shoved out for Vixburg 18 Monday morning got on the river running up I done up my washing as I had quite a lot of dirty clothes on hand I washed 5 shirts 5 towels 2 pair of pants 3 pairs of socks & 4 handkerchiefs considerabl of a washing 19 pieces in all arrived at Vixburg at 12 noon and spen the remainder of the day on the Boat 19 Tuesday got a Pass went out and visited the 11th Cav (after spending an Hour on the Boat with Sergt Sparks) had a good time with the 11th Boys took Dinner with Bob Lim Jim Dine & Jim Morton at the Hopt. Table and then spen an Hour or so more and then see they was some commotion among the Fleet so I went to see what was what and at 3 P.M. we shoved out and run up to Mithlrens Bend and disembarked with 10 days ration in the Brush up to our eyes then retired for the night amid cusses and threats desires and wishes. 20 we cleaned up our camp and prepaired to spend ten days in pease got some corn for dinner and a 5 P.M. we got orders to moove up the River further put everything on Board the Raine's Switzland and Monarch 21st and at at day light of the 21st we saddled up and marched some 10 miles and camped in a shed on the Banks of the Miss in a splendid plase we had Breakfast Dinner all together and then arranged our camp and at 7 P.M. The Flag Ship Autocrate landed & we got our Maile I got a letter from Sister May and answered it in part then retired 22 Friday Morning finished Sisters Letter Then went with Capt Brown & Lieut Dowen out forraging got to see some of the Ladies of L.A. and heard some Music and singing got a sack of Green corn and returned to camp in time to have the corn cooked for Dinner and then I sit down to write for amusement. Went on picket at 8 P.M. was relieved at 10 P.M. and retired on a Ponsho on the ground near a fire whare they was pleanty of Smoke to keep of the Moskitoes. 23 Saturday Morning went on Post at 2 A.M. was relieved at 4 A.M. it being quite Cold I went to the fire and warmed and then went to camp to get my Breakfast returned to the reserve Post went on Picket Post at 10 A.M. and was relieved at 12 noon and went to Dinner had a good Dinner returned to the Reserve Post spent the afternoon Reading in the evening went in to a corn field and got a sack of Green corn and went to cam and was relived at from P.D. at 7 P.M. and returned to camp again and eat my supper at 8 P.M. and retire at 9 P.M. and chatted about an Hour with N.C.G. after retiring and went to sleep with the intention of getting up in the morning and writing letters all day. But was fooled. Sabath July 24 was routed up at 1 A.M. to go on a scout at 3 A.M. had Breakfast at 2 A.M. layed down a while But could not sleep fell in line at 1/2 3 A.M. Marched at 4 A.M. for Goodridges landing arrived there at 7 A.M. distance of 12 miles rested an Hour and then set out another march for Lake Providence arrived there at 12.30 rested an hour there returned to G.L. 6 P.M. fed our Horses and left there as Sun down for our camp after riding some 5 miles I got in a Wagon with the Sick head ache and arrived at Camp 10 P.M. washed took a sup of Coffee and retired after riding 60 miles all for nothing or to grathfy some cowardly Negro officers and G.L. who had heard that they was 16 Rebels at a Bayou some 16 miles from them and they called on us to reenfor them and we did go and found them to be 5000 strong in cam at G.L. and all excited to the Top Notch so to sadisfy them we had to ride 18 miles and back with out seeing any forse or any Mark of them all a d--d monkey and then after we left G.L. for our camp and got some 5 miles they came after us to counter March and go back to the G.L. as they was a Negro had come in and said he heard some firing some 18 miles from there and they ware too cowardly to take there own part G--d them But M.M.B.'s had done enough and would not return to G.L. But came on to camp all must all plaid out or Sick We distroyed all the mellon vines we came near and all other vines and did not take much care damage what we did do after being foled as we ware. 25 Monday 25 in camp all day the tug Alf.Anthny came up with the Maile at 12 noon we had Inspection at 4 P.M. By Sergt Groom then supper I then read letters from Sister Mary and Mary Whitman address to D. Morran then wrote for amussment so ended the day. July 26 Tuesday in camp writing Letters during the day one to Brother M.B.M. one to Miss M.P.Howe to Miss A.H.G. Nothing of importance took plase during the day went on Picket at 7 P.M. was relieved at 9 P.M. and retired. (27) Wednes morning 27 aroused at 3 A.M. went on Post and was relieved at 5 A.M. and had my Breakfast and Dinner brought to me and took a Buggy ride out of the lines at 3 P.M. and got Melons Cucmbers Tomatoes & Milk and returned to resume squad at 5 P.M. My first Buggy ride in La. accompanied by Negro Jim was relieved at 7 P.M. and returned to Camp The Boats had all come down from Memphis during the day The Raine & Fairchild had a colition while landing considerable damage done The Boats ware Fired on at Sunny Side By Three pieces of artilery considerable damage done to the F.Ch. 28 Thursday 28 in Camp had a nise rain Bow this morning and a nise shower and it is a good time to sleep and I Tied it on. and then I comenced writing for amusement. helped to get dinner and was enominated for mess cook an elected By unamimus vote by acclamation. 29 Friday Spent the day in writing Letters I wrote a Letter to cousin H.G. Mr. W.L. and done the cooking for the Mess 30 Saturday done the cooking for the Mess 31st Sunday Aug.1st Monday 2nd Tuesday 3rd Wednesday and went out Buggy riding in Co with Wm Buris's and other a Hors Bach. .. .. 4th done cooking for the mess 5th 6th and we went on Board of the Raine at 3 P.M. and had a good time and a dance at night Aug 7th Sunday had Co. Inspection in forenoon at 10 A.M. and Gen. review and inspection mounted By Maj. Gen. Dennie and we got the praise of Being in the Best order of any Co in the Batt 8th Monday spent on the Boats till 10 A.M. then rode out with Capt Brown and got some mellons returned at 1 P.M. and had Batt drill at 3 P.M. till 5 P.M. 9 Wednesday done nothing till noon run the guards to get tomatos and returned safe Then I washed up all my duty clothes 20 pieces Cht. Heaproth went Home on Furlow and took my carpet sack and left his trunk and Blankets and Bunk with me. 10 Thursday spent the morning in cleaning out and stratening up the things and then set down to write for amusement at three P.M.we got orders to report to Vixburg and Be Mustered out of the U.S.Service and M.M.B. is to be no more we shoved out a 5 P.M. and all excitiment we had a Dance on the way down the river and arrived at Vixburg at 8 P.M. and then helped Sergt Groom make out a Envorse roll and they was so much excitament and talk that we did not retire till 1 o'clock 11th Friday Morning opened out in excitment we turned over our arms Before Breakfast then eat Breakfast and turned over all our Horse Equipments and now 11 A.M. and all excitament yet we are the Damdest set that ever ware turned loose or to be turned loose. 3 P.M. turned over our horses and more happy still we then had supper and I went up to see the 72nd boys and found them all well and up and a doing and 9 P.M. Sergt Sparks and I returned to the boat and then spent a couple of Hours and had a Happy Time so was the day spent. Aug 12th Friday spent in envorsing stock turning it over and turning over Arms to the Government and all Excitement as usual the day was spent in active Businis [Aug 13] Saturday Brother Jake & I went to see the 11 Cav had a good visit and the Boys took Dinner with Bad Linn & James Marton then took supper with Jessie Shinn and had a shower of raine and returned to the Boats Found all the Boys quiet and rather low Spirited the evening was spent in consullation 14 Sabath Morning received order to leave the Boat at any Moment I then went to the 72nd and returned soon accompanied by Sergt Sparks Met Sergt Groome eat a Mellon thin Sparks & I went to See the 11th Cav had a good visit till 3 P.M. then returned to the Boat spent an Hour then Brother Jake and I accompanied Sparks Home and I took supper with Sergt Pool Thorp & Co returned to the Boats at 8 P.M. and retired 15 Monday I packed up and moved off of John Raine on Board of the Fairechilde and all confusion was about the Boat all day was visited by Sparks & Lucas of the 72nd Laid round loose all Night and had a good time with the Musketoes and got up Between 12 & 1 A.M. and eat Shugar Bread. 16 Tuesday done what all of the Boys of Co C & D ware trying to do and got 13.20 for doing it then went to a resterant and had a glass of milk dish of Ice cream each of us and a Pie between us all for 99 cents exc.. spent the remainder of the day on the Boat went to Bed early had a Huge Thunder storm and it rained for all that was out. all trying to keep dry But it was almost impossible. 17 Wednesday 9 oclock A.M. done what all others could not do But all had a desire to do and all ware trying there best to do and I received 1740 for doing it I divided with Pard and all was sadisfactry went with Joseph Bennett to visit the Boys of the 11th Cav. got a good Dinner and had pleasant visit returned at 3 P.M. to the Boats and there spent the day 18 Thursday spent the forenoon reading for Capt O.F.B. visited the 72nd in the afternoon and took supper returned to the Boat a dark all Quiet 19 Friday spent the day reading & writing for the Capt. Co C Cav 20 Saturday spent the day reading for the Capt. 21 Sunday all quiet this morning writing for amusement at 10 A.M. 22nd spent the day on the Boats anxiously wating the return of the Rram Horner due from New Orleans 23rd spent the day in amusing my self on the benefit of my good nature and wating for the return of the Horner the Steamer Julia came up from N.O.eans Stating the Horner Damged in the Boilers No Dispatches all anxious to no what is what 24th The Constitution Steamer came with Dispatches 25th The M.M.B. was consolideded in to a Marine Reg and the Cav. all assigned to diffirent Co. of Inft Boy's all raising and charging raising Hell and one thing another I was taking Items Boys Petitioning the Gov. of respective states to call them Home to enable them to reinlist as Veterans. 26th The Capt and Men assigned to there consolidated Companies Capt.O.F.Brown was asigned to Co.C., and I was assigned to Capt C.G.Fisher Co Being Company F in the consolidated concern 27th Spent the day in getting things stratened up Packed Sergt N C Grooms Trunk and then setled up with him and we comenced mooving of of the Boat at 3 P.M. and at 6 P.M. the Balic Boy's ware arrested and 41 of one co. ware Put in jale and the Gen Com. ordered one Reg. of Inft & one of Cavs to Guard us to Camp and all was excitment The Boy's Sped all Manner of expressions and we went to camp the noisest crowd even ware in Vicksburg after in Camp we ware then Called out and reported to our respective comander's and retired Sergt N.C.G. got up and went to the Autocrtat at 11 P.M. and we had a joyous old time of it the Boy's groud for Gen Ellett Cheared for Maj Tallidy and then they used all kinds of Expresions in behalf of Officers. 28th Sabbath Morning appointed Commisary Sergt of the 1st Bat of Cav. to see to drawing and issuing the comamder of the Bats rations and I took 10 men and went after Bread. went to the Autocrat got my Breakfast then got the Bread returned to camp got rid of the Bread and went to the Boat and spent a Part of the afternoon Then went with the Boy's to see them Mustered out Then went to the 72nd Reg Inft got my supper and while eating we had a huge Thunder storm and I then went to camp accompanied by Sergt Sparks and soon returned, the 72nd Boys ware Guarding the Marine Reg. Bully for the Marines I then went to the 72nd camp and staid all night and it was raining considerable.. 29th Return to Camp early drew Knapsack and went out out on review at 5:30 A.M. and then went to Breakfast Then I went and got a Pass, and went to the Autocrat and spent the forenoon & took Dinner with the Boys that ware wating there Discharges. then drew Bread and returned to Camp and reported to Lieut Markle who exceped My Report and forth with appointed Me Commisary of Co. F. Marine Reg. and ordered the orderly to report me as snack and then all the Com's stores on hand ware turned over to me and so went the day. for the 1st time went on dress parade at 7 P.M. 30th Spent the day in camp getting things in shape then went after pay for Cav. and divided it and then took ration to the Boys in jale 31st In Camp till 9 am, then went up town returned to Dinner Ware Mustered for pay at 2.30 P.M. lef Muster and got a team and went and got the remainder of the Cav. Bread and returned and done my last tribut to the Boy's of the 1st Bat. of Cav. M.M.B. and then retired. September 1st 1864 Vicksburg Miss Thursday drew Ration for co F Marine Reg. which occupied the most of the day we got pleanty to do us 10 days 2nd spent the day in camp all going off quiet and Hot wrote one letter to R.A.M. and one to Dr. W.A.Messler 3rd went to the 72nd camp took My Dirty close along and Serg Sparks went with me to the wash womans and I then returned to camp in good season for my dinner Then drawed Bread for saturday and Sunday and Beef also and water for to day all at the same time or nearly as I quit one to do tother and then I set down to write for amusement and have wrote considerable and while writing they was a cloud came over about as big as a Blanket and rain fell there from and sins it has been more curren in the air it has been Suprememly Hot ever since we came to came This Camp is a Temporary Hell Girded on the east North and west By a continued range of Hills and on the South By the Bluffs of Bluff City or Vicksburg and the Sun Pours in on to us from early morn till six P.M. Then we no more can see it for the Hills so the Days are not so long as in some other Plases But they are Hot to make it up all in all it is neary thing another 4th Spent the day in camp tending to the Rations of Co. F and was visited by Sergt. Sparks in the evening. 5th Went in the Commissary Bake shop and drew Bread for the Reg. and returned went after my washing and returned, drew Beef for the Co and wrote some Letters one to Sister Mary and to Brother John went on D. Parade at 6 P.M. 6th in camp all day went on D. Par at 6 P.M. 7th In camp the Boys ware returned to camp to do do 39 in all one being sick in Hospitle and one got shot by a Negro Guard. Then drew rations for the Boys that came from the Military Prison and then we had a Wind storm and a sprinke of rain then Supper and then we got some Letters from Sister Mary and they was from Miss N.R.H. and it done me a power of good you Bet I made me a shirt and put it on. Then spent the evening in talking and we had a good time so went the day in good faith B.H. Messler. September 8th had a grand stir in Camp Boys putting up tents and I had to moove the Comissary tent to give them room. Then Drew Bread then Beeff and then sit down to writing to Miss N.E.H. Then wrote for amusement and now Dinner is about ready and I feel as tho I could manage My Ration.. hav eat my Dinner and rote a letter to Sister Mary E. Messler and another sheat to N.E.H. and then went on Dress Parade and was Promoted to Corporl of Co. F Marine Reg. then eat my Supper and retired. and it was very warm 9 Went out to whare they ware Building a fort took out Lieut Ellett his Breakfast and Dinner and got a Bundle of cane to make a Bed and then made My Bed and then spent the after noon Mending Jakes Pants and then over Hauld Some old Letters of "Thans" and then Burnt them and then sit down to write for amusement had no dress parade went to bed at dark got up at 9 P.M. to rolle call and was again called at at 15 minutes before one in the night to draw a gun and acouterments as they was firing going on among the Pickets and an attack expected before Morning 10 and they wanted the Marines armed if such was the case So we got them shur and In the Morning drew Rations of Bread for Saturday & Sabath and then after dinner drew ten days Rations and got rather woried and went to bed early! (Rec. a let from N R Messler & one from W. Lints) the Negros ware plased all round the Breast works and an attack was expected. 11 rose earl had Breakfast then went to the River and washed one shirt 1 pair of Pants 4 par of socks & one towell and my self then returned to Camp had Inspection of arms, clothing and Quarters The got my dinner and wrote a Letter to W W Stewart and then went on D. Rade. 12 Monday was in camp of day nothing new 13 Tuesday 14 Wednesday Layed in my tent all day had [a chill at night lasted 4 hours Will Sparks was to see me in the evening](crossed out) 15 in tent all day Sick and a chill 4 hours long Will Sparks was to se me. 16th Friday the Dr call to see me and ordered me taken to the Hospitle and was taken there at 10 A.M. and vomited considerable 17 Saturday in H.Ptle took 2 Pill & threw them up 18 Sunday in H.Ptle took 2 Pills & threw them up 19 Monday took a Powder and then another Powder and then threw them Both up 20 Tuesday still in H.Ptl. took no medicine 21 Wednesday 22 Thursday 23 Friday Discharged from the Hospitle and went to camp and fixed up a Bunk and thus spent the Some of the Com are being paid off 24 Saturday spent the day in camp quite unwell went up in the evening to H.D.Qtrs to Be paid off But was not returned and got our supper and retired it was quite Cool and Sleeping was good. 25 Sunday rose early Jake fried some Heart and we had a good Breakfast on Heart Honey Bread and Water as the Coffee was not good T.D.Morrin eat with us. Then red up my Trunk and one thing another and Then got ready for Inspection and Then sit down and wrote for amusement This is a splendid morning and all is quiet in camp. went over to the 72nd camp and then had a chill some 2 Hours long came Back to marine camp after dark and was sick all night. 26 Monday was quite Sick Took a dose of Pill's in the Morning and another at noon and the opperated most Potently and had Fever all night. 27 Tuesday Stay in my Dog tent all day quite Sick the Regg was out on Gen Review and most of them played out The kept coming in till 8 P.M. in the evening and it commenced raining at 10 P.M. and rained hard Till the Morning. 28 and I got quite wit and lay very sick all day Capt Brown was to see me and he sent Dr. James Roberts to see me But he gave me nothing so went the day had Fever all night 29 Thursday was no better Dr Mires call to see me and sent me some Huge Pills I took one of Them and that done Me Eat some Supper and went to Sleep 30 Friday felt good wrote a Letter to Mary Messler and received one from John Messler and one from Than C. Grooms Good News in Both Oct. 1 Dr. Mires came and Looked at me again and walked of did not send me any Medicine I had a god Appetite and Joe Bennet brought me some Potatoes & Onions from town and we was Paid of IN THE AFTER NOON 4 Month Pay 64$ I also collected 10$ of Sergt Wooster and then end my Labors and retired yet I had been Staying in Bed all day Oct 2nd Sunday and I feel pretty Stout and was visited By friend Mahlon Wood and spend an Hour very pleasantly and then I wrote some for amusement.. Then read in a Newspaper the remainder of the day and at night had a good Supper and then retired. Received a Letter from Brother Benlen. Oct 3rd Monday rose early eat My Breakfast felt Huge wrote a Letter to Sister Lib in the Morning early then rested and hour and then wrote a Letter to N.C.G. and then got Dinner we had fride Beef Boiled Potatoes & tea a Bully good Dinner for Soldiers and riped the Stripes of of my Cavalry Jacket in the after noon and fished the color and was considerable worried so also Bought a 1/2 Bu. of Potatoes for one Dollar and 32 cts and took care of them.. 4th rose early got Breakfast and red up Things and was Visited By Sergt. Sparks and had a good chat it is a very damp morning The Mist is flying and it is chilley good wether for the Ague and one Thing another of that kind it clear off about 10 A.M. and in the after noon I mad a vest out of a Cavl. Jacket and Thus spen the Day 5th Wednesday Health still Improoving and a good appetite for My Rations and spent the day in laying round.. 6th Thursday very cool still Improving wrote a Letter to Brother R.D.M. and the days Bids fair for a fine one. made a vest 7 Friday got up with the sick headche and was very sick all day took a dose of Pills and laid in Bed all day sick all night 8 and all day Saturday and kept getting worse if any adds 9 Sabath had Fever and was quite sick received a Letter from W.A.Messler and so spent the day 10 Monday went to the Hospitle and laid there all day But was wated on and. 11 was visited By the Dr and he gave me 8 doses of Medicin and one at 8AM 1PM & at 5PM. 12th was visited again By Dr. Roberts and he sent me pills at 9AM 11AM 1PM 3PM 5PM 7PM 9PM 11PM 1AM 3PM and then I was left a lone till Breakfast. 13th Was visited By Dr. R. and he renued the Pill Business the same as be fore and so I spent the day and night again. 14th was visited By Dr. R and sent to the Conalecent Hospitle I was down to it and returned to the Hospitle again and Laid round there all day & night 15th Came down to Quarters and spent an Hour and returned and got my Supper and then went to my Quarters to Sleep and had a good nights rest 16th rose early on the 16th and went to the Con. V.H. and eat my Breakfast and then returned to Quarters and rote a Letter to Brother J.S.M. & one to John Leaper and sent them to Illinois By Orderly Segt Gosum of 72nd and went to the H. and got all my meals through the day 17 rose early and went up to Breakfast and then returned and repaired my my vest 18 rose early went to H and got my Breakfast and was Discharged from H and excused 3 days from duty and reported to My Co..and I went to see the Bys of the 72nd and spent the most of the day took Dinner with Them and had my hair cut By Corp Baise 19 They was a great stir among the Men about Digging holes in the Ground for to live in and we mooved our tent and we felt Huge after being contrained all day By the Lieut 20th all Quiet in Camp and I wrote Sister M.E.M. a Letter and was visited By Corp Lucius of 72nd and then had a good visit finished my Letter till Dinner eat dinner then read in the Tribune all the good Election News of Ohio, Ind. & elseware Then wrote a Letter to Brother W.A.M., and then went up to the Hospitle and returned the co went out on inspection at 4 PM. 21 Friday went to the Hospitle got some Bitters and was excused from duty and then went up town stoped occationaly and rested went to the post comissary and got 1/2 gal of Molases then went to market and 1/2 peck of Potatoes and then stoped at the 72nd Camp and took Dinne with Lieut "Schank" "Seeg" "Sparks" and others and returned to Camp accompanied By Sergt Sparks and then comenced working on My Vest and till Supper then spent the evening in stratening up My Bank account. 22nd went to the Dr in the morning and got excused went to the 72nd Reg in the afternoon 23 Tended Sick Call and was excused 24 25 26 worked on My House and was visited By Serg Sparks & Corp Lucus of 72nd and they took Supper with me. 27 worked some on my shanty and then quit 28th was excused from Duty and went to see the Boy of the 72nd and wrote a Letter to Sister Mary and one to N.C.Grooms and was informed that the 72nd Reg was going to leave and. got Supper for Jake & Myself was excused from Duty and did not feel very good all day But was Busy.. 29th Went down town and applied for a Clerk ship in the Post Commisay for myself and T.D. Morrin and ware Detailed forth with returned Home to Camp Happy to think I was going out of the camp 30 the 72nd Struck tents and I was over to see them Before they left they left at 1 P.M. 31 Mustered for Pay and then come to town and laid in a suply of provision and returned Home or to cam and mad Mush and had lots to fry for Breakfast. Nov 1st went to the Dr and was reported for Duty and at 9 A.M. was ordered to report to Capt Vogleson for Duty and Oh! how My Heart leaped with joy and it comenced ranning So I did not leave camp till after 12 and I reported for duty at 1:30 P.M. and was put to Issuing out Stores 2nd In com,sry Issuing & receiving and in the I rote a Letter to Sister Maggie & Brother Jake and one to A.H. Groom 3rd Issuing & receivin Stores all day. 4th T.D.Morrin Came and he issued & I received goods all day we have a good thing of it and we know it 5th Received good till ten oclock and then done nothing in the way of Business the remainder of the Day Came acrofs an old Friend Charley Thompson Clerk for Capt Gilpen C.S. in the evening rid me up a good Bed on a single Bed stid and had a good sleep 6th Sabath rose early packed till after Breakfast then took up my jacket a couple of inches till Dinner and after noon wrote a Letter to Sister Mary & one to L. Loughman and was visited By Paul Kemeser and after supper wrote a letter to Brother Ezra and then wrote for amusement an so spent the day 7 Receved flour till Dinner then wrote a letter to Wm Sparks and Received wood in the after noon 8th Rec. wood and other stores during the Day they wa 3 Boats came down 9 Rec. Stores at the Commissary and prepaired for draw day. 10 Delivered empty Barrells to the River and worked on a vest in the evening. 11th Received flour at the Bakery 12 Saturday had a chill early in the Morning and lay in bead all the fore noon and also in the after noon went to Theater in the evening 13 Saab visited the 11 Ill Cav took Din withe Robert Linn Haspell Stewart and had a chill in the afternoon and spent the day Brother Jake visited Me in the evening 14th Monday we got the Glorious good News that Old Abe was reelected and we just more than rejoiced they was 100 rounds fired from Fort Grant at sundown and so also they kept up a constant fire all along the lines till the earth trembled and at 7 P.M. I went to a Meting of the R.L.A. and we had a good time it was almost like a camp meting as we all felt so good and we Initiated 21 Men to help us a long 16th(15th) Received some goods and Delivered empty B Bls to the river and in the eveing I wrote a letter to Daid Dughman and one to Sister Mary 16th Finished the B Bls Busnies and went in to the wood Hauling and it jamed considerable went to a meting of the R.L.A.s again and initiated 30 men 17th Worked at the wood all day But did not accomplish much as it rained all the time 18 19 received some Potatoes in the after noon and in the evening I wrote a letter to Brother M.B.M. & one to W W Stewart while the Boys ware at the theater also washed out 5 handkerchiefs 2 towels & one pair of sock 20 rose early if it was Sabeth went to my Breakfast then returned to my room then went to the River to get some Papers got 4 of Gentleman on the Steamer Niagra and then spent the Day reading the News generaly and in the evening wrote a Letter to N.C.Groom then wrote for amusement. 21st Got up some Wood out of the River and in the evening was rathe vex into a Bad Humor. November 22nd AD 1864 Received Wood and Potatoes and also [received] 3 Letters one from MBH one from WAM and a "Copperhead" "Letter" from N.C.Grooms and so also became some what acquainted with Capt Wells C.S. Who relieves Capt W M Vogleson C.S. of the Post of Vicksburg Miss 23rd Things ware invassed to Capt Wells, C.S. and I received on his order Flour Fish & Bacon and in the evening traded a Hat for a cap with a Negro and came Home and wrote for amusement. "Brother" "Jake" is on "Picket" to night Traded Pants with H.F.McCormac and contraced some Sheats with a Lady up town 3 fors so also sold a vest I just finished at 3$ 24 Received Flour Bacon Hams and then went to Bed as it was Thanks Giving day and at noon got up went down to the New Orleans Resterant and got a Dish of Oysters and felt pretty good the remainder of the after noon took Supper at our New Mess and all was right. 25th Received Wood for Capt W M Vogleson C.S. 26th till noon and then Rec. Potatoes & Flour for Cap Wells C.S. and Brother Jake came in off of Picket and took Supper with me and afer spending an Hour down town I came to my room and Wrote for amusement. 27 Receved stores part of the time and laye in bed part of the time as I was rathere worried. 28 29 went to a R L A Meting held in the church and we had a good time good speaking By Col. Howe, Maj. Dickey, 2 Chaplins & Maj. Barns and good Singing By the Glee club 30 Spent most the day on my Cot. Dec 1st was relived of all Duty and requested to rest at least two weeks By order of Capt C.B.Wells C.S. and I then went to Dr. Spear and got some pills and he Prescribed 3 wine glasses of Sherry Wine every day which was no disagreeable. 2 resting and taking Medicine according to order 3 rather worse of the wear considerable of Pain in my head caused from the affects of the wine 3 Glasses Proved to be too much so I had to taper off some 4 Feeling tolerabe good rote a letter to Sister in the Morning and Receved one from her while writing So also visited By Brother Jake who was feeling good when he started to camp I under took to walk along with him But soon failed and had to return to my room rote some more and put the remander of the day in laying round. 5 Went to the Hospitle in the Morning and had a talk with Maj Stratton and in the afternoon I wet to the Hospitle to try its Virtues for a Season gave my age name Post Office address Rank whether Married or Single and what I wanted engraved on my Toom Stone and the word ware as follows Here Lay B.H. Messler no one Laugh nor no one cries Ware he has gone & how he fairs No one knows no no one cares.. 6 Tuesday Comenced on The New issue of Pills another Peck if I could stand it was assined me so I thought best to commence taking them over my Shoulder in the start as it had to be some time so over my shoulder they went 7 More Pills Huge Box 16 in it a Long Breath I then drew an Increase of 4 in 24 Hours 8 The same continued which ment more Pills I walke down to the commissary and took Dinner 9 Pills to be continued only double the Doses and take them every 3 hours in stead of every 4. Call on the Post Doctors and had a sadisfactory chat. Dec 10th Dr came round let me see your Tongue I lolled it out at him at a distance of ten pases he ejackulated then with a nod and comenced scribbling and cours of half an hour in came the Pill Man Bed 2 Pills 4 hour (5 hours) I gaberey the Box put it in my Pocket took my cap and walked out for my health went to the commissary got an orde for a Furlow of the Capt. went to the Post Sutler got ten cents worth of apples 2 small ones some larger than the Pill But not as large as the Box Cawed them up had Dinner and went to Dr. Bumpsted and was exammed and he said I had the General disability and wrote Recomend a furlow if he had the power. 11th Sabath Morning Handed Maj Statton the capt request concerning the Furlow and he and 6 others looked at me and said They would have me up and all right in a fiew weeks and said nothing more about a furlow. But continue the Pill's 12th Monday Morning after I got my Pills I went down to See the 11th Cav. Boys befor the left for Memphis found them all in great whack spent the day with them and over done my self and got worse 13th was not very well But got my Pill as right 14th Staid in the H. and got in addition to My Pills a Bottle of Porter wine wrote a Letter Home or rather sent it 15th The same continued 16 Came down town colected some money and got my Mess things from my old Boarding House 17 Sade in my tent all day and took Pills and Powders another New addition and we cleant up our selves and I took a Baith just Before Dinner and caught cold By it. Dec 18 Sabath had in spection Had a severe head ache and chill and at noon had to vomit and sent for the Dr and got some more Powders and Pills and kept my Bed and was very sick it is raining 19 Monday Morning two Boxes of Pills and they salivated me considerabl Still raining 20 The same continued and yet raining 21 No Pills But a Mouth wash windy 22 The same continued and I got a pas to go to town and it was quite cold and kept clos to the fire. 23 Stade in the Hospitle all day 24 Cam It rained all day Went down town and was to the New Restorant took dinner and supper there 25 Chismas was in Hospitle till after Dinner we had Chicken Soop at 1 P.M. and after that I went down town and returned and was to the Convalesent Dinner a 3:30 P.M. it was composed of rosted Pork Beef Ham and Pies cakes Pudings and and other good things so I spent Chistmas and at 6 P.M. I had a Dish of Custard. 26th Staid in Hospitle till Night Then went down town in company with M.C. Mahue 27 went down town took Supper with Capt Wells 28 went to the Commissary got a Letter from W.W. Stewart with good News in it. 29 was down town all day took supper with Capt Wells and wrote a letter to N.C.G. and send a New Years Present to Miss Malissie Spencer of Canton Ills. 30th Got a Pass and went down town and got the News in the Memphis Argus that the Miss Marine Brdge ware to be mustered out of the Servis forth with and returned to the Hospitle to a late Supper. I received a Letter from Sister I favor Brother Jake & one from Brother N R Mes. 31st was down town all day and in the evening I got some of the ardent for the Boys and they had a good time over it and I read in a Novilet till 10 oclock so ended the last Day of the year of 1864. Read 4 Soliers Pomess (I sowed some on my Jacket also Jan 1st Got up at 7 A.M. and mad my Bed washed combed My Head and whiskers Eat Breakfast Read the reminder of the Novilet that I had been reading at the Night before. Then the Dr. came round and wished to Know how I felt I told him I felt like Drinking a Bottle of Porter Wine So he sent me whiskey and I Burnt it up I then went dow to the commissary and took Dinner with the Boys and it was a good Dinner and in the evening I went to hospitle wrote a Letter to Sister Mary 2nd wrote a Letter to J.B.M. of Island No.2 and then went down town and Rec. a letter from Sister Mary spent the day in lounging round and to day the order was Issued by Maj. Gen Washburn for Capt to muster out the Miss. Marine Brigade I cam down after some Ardent in the evening (I also presented the Christian Commution with three Books and they Presented me a Pair of slippers and Then I wrote for amusement. So also the Colored Population had a grand Celebration of the the 2nd Anaversary of there Freedom it was a Black Cloud in the streets and it kept in Motion all day a glorious day for the Darkies. 3rd was not allowed a pass to leave the Hospitle so I contented myself the Best I could 4th Got a pass came down town staied all day and returned at 6:30 P.M. and received My Discharge from the Hospitle and staid all night in Busy Pennington Street Drew clothing P Boots 4 shirts 2 P socks 5th Left the Hospitle and reported to the Commissary for Duty Spent the day very easy as it rained all day.. 6th Changed Bording plases and also assorted out some Good Books and took them to C.Commission rooms. Drew a Pair of Boots for BrotherJ.R.M. 7th Doing Nothing But acting the Gentleman rambled down a long the River in the fore noon and in the after noon went to the Christian Commission Rooms and turned The Books over to the Chaplin in charge as he was not there the day before. 8th All Quiet done Nothing in the forenoon Visited the Boy in Hospitle in the afernoon and wrote a Letter to Brother John in the evening was not so well to day as usual So also I was Ordered By C.C. Washburn Gen Com. Dep. to report to My Reg. for duty went to Hospitle Qt Mast office and drew a Pair of Boods and 5 Pair of Socks. 9 Monday it rained all day and I staid in the Commissary as quiet as you please 10th I went out to the Reg. and reported to Lieutenant Ellott and was sent Back to My Plase of Rendesvous the Commissary 11 In town all day got 4 Letters one from N.C.G. One from A.C.G. one from E.A. Lintz and one from Brother W.A.M. and answered A.H.G.'s and went to the Hospitle and while there Brother Jake came to see me and get his new Boots I drew for him. 12th The Marine Reg turned over there Arms and equipments and Brother Jake came and took Supper with Me and spent the evening with me and we had a good visit went to the C C Meeting Room 13th I again went out to the Reg and returned to town wrote a Letter to Miss E.A. Lintz and was to the Christian Communtion 14 In town all day visited the C.C.M.R. 15 Sabath and a Beautiful day and Brother Jake Came and spent the day with Me and we had a walk in the fore noon to the Dept and in the afternoon we went down to the Levy and went a Board the old U S Steamer John Raine and met with many good old friends such as Capt Pilots and other of the Old Steamers inmates and all appeared natural. 16th Spent the Day in laying round the Commissary got a Letter from Sister M D M & Brother M B B & wrote to Sister 17 Went out to the Reg. spent a couple of Hours and then returned to town and in the after noon Co. G. was mustered out of the U.S. Servis By Capt Dusussie. 18th No news only Co G was paid off 19 went to the Court House and Seen Capt Fisher and to the C.C.R.s 20 All quiet and the Brigade is gradualy going out. and then Boy's take the first Steamer up the River 21 At the commissary and doing well visited the C.C. to day had a chat with Miss Livings on the subject of Religion visited the Hospitle in the evening. 22nd Sabath Brother Jake came down to see me we Spent the day very pleasant we made taffy and it was good 23rd Anxious to we Mustered out But are oblige to wate another week yet to accomodate the webfeet of our Regment or Co.. Bording at the Commissary wrote a Leter to Father. 24th went to the river to see the Boys of and so also see Capt Brown and then went to the Hospitle in the evening and had a good time with my Hps Friends. 25 All Quiet at the commissary and Board good 26 went to the C.C. Rooms and spent Several Housrs very pleasantly 27 At the Commissary all day and Capt Well's Well's wife died at 4 P.M. and I went to the Hospitle and staid all night with Charley Freeborn I was to the C.C.R. and eat some good cake with Wyman 28th Got up to late to get any Breakfast So had to do with out and at 10 P.M. I got a Dimes worth of Butter and a Lofe of Hot Bread and Set down to eating it and the Boys gathered round and Helped Me. Went to the C.C.R. at 1:30 P.M. and went with Mrs. Wyman to the 50 M.S.C. Reg to see Col. Gilchrist. made candy in the evening. 29 Rose early, wrote a Letter to Sister Mary and Then Brother Jake came and we took the Letter down and But it in the Mail on the Steamer Poline Carroll then spent the day very Quiet and pleasant as it was a Beautifull day. we went to the Hospitle in the evening and Jake Staid with Charly Free Born 30th Rose early and eat Breakfast then mucked round till Dinner then went to the C.C.R. and while there I Bid good By to J.O.G. Gorrell and so also got 50 Small Books of Miss Bissle so went the Day and then I wrote in the evening for amusemen and one thing another.
Note: by Basil H. Messler, Mississippi Marine Brigade


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