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Fortunate is the general staff which sees a war fought the way it intends.

-- Richard M. Watt

310th Fighter Squadron

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Constituted 310th Pursuit Squadron (Interceptor) on 21 Jan 1942. Activated on 9 Feb 1942. Redesignated: 310th Fighter Squadron on 15 May 1942; 310th Fighter Squadron, Single Engine, on 20 Aug 1943. Inactivated on 20 Feb 1946. Redesignated 310th Fighter-Bomber Squadron on 25 Jun 1952. Activated on 10 Jul 1952. Redesignated 310th Tactical Missile Squadron on 15 Jul 1958. Discontinued, and inactivated, on 25 Mar 1962. Redesignated 310th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron on 11 Dec 1969. Activated on 15 Dec 1969. Redesignated 310th Fighter Squadron on 1 Nov 1991.


58th Pursuit (later, 58th Fighter) Group, 9 Feb 1942; Fifth Air Force, 27 Jan?20 Feb 1946. 58th Fighter-Bomber Group, 10 Jul 1952 (attached to 58th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 1 Mar?7 Nov 1957); 58th Fighter-Bomber Wing, 8 Nov 1957; 314th Air Division, 1 Jul 1958; 58th Tactical Missile Group, 15 Jul 1958?25 Mar 1962. 58th Tactical Fighter Training (later, 58th Tactical Training) Wing, 15 Dec 1969; 58th Operations Group, 1 Oct 1991; 56th Operations Group, 1 Apr 1994?.


Harding Field, LA, 9 Feb 1942; Dale Mabry Field, FL, 4 Mar 1942; Richmond AAB, VA, 16 Oct 1942; Philadelphia Muni Aprt, PA, 24 Oct 1942; Bradley Field, CT, 5 Mar 1943; Hillsgrove, RI, 28 Apr 1943; Grenier Field, NH, 16 Sep?22 Oct 1943; Brisbane, Australia, c. 23 Nov 1943; Dobodura, New Guinea, 28 Dec 1943; Saidor, New Guinea, c. 2 Apr 1944; Noemfoor, 6 Sep 1944; San Roque, Leyte, 18 Nov 1944; San Jose, Mindoro, 22 Dec 1944; Mangaldan, Luzon, 6 Apr 1945; Porac, Luzon, 18 Apr 1945; Okinawa, 9 Jul 1945; Japan, 26 Oct 1945; Ft William McKinley, Luzon, 28 Dec 1945?20 Feb 1946. Taegu AB, South Korea, 10 Jul 1952; Osan-Ni (later, Osan) AB, South Korea, 19 Mar 1955?25 Mar 1962. Luke AFB, AZ, 15 Dec 1969?.

Aircraft and Missiles

P?39, 1942; P?40, 1942?1943; P?47, 1943?1945. F?84, 1952?1954; F?86, 1954?1958; Matador, 1958?1962. A?7, 1969?1971; F?4, 1971?1982; F?16, 1982?.


Operational and replacement training unit, Mar 1942?Apr 1943. Combat in Southwest and Western Pacific, 24 Feb 1944?14 Aug 1945. Combat in Korea, 10 Jul 1952?27 Jul 1953; air defense in Korea thereafter until Mar 1962. Combat crew training, 1970?.


Service Streamers. World War II American Theater.

Campaign Streamers. World War II: Air Offensive, Japan; New Guinea; Bismarck Archipelago; Western Pacific; Leyte; Luzon; Southern Philippines; Ryukyus; China Offensive. Korea: Korea Summer-Fall 1952; Third Korean Winter; Korea, Summer 1953.

Armed Forces Expeditionary Streamers. None.

Decorations. Distinguished Unit Citations: Philippine Islands, 26 Dec 1944; Korea, 1 May?27 Jul 1953. Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards: [15]?31 Dec 1969; 1 Jan 1971?31 Dec 1972; 1 Jan 1975?31 Dec 1976; 1 Jan 1978?31 Dec 1979; 1 Aug 1982?31 May 1984; 1 Jun 1986?31 May 1988; 1 Jun 1989?31 May 1991; 1 Jun 1991?31 May 1992; 1 Jun 1992?31 May 1993. Philippine Presidential Unit Citation (WWII). Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation: 10 Jul 1952?31 Mar 1953.


On a Medium Blue disc two Golden Orange lighting bolts highlighted Yellow saltirewise in bend surmounted by a human skull proper wearing a Black top hat and a Golden Orange bow tie highlighted Yellow, all above a pair of dice proper showing five Black dots topmost and two Black dots topmost respectively; all within a double narrow border Light Blue and Yellow. Originally approved on 9 Oct 1943, reinstated on 6 Nov 1987 (DFSC 88?01521); replaced emblems approved on 18 May 1983 (DFSC 83?08010), 5 Apr 1972 (KE 12412), and 5 May 1961 (K 12412).
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This Day in History
1708: French forces seize control of the eastern shore of Newfoundland after winning a victory at St. Johns.

1862: The U.S. Congress authorizes the Medal of Honor to be awarded to Navy personnel who have distinguished themselves by their gallantry in action.

1866: Determined to challenge the growing American military presence in their territory, Indians in northern Wyoming lure Lieutenant Colonel William Fetterman and his soldiers into a deadly ambush. Fetterman and eighty soldiers were killed.

1944: German troops surround the 101st Airborne Division at the Bastogne in Belgium.

1950: Far East Air Force executed "Operation Kiddie Car" by transporting 1,000 Korean War orphans to the island of Cheju-do.

1951: General Matthew Ridgway broadcasted a message requesting that the Red Cross be allowed to inspect communist POW camps.

1969: Thailand announces plans to withdraw its 12,000-man contingent from South Vietnam. Thai forces went to Vietnam as part of the Free World Military Forces, an effort by President Lyndon B. Johnson to enlist allies for the United States and South Vietnam.

1972: The Defense Department announces that eight B-52 bombers and several fighter-bombers were lost since the commencement of Operation Linebacker II on December 18.

68: Vespian, a gruff-spoken general of humble origins, enters Rome and is named emperor by the Senate.