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In the long run luck is given only to the efficient.

-- Helmuth von Moltke

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Do you think military force will win the battle for the "hearts and minds" of the Iraqi people?

Yes34 %34 %34 % 34.21 % (91)
No55 %55 %55 % 55.26 % (147)
I do not know7 %7 %7 % 7.52 % (20)
I have no opinion0 %0 %0 % 0.75 % (2)
Other, please list in comments2 %2 %2 % 2.26 % (6)

Total votes: 266
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Re: Do you think military force will win the battle for the
by Anonymous
on Nov 02, 2003

Violence and force has a way of upsetting the givers and receivers... however, military force will go a long way in assuring the combatants and citizens that should they ever wish to make nice, somebody will be guarding the door.

Re: Do you think military force will win the battle for the
by Anonymous
on Nov 09, 2003

The army wins wars. After the war it's won by the people.

Re: Do you think military force will win the battle for the
by Anonymous
on Dec 04, 2003
With terrorists trying to gain a foothold, civvies getting killed and only the minority complaining
things are starting to take shape, however only time will tell.

Re: Do you think military force will win the battle for the
by Anonymous
on Dec 05, 2003
If the people we liberated are already PISSED at us for staying around, can anyone truely think we might do any further good in Iraq? The area has fought for thousands of years over RELIGION. What chance do we have in making them see we are there to help after freeing them from SH?

So we have a snowballs chance in Iraq to win this BATTLE of Hearts and Minds.

No way, No how. Since we won't or can't use the force we have at our disposal it's time to get out while the gettings good.

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1807: British officers of the H.M.S. Leopard boarded the U.S.S. Chesapeake after she had set sail for the Mediterranean, and demanded the right to search the ship for deserters.

1813: A British force attempted to take Craney Island, the fort there was one of the key defenses to Norfolk's inner harbor and was home to the frigate "Constellation".

1864: Union forces attempt to capture a railroad that had been supplying Petersburg from the south and extend their lines to the Appomattox River.

1864: U.S.S. Lexington, Acting Ensign Henry Booby, withstood a surprise Confederate strike on White River Station, Arkansas, and forced the attacking Confederate troops to withdraw.

1865: The Confederate raider Shenandoah fires the last shot of the Civil War in the Bering Strait.

1898: Admiral Sampson begins amphibious landing near Santiago, Cuba. Lt. Col. Theodore Roosevelt and Col. Leonard Wood led the Rough Riders, a volunteer cavalry regiment, onto the beach at Daiquiri in the Spanish American War.

1941: During Operation Barbarossa over 3 million German troops invade Russia in three parallel offensives, in what is the most powerful invasion force in history. Nineteen panzer divisions, 3,000 tanks, 2,500 aircraft, and 7,000 artillery pieces pour across a thousand-mile front as Hitler goes to war on a second front.

1942: A Japanese submarine shelled Fort Stevens, Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River.

1944: President Roosevelt signed the GI Bill of Rights, authorizing a broad package of benefits for World War II veterans.

1944: After a preparatory air raid on Cherbourg, in which over 1000 tons of bombs are dropped, the divisions of the US 7th Corps (part of US 1st Army) begin assaulting the city of Cherbourg. There is heavy German resistance.