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Women in the Armed Forces in combat theaters should be

utilized only as rear echelon.14 %14 %14 % 14.75 % (9)
utilized in field or evacuation hospitals + above.29 %29 %29 % 29.51 % (18)
used in forward support positions + above.18 %18 %18 % 18.03 % (11)
utilized in artillery divisions + above.3 %3 %3 % 3.28 % (2)
utilized in armored divisions + above3 %3 %3 % 3.28 % (2)
utilized in infantry + above6 %6 %6 % 6.56 % (4)
utilized in covert operations + above.9 %9 %9 % 9.84 % (6)
used in COMMAND positions.1 %1 %1 % 1.64 % (1)
home.13 %13 %13 % 13.11 % (8)

Total votes: 61
One vote is allowed per day

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Re: Women in the Armed Forces in combat theaters should be
by Anonymous
on Dec 03, 2001
Oh my, hehehe.... it's neck and neck between "home" (22.22%) and field hospitals+ (22.22%).
Speaking strictly for myself, no way in hell could I deal w/front line combat stuff - I'd be the biggest liability ever.

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