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Only great and general battles can produce great results.

-- Karl von Clausewitz

"143d FA BN" by: Walter E. Newman - WWII

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Fling your hats high, for the ONE FOUR THREE
The greatest gang in the Field Artillery
We're tough as leather when the going's rough
But never an assignment have we muffed.

We handle our guns like men possessed
Whenever we're given the "acid test'
We've always proved equal when we were told
To blow up a Jap mortar or know it cold.

"Say, Number One, are you all set to go?"
And Mr. Gunner, you?re just a bit slow
"Fire, " yells the Executive from his post on high
As the rounds go screaming up to the sky,

Straight to its mark it wends its way
And if the Japs don't scatter, there's hell to pay
'cause as we pour volley on volley
'twould be fatal to stay there, by golly!

We've gone through places that'd stop a tank
And fought the elements in places dank
Yet we've come through, with banners flying
Hell yes, were tough, there?s no denying,

We'll make it so hot for the little Nip
Who thought we were soft, but he made a slip
When he attacked Pear Harbor in December
Now we'll give him something he'll long remember,

So bring on your Japs and Germans too
We'll show them artillery and what we can do
We'll knock all his installations off of this map
And for good measure - just annihilate little "Mr. Jap."

Well its hats off to the ONE FOUR THREE
You will live on through eternity
When this war is over and the strife is done
Return home, enjoy the Peace, you so dearly won.
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1615: The fortress at Osaka, Japan, falls to Shogun Leyasu after a six-month siege.

1647: Parliamentary forces capture King Charles I and hold him prisoner.

1794: British troops capture Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

1859: The French army, under Napoleon III, takes Magenta from the Austrian army.

1862: Confederate forces slip out of Fort Pillow, a key stronghold on the Mississippi River, clearing the way for the Union capture of Memphis.

1863: Confederate General Robert E. Lee continues to mobilize his army for an invasion of Pennsylvania by sending Richard Ewells corps toward the Shenandoah Valley.

1918: French and American troops halt Germanys offensive at Chateau-Thierry, France.

1940: The evacuation of Allied forces from Dunkirk on the Belgian coast ends as German forces capture the beach port.

1942: Japanese Admiral Chuichi Nagumo, commander of the fleet that attacked Pearl Harbor, launches a raid on Midway Island with almost the entirety of the Japanese navy.

1944: The U-505 becomes the first enemy submarine captured by the U.S. Navy.