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Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.

-- General George Patton Jr

21st Fighter Squadron

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Constituted 21 Fighter Squadron, Single Engine on 5 Oct 1944. Activated on 15 Oct 1944. Inactivated on 15 Oct 1946. Redesignated 21 Fighter-Day Squadron on 26 Aug 1954. Activated on 11 Nov 1954. Redesignated 21 Tactical Fighter Squadron on 1 Jul 1958. Inactivated on 15 Mar 1959. Redesignated 21 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron on 27 Oct 1972. Activated on 1 Dec 1972. Redesignated: 21 Tactical Fighter Squadron on 9 Oct 1980; 21 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron on 1 Jul 1983. Inactivated on 28 Jun 1991. Redesignated 21 Fighter Squadron, and activated, on 1 Nov 1991. Inactivated on 31 Dec 1993. Activated on 8 Aug 1996.


413 Fighter Group, 15 Oct 1944-15 Oct 1946. 413 Fighter-Day Group, 11 Nov 1954; 413 Fighter-Day (later, 413 Tactical Fighter) Wing, 8 Oct 1957-15 Mar 1959 (attached to Sixteenth Air Force, 14-15 Mar 1959). 35 Tactical Fighter (later, 35 Tactical Training; 35 Tactical Fighter) Wing, 1 Dec 1972-28 Jun 1991. 507 Air Control Wing, 1 Nov 1991; 363 Operations Group, 1 May 1992-31 Dec 1993. 56 Operations Group, 8 Aug 1996-.


Seymour-Johnson Field, NC, 15 Oct 1944; Bluethenthal Field, NC, 9 Nov 1944-7 Apr 1945; Ie Shima, 19 May 1945; Kadena, Okinawa, 21 Nov 1945; Yontan, Okinawa, 29 Jan-15 Oct 1946. George AFB, CA, 11 Nov 1954-10 Mar 1959; Moron AB, Spain, 11-15 Mar 1959. George AFB, CA, 1 Dec 1972-28 Jun 1991. Shaw AFB, SC, 1 Nov 1991-31 Dec 1993. Luke AFB, AZ, 8 Aug 1996-.



P-47, 1944-1946. F-86, 1954-1956; F-100, 1956-1959. F-4, 1972-1981; F-16, 1981-1991. OA-10, 1991-1993. F-16, 1996-.


Combat in western Pacific Ocean, 20 May-14 Aug 1945. Trained for "wild weasel" radar detection and suppression missions, 1972-1981. Trained for forward air control missions, Nov 1991-1993. Since Aug 1996, trained F-16 crews.

Service Streamers


Campaign Streamers

World War II: Air Offensive, Japan; Eastern Mandates; Western Pacific; Ryukyus; China Offensive.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers



Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: 2 Feb 1976-31 Mar 1977; 1 Jun 1985-31 May 1987; 1 Mar 1990-28 Jun 1991; 1 Jan 1992-31 Dec 1993.


Approved on 5 Jan 1946.

Lineage, Assignments, Components, Stations, and Honors through 5 Jun 1997.

Commanders, Aircraft, and Operations through Aug 1996.

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This Day in History
1762: The British fleet bombards and captures Spanish held Manila in the Philippines.

1785: The day after he routed counterrevolutionaries in Paris, Napoleon Bonaparte accepts their formal surrender.

1813: U.S. victory at the Battle of the Thames, in Ontario, broke Britains Indian allies with the death of Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, and made the Detroit frontier safe.

1821: Greek rebels capture Tripolitza, the main Turkish fort in the Peloponnese area of Greece.

1864: After losing the city of Atlanta, Confederate General John Bell Hood attacks Union General William T. Shermans supply line at Allatoona Pass, Georgia. His men could not take the Union stronghold, and Hood was forced to retreat into Alabama.

1877: Nez Perce Chief Joseph surrenders to Colonel Nelson Miles in Montana Territory, after a 1,700-mile trek to reach Canada falls 40 miles short.

1942: Joseph Stalin, premier and dictator of the Soviet Union, fires off a telegram to the German/Soviet front at Stalingrad, exhorting his forces to victory. "That part of Stalingrad which has been captured must be liberated."

1952: The battle for White Horse Mountain in the Chorwon Valley took place. The defending ROK 9th Infantry Division inflicted 10,000 casualties in fierce combat with the attacking Chinese 38th Army at a cost 3,500 ROK casualties. During the battle, the ROK forces launched nine separate attacks and the Chinese, 28.

1963: Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge reports to President John F. Kennedy from Saigon that South Vietnamese generals are planning a coup against President Ngo Dinh Diem.

1965: U.S. forces in Saigon receive permission to use tear gas.