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Should the world governments support Isreals actions against the Palestinians?

Yes, actively support Israel62 %62 %62 % 62.59 % (174)
No, apply pressure to Israel to stop25 %25 %25 % 25.90 % (72)
Do nothing at all6 %6 %6 % 6.47 % (18)
No opinion1 %1 %1 % 1.80 % (5)
Other, please list in comments3 %3 %3 % 3.24 % (9)

Total votes: 278
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Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 09, 2002

Kill'em all and let god sort them out!

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 10, 2002

that's the whole problem only God can sort them out,the way i see things is god gave the land to Isreal and he's the only one who can take it back.

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 10, 2002
Israel hasn?t learned anything about history.
They behave exactly the same way that the Nazis did during WW2. USA has never been under occupation, Europe has. USA fought for their freedom against the British, USA had guerrilla groups, and my grandparents fought the Germans during the five year long occupation from 1940 to 45. Why shouldn?t the Palestinians fight the occupation? Israel kill women and children too, they prison people without trial, they make people disappear, just as the German did with the "nacht und nebel", Israel want their lebensraum. Yes, Hamas and Jihad and all of those are war criminals, so are Sharon, he conducted mass murder in the Palestinian refugee camps. I have been told stories about the German occupation from my grandparents, and their stories are similar all over Europe if you talk to old people, Europe remember the occupation, why is USA so friendly to a warrior nation as the Israel? Because God gave them the holy land, com on, who killed Jesus...? If USA wants to have the Arabian nations support in the war against terrorist, they really should consider their support to the war criminals in Israel. And" kill em all, let god sort em out" well you must be a tough guy, a real heroic tough guy.
Have a nice day

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 13, 2002
1-Israel is a soverign country, just as we are. Pres. Bush can DEMAND all he wants but WHY should the Israeli gov. listen? (Does ours to others demands? would we want them to?)
2-Arrafat has ALWAYS advocated irradication of Israel in Arabic while talking peace in English (white man speak w/forked tongue? or pure double speak? don't know)
3-Arrafat has been and always will be a supporter of terrorists. He was a terrorist when making the news so many years ago (anyone remember him and Kadafi being bad guys?)

So while I am in no way supporting killing innocent people, (kids in mind here) I am fully aware that a woman (or a child) can pull a trigger with as deadly accuracy as an adult. I want to believe that the Israeli and Palestinian mommies want their kids to be able to go play in the yard, go to school and learn, grow up and have families and all be peachy keen. Does that make it reality? Hmmmmmmm probably not. I don't know. Humanitarian aid - medical treatment etc. is what is in our arena to provide. Oh, yeah. We are the great satan to the Arabic countries. hmmmm would it be accepted? answer. anyone?

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 15, 2002
I agree with all of what you wrote Sassy. But with Arafat we know who we have, but we don?t know who we get if he is being replaced.

And Sharon, well Israel can do better than that, there?s a common knowledge that he has committed war crimes when he was in the Army.

The great Satan thing I can?t answer too, why the Arab hate the US and the western world.

But one thing is for sure, the US needs the support from the Arab nations in their fight against terrorist, and a good place to start I think is equal support to Israel and the Palestinians.

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by David
on Apr 15, 2002

You are right Staff_HQ it is a tangled and dangerous web we are weaving. We may very well cut off our nose to spite our face in this situation no matter what we do. The one constant truth though is that neither Israel nor American will tolerate terrorism within it's borders any longer.

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 18, 2002

I agree David. But USA has done this the right way. USA has engaged soldiers (well terrorist?s but you know what I mean) in combat. When we see what that has been going on in Jenin, we see that, that wasn?t a campaign against terrorism, but against innocent children and women?s. It?s proven that Genocide has been committed in Jenin. I?m a NCO in the Norwegian Army, and I know that civilised soldiers don?t do those things that have been committed in Jenin and others cities and refugee camps.

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 18, 2002
The Israelis have suffered murderous human bomb attacks by thescore. hundreds ofn their people have been killed and we expect them to sit back and act like it didn't mean a thing ????
Since when do WE (Americans) presume to know the answer for stopping terrorist attacks ? We attacked the Taliban and al-quiada (finally !) after the 9/11/2001 attacks, but expect Israel to go to a negotiating table ?!?! come folks, wake up. The Israelis are doing exactly what we'd do in the same situation. The Palestinians don't want peace, they want the total and complete destruction of thestate of Israel. This has been proven time and time again as the bombing continues even after Arafat and his PLO has agreed to numerous previous "peace" terms. The battles in the cites of the west bank were quite bad and the destruction of homes and businesses was imense. However, if so-called civilians are going to participate in the battle and allow shooters to hide and fire from their homes and businesses, then they chose the consequenses.
If the PLO and the Palestinians want peace, then stop the bombings, stop the sniping, stop the random shelling and begin living in open cooperation. Israel is not going away, so get over it !!!

Re: Should the world governments support Isreals actions aga
by Anonymous
on Apr 20, 2002
Really can't say yes to this because from where I stand they have both used religion to con their people simply to maintain the power and the hatred they need to remain where they are.

Let the Arab states try to get them to compromise. Western powers intervene or go in and watch world war three erupt fast.

I don't like war but More than that world war 3 will be very final for all of us and it will only take on angry man to push a little red button and blink ..... we're all gone.

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