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The nation that will insist on drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to have its fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards.

-- Sir William Francis Butler

The United States Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Combined Forces Land Component command

(CFLCC) Order of Battle 1 May 20031

CFLCC Headquarters

CFLCC Early Entry Command Post (EECP)

1 x TSC-93C TACSAT Terminal (TACON)
1 x TSC-143 TACSAT Terminal (TACON)
1 x Data Package (TACON)

CFLCC Forward Command Post

1 x TSC-85 (TACON)
1 x Deployable KU-Band Earth Terminal (TACON)
1 x Single Shelter Switch (TACON)
1 x Data Package (TACON)

CFLCC HQ Support Battalion

3rd Army Liaison Team
244th Army Liaison Team
930th Army Liaison Team
Personal Security Det/1/410th Military Police Co (-) (TACON)
228th Signal Det (Mobile Communication)
1st Chemical Det (JA Team, 12-hour augmentation)
Planning and Control Team/132nd Engineer Battalion (-) (Attached)
Civil Affairs Tactical Planning Team/A/352nd Civil Affairs Command (TACON)
318th Press Camp HQ (OPCON)
19th Public Affairs Detachment (OPCON)
22nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (OPCON)
372nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (OPCON)
Army Space Support Team 3/1st Space Battalion (DS) (USA)
Army Space Support Team 13/1st Space Battalion (DS) (USA)

3rd Military Police Group (Criminal Investigation) (-) (OPCON)

10th Military Police Battalion (-) (Criminal Investigation Division) (OPCON)
375th Military Police Detachment (Criminal Investigation HQ Cell)

Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA)

142nd Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist) (OPCON)

82nd Airborne Division Quick Reaction Force

75th Exploitation Task Force (75th Field Artillery Brigade, XTF) (-)2

HHB, 75th Field Artillery Bde
Combined/Joint Command and Control Exploitation (C2X)
Technical Escort Unit Joint Response Team (OPCON)
Toxic Material Escort Team/Technical Escort Unit Chemical-Biological Intelligence
Support Team (OPCON)
Bio Research Program Lab/Naval Medical Research Center
Mobile Chemical Lab/Edgewood Chemical and Biological Command
Sensitive Site Team 1 (with 75th XTF Forward)
Sensitive Site Team 2 (with 75th XTF Forward)
Sensitive Site Team 3 (with 75th XTF Forward)
Sensitive Site Team 4 (In Tikrit collocated with 4th ID)
Mobile Exploitation Team ? A (with 75th XTF Forward)
Mobile Exploitation Team ? B (Baghdad International Airport)
Mobile Exploitation Team ? C (Returning to Baghdad International Airport)
Mobile Exploitation Team ? D (In Tikrit collocated with 4th ID)
Media Exploitation Team
87th Chemical Co (Recon/Decon) (OPCON)
787th Ordnance Co (-) (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
Direct Support Team/Defense Threat Reduction Agency
JWICS Mobile Intelligence Communications System
1 x TSC-93C TACSAT Terminal (TACON)
1 x TSC-143 TACSAT Terminal (TACON)
1 x TTC-48 Small Extension Switch (TACON)


Elements/1-179th Infantry (-) Task Force Patriot Defender (OPCON)3
C/1-152nd Infantry (Attached)
L/3/2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (Quick Reaction Force) (OPCON)
D/3-43rd Air Defense Artillery (OPCON)
249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power) (-) (OPCON)
HHD/249th Engineer Bn (Prime Power)
A/249th Engineer Bn (Prime Power)
180th Engineer Detachment (Utility) (OPCON)
Team/155th Engineer Detachment (Utility) (-) (OPCON)
Facilities Engineer Detachment A (-) (OPCON)
5/3rd Military Police Co (OPCON)
63rd Ordnance Co (Modular Ammo) (-) (OPCON)
1244th Transportation Co (Medium Truck 20-foot Container)
872nd Maintenance Detachment (OPCON)
110th Chaplain Detachment


B/1-124th Infantry (Attached)
Elements/TF 3-43rd Air Defense Artillery
C/3-2nd Air Defense Artillery (ADCON)
E/3-43rd Air Defense Artillery (ADCON)
C/2-124th Infantry (ADCON)4
Element/516th Maintenance Co (Patriot DS) (ADCON)
3/101st Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon) (OPCON)
Facilities Engineer Detachment F (TACON)
Facilities Engineer Team
410th Military Police Co (Combat Support) (-) (OPCON)
438th Military Police Detachment (Law and Order) (OPCON)
69th Signal Co (Cable and Wire) (OPCON)
550th Signal Co (Theater Strategic)
Joint Tactical Air-Ground Station Det 1/1st Space Battalion (ADCON)
755th Adjutant General Co (Postal) (-) (ADCON)
766th Ordnance Co (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (TACON)
831st Transportation Co (ADCON)
Elements/6th Medical Logistics Management Center AMC FWD - SWA (ADCON)
HSC/205th Medical Battalion (Area Support)
719th Medical Detachment (Veterinary Services) (ADCON)
983rd Medical Det (Preventative Medicine) (ADCON)
9th Finance Battalion
119th Chaplain Detachment (OPCON)


TF 3-43rd Air Defense Artillery (+) (Attached) (TACON to JTF-SWA (CFACC) for Firing
HHB/3-43rd Air Defense Artillery
A/3-43rd Air Defense Artillery
B/3-43rd Air Defense Artillery
C/3-43rd Air Defense Artillery
A/1-1st Air Defense Artillery (Attached) Bahrain
B/1-1st Air Defense Artillery (Attached) Bahrain
A/1-124th Infantry (Attached) Bahrain
A/1-179th Infantry (Attached) Saudi Arabia
B/1-179th Infantry (Attached) Saudi Arabia
580th Signal Co (Theater Strategic)
153rd Military Police Co (Combat Support) (Attached)
516th Maintenance Co (Patriot DS)
1/1042nd Medical Co (-) (Air Ambulance) (Attached)


226th Quartermaster Detachment (Water Purification) (OPCON) (USA)
CENTCOM MIL Working Dog Detachment (OPCON) (USA)
Platoon/40th Signal Battalion (Corps Mobile Subscriber Equipment) (TACON) (USA)
Navy Emergency Medical Surgical Team (OPCON)
520th Medical Detachment (Theater Army Medical Lab)(OPCON) (USA)
Civil Affairs Tactical Planning Team/A/354th Civil Affairs Brigade (OPCON)
Detachment 1/23rd Adjutant General Co (Postal) (OPCON)
Defense Contracting Management Agency Detachment (OPCON)
Det/87th Expeditionary Security Force Squadron (OPCON) (USAF)
Marine Air Control Squadron 2, Air Traffic Control (OPCON)
Blood Team (OPCON)
Veterinary Tech Detachment (OPCON)
Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program LNO (OPCON)


Team/201st Military Intelligence Battalion (Signal Intelligence) (TACON to CFSOCC)


HHD/787th Corps Support Battalion
21st Transportation Co (Cargo Transfer)
297th Transportation Co (Cargo Transfer) (-)
758th Maintenance Co (Non-Divisional DS)
Team/887th Quartermaster Co (Petroleum Oil Lubricants)
511th Movement Control Team (Cargo Documentation)
330th Movement Control Team (Cargo Documentation) (-)
Section/436th Movement Control Battalion (-) (ADCON)
978th Quartermaster Detachment (Supply)
388th Medical Battalion (Logistics) (-)


Team/142nd Movement Control Team (Port)
Team/151st Adjutant General Co (Postal) (-) (USA)
Team/109th Medical Detachment (Veterinary) (USA)
440th Medical Det (Blood Support Unit) (USA)

CFACC- Prince Sultan Air Base, SAUDI ARABIA

1st Battlefield Coordination Detachment (USA)
HQ Element
Operations Section
Plans Section
Intelligence Section
Air Defense Section
Airspace Management Section
Airlift Section
410th Support Detachment (Ground Liaison) (OPCON) (USA)
411th Support Detachment (Ground Liaison) (OPCON) (USA)
412th Support Detachment (Ground Liaison) (OPCON) (USA)
413th Support Detachment (Ground Liaison) (OPCON) (USA)
434th Support Detachment (Ground Liaison) (OPCON) (USA)

244th Theater Aviation Brigade (OPCON)

HHC/244th Theater Aviation Bde (ADVON)
1-147th Aviation (Echelon Above Corps Command Aviation) (UH-60) (OPCON)
G/149th Aviation (CH-47)
UH-60 Det/A/1-159th Aviation (OPCON)
1/A/5-159th Aviation (CH-47)
B/5-159th Aviation (CH-47D) (Attached)
UC-35 Det/A/1-214th Aviation (OPCON)
UH-60 Det/C/1-214th Aviation (OPCON)
E/111th Aviation (Air Traffic Service) (-)
C-12 Flight Detachment /Operational Support Airlift Command (Kuwait) (OPCON)

204th Air Traffic Services Group (OPCON)

Tactical Airspace Integration System Contractors (Attached)
B/1-58th Aviation (Air Traffic Service) (-)
E/131st Aviation (AVIM) (-)
F/58th Aviation (Air Traffic Service Support Maintenance)

32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command (OPCON) - Kuwait

11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (-) (OPCON)
TF 2-1st Air Defense Artillery (Patriot) (OPCON)
C/5-52nd Air Defense Artillery (-) (Attached)
D/5-52nd Air Defense Artillery (-) (Attached)
A/3-2nd Air Defense Artillery (Pax Only) (Attached)
178th Maintenance Co (Patriot DS)
1-7th Air Defense Artillery (Patriot)
1-1st Air Defense Artillery (Patriot) (-)
HHC/1-1st Air Defense Artillery
C/1-1st Air Defense Artillery
D/1-1st Air Defense Artillery
B/3-124th Infantry (Attached)
16th Signal Battalion (ADA Mobile Subscriber Equipment Area Support) (-) (OPCON)
HHC/16th Signal Bn
B/16th Signal Bn
51st Maintenance Co (Patriot DS)
518th Maintenance Co (Patriot DS)
JTF COBRA (Israel) (TACON to 32nd AAMDC)5
HHB/69th Air Defense Artillery Bde (Corps)
5-7th Air Defense Artillery (Patriot) (-)
HHB/5-7th Air Defense Artillery
A/5-7th Air Defense Artillery
E/5-7th Air Defense Artillery
Deployable Intel Support Element/66th Military Intelligence Group (-)
92nd Military Police Co (Combat Support)
A/72nd Signal Battalion (Theater Tactical)
19th Maintenance Co (Patriot DS)(-)
Extended Air Defense Task Force (EADTF)
Det/HHB/5-7th Air Defense Artillery
B/5-7th Air Defense Artillery
D/5-7th Air Defense Artillery
3 x Royal Netherlands Air Force Patriot Batteries
Det/19th Maintenance Co (Patriot DS)(-)

416th Engineer Command (ENCOM) (-) (OPCON)

HHC/416th ENCOM (-) Arifjan
36th Engineer GP (Construction) (-) (OPCON) Tallil
46th Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy) (-) (OPCON) Umm Qasr
HSC/46th Engineer (Combat Heavy)
B/46th Engineer Co (Combat Heavy)
C/46th Engineer Co (Combat Heavy)
62nd Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy) (OPCON) Iraq
808th Engineer Co (Pipeline)
92nd Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy) (OPCON)
109th Engineer Battalion (OPCON) Tallil
HHD/109th Engineer (OPCON)
A/46th Engineer Bn (Combat Heavy)
63rd Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip)
68th Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip)
95th Engineer Detachment (Fire Fighting) (OPCON)
520th Engineer Detachment (Fire Fighting) (OPCON)
562nd Engineer Detachment (Fire Fighting) (OPCON)
368th Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy)
379th Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip)
30th Engineer Battalion (Topographic) (-) (OPCON)
Det/100th Engineer Co (Topographic) (Echelon Above Corps) (OPCON)
Sqd/175th Engineer Co (Topographic) (Echelon Above Corps)
B/249th Engineer Battalion (Prime Power)
Team/2/B/249th Engineer Bn
Team/4/B/249th Engineer Bn (OPCON)
Team/4/B/249th Engineer Bn
2 x Teams/4/B/249th Engineer Bn
Team/4/B/249th Engineer Bn
3/B/249th Engineer Bn
6/B/249th Engineer Bn
308th Engineer Detachment (Real Estate)
Facilities Engineer Team 21
Facilities Engineer Detachment B
Forward Engineer Support Team M (OPCON)
1457th Engineer Battalion (Combat Wheeled) (ADVON)
HHC/926th Engineer Battalion (Combat)
323rd Engineer Team (Fire fighting)

513th Military Intelligence Brigade (-) (OPCON)

HHC/513th Military Intelligence Brigade (-)
202nd Military Intelligence Battalion (+)
HHC/202nd Military Intelligence Bn
A/202nd Military Intelligence Bn (-)
B/202nd Military Intelligence Bn (-)
Company Operating Base-S (TACON)
Joint Interagency Control Group (TACON)
203rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Operations) (OPCON)
HHC/203rd Military Intelligence Bn
A/203rd Military Intelligence Bn (-) (OPCON)
Joint Captured Material Exploitation Center/Defense Intelligence Agency (TACON)
221st Military Intelligence Battalion (Tactical Exploitation) (Attached)
HHC/221st Military Intelligence Bn
B/221st Military Intelligence Bn
H/121st Military Intelligence Bn (Long Range Surveillance)
D/202nd Military Intelligence Bn
Detachment 1/Southwest Asia Field Office
141st Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist) (-) (OPCON)
A/221st Military Intelligence Bn (OPCON)
HHC/306th Military Intelligence Bn (Internment and Resettlement)
COMTECH/323rd Military Intelligence Bn (OPCON)
201st Military Intelligence Battalion (Echelon Above Corps Signal Intelligence) (-)
A/201st Military Intelligence Bn (-)
HOC/201st Military Intelligence Bn (-)
A/323rd Military Intelligence Bn (OPCON)
306th Military Intelligence Co (-) (Linguists)
297th Military Intelligence Battalion (Operations) (-)
HSC/297th Military Intelligence Bn
A/297th Military Intelligence Bn
Army Element/Joint Surveillance Targeting Attack Radar System (JSTARS)
B/224th Military Intelligence Bn (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) (OPCON)
323rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Operations) (-)
HSC/323rd Military Intelligence Bn
B/323rd Military Intelligence Bn

335th Theater Signal Command (-) (OPCON)

11th Signal Brigade (-) (OPCON)
HHC/11th Signal Bde
40th Signal Battalion (Theater Tactical) (Attached) (- Detachment with MARCENT Djibuti))
286th Signal Co (ADA Mobile Subscriber Equipment Area Support)
63rd Signal Battalion (-) (OPCON)
504th Signal Battalion (Composite) (-) (Attached)
313th Signal Co (Range Extension) (-)
54th Composite Signal Battalion (Theater) (-)
235th Signal Co (TACSAT)
385th Signal Co (Theater Strategic)
Directorate of Information Management-KUWAIT
151st Signal Battalion (Telecommunications Area Support) (-)
114th Signal Co (TROPO Light) (-)

352nd Civil Affairs Command (-) (OPCON)

402nd Civil Affairs Battalion (-) (OPCON)
407th Civil Affairs Battalion
Free Iraqi Forces

Military History Group (Provisional) (OPCON)

30th Military History Detachment (DS 75th XTF)
35th Military History Detachment (DS 377th TSC)
48th Military History Detachment (Attached 101st Abn Div)
50th Military History Detachment (DS CFLCC)
51st Military History Detachment (DS 4th ID)
102nd Military History Detachment (DS 3rd ID)
126th Military History Detachment (DS 352nd CACOM)
135th Military History Detachment (DS 3rd COSCOM)
305th Military History Detachment (DS V Corps)
322nd Military History Detachment (DS CFLCC)

I Marine Expeditionary Force (Reinforced) (TACON)7

Marine Expeditionary Force HQ Group
Command Element/11th Marine Expeditionary Unit (TF Yankee)
2nd Battalion, 6th Marines (CP Security)
15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable) (MEUSOC)
Battalion Landing Team 2/1
S/5-11th Marines (155T)
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 161 (Reinforced)
Detachment/Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 361 (-)
MEU Service Support Group 15
24th Marine Expeditionary Unit
Battalion Landing Team 2/2
F/2-10th Marines (155T)
Detachment/Marine Attack Squadron 231 (-)
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263 (Reinforced)
Detachment/Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 269
Detachment/Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 772 (-)
Detachment/Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 461
MEU Service Support Group 24
1st Intelligence Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
1st Force Recon Co (-) (Reinforced)
I MEF Force Liaison Element
6th Communications Battalion (-)
9th Communications Battalion (-)
1st Radio Battalion (Signals Intelligence) (-) (Reinforced)
3rd Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Co
4th Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Co
3rd Civil Affairs Group
Elements/358th Civil Affairs Brigade (USA)
402nd Civil Affair Battalion (-) (TACON) (USA)
Displaced Civilian Team (USA)
Detachment/9th Psychological Operations Battalion (Tactical) (-) (USA)
19th Public Affairs Detachment (ADCON) (USA)
354th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (OPCON) (USA)
367th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (OPCON) (USA)
HHD/468th Chemical Battalion (-) (USA)
D/86th Signal Battalion (Major Unit Support) (OPCON) (USA)
C/40th Signal Battalion (TROPO) (OPCON) (USA)
Interrogation/Debriefing Team/513th Military Intelligence Brigade (USA)
Army Space Support Team 5, 1st Space Battalion (DS) (USA)
108th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (-) (DS) (USA)
2-43rd Air Defense Artillery (Patriot) (-) (USA)
HHC/2-43rd Air Defense Artillery
A/2-43rd Air Defense Artillery
B/2-43rd Air Defense Artillery
C/2-43rd Air Defense Artillery
D/3-2nd Air Defense Artillery (TACON)
Platoon/7th Chemical Co (Bio Identification and Detection System) (OPCON) (USA)
431st Chemical Det (JB, Augmentation for 24-hour operations) (OPCON) (USA)
208th Signal Co (Mobile Subscriber Equip Area Support) (-) (OPCON) (USA)
Elements/3-124th Infantry (Patriot Security) (USA)
C/1-124th Infantry (Attached) (USA)
1st Marine Division (-) (Reinforced)
Headquarters Bn/1st MARDIV
1st Marine Regiment (-) (Reinforced), (Regimental Combat Team 1)
HQ Co, 1st Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment
1st Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment
2nd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment
2nd Light Armored Recon Battalion (-)
5th Marine Regiment (-) (Reinforced), (Regimental Combat Team 5)
HQ Co, 5th Marine Regiment
1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment
2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment
2nd Tank Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
1st Light Armored Recon Battalion (-)
C Co, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion, 4th MARDIV
7th Marine Regiment (-) (Reinforced), (Regimental Combat Team 7)
HQ Co, 7th Marine Regiment
1st Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment
1st Tank Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
3rd Light Armored Recon Battalion (-)
11th Marine Regiment (-) (Reinforced)
HHB (-)/11th Marines
Det/HHB 10th Marine Regiment (Radar/Maintenance)
1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment (155T) (+)
I/3-10th Marines (155T)
2nd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment (155T)
3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment (155T)
5th Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment (155T) (+)
R/5-10th Marines (155T)
3-27th Field Artillery (MLRS) (USA)
1st Field Artillery Detachment (2 x Q37), 18th Field Artillery Brigade (USA)
1st Recon Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
3rd Assault Amphibian Battalion (Reinforced)
1st Combat Engineer Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
2nd Combat Engineer Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
2 x Platoons/323rd Chemical Co (-) (Smoke/Decon) (Attached) (USA)
1/101st Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon) (OPCON) (USA)
3rd Marine Air Wing (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Wing HQ Squadron 3
Detachment/Marine Wing HQ Squadron 2
Marine Air Group 11 (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 11 (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 14 (-)
Detachment/Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 31
Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Squadron 352 (-) (Reinforced)
Detachment/Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Squadron 234 (6 x A/C)
Detachment/Marine Aerial Refueler/Transport Squadron 452 (6 x A/C)
Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron 232
Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron 251
Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron (All Weather) 121
Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron (All Weather) 225
Marine Fighter/Attack Squadron (All Weather) 533
Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 1
Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 2
Marine Air Group 13 (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 13 (-)
Marine Attack Squadron 211 (-)
Marine Attack Squadron 214
Marine Attack Squadron 223 (-)
Marine Attack Squadron 311
Marine Attack Squadron 542
Marine Air Group 16 (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 16 (-)
Detachment/Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 26
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 263
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 462
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 465
Marine Air Group 29 (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 29 (-)
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 162
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 365 (-)
Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 464
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 269 (-)
Marine Air Control Group 38 (-) (Reinforced)
Air Traffic Control Detachment B/Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron
Marine Air Control Squadron 1 (Reinforced)
Marine Air Wing Communications Squadron 38 (Reinforced)
Marine Tactical Air Command Squadron 38
Marine Air Support Squadron 1
Marine Air Support Squadron 3 (Reinforced)
2nd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion (-)
3rd Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion
Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 1
Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 2
Marine Wing Support Group 37 (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Wing Support Squadron 271 (Fixed Wing)
Marine Wing Support Squadron 272 (Rotary Wing)
Marine Wing Support Squadron 371 (Fixed Wing)
Marine Wing Support Squadron 372 (Rotary Wing)
Marine Air Group 39 (-) (Reinforced)
Marine Aircraft Logistics Squadron 39 (-)
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 169
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 267
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364
Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron 369
498th Medical Co (Air Ambulance) (TACON) (USA)
I MEF Engineer Group
30th Naval Construction Regiment
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 74
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4
Naval Construction Force Support Unit 2 (-)
Underwater Construction Team 2 Air Detachment
22nd Naval Construction Regiment
HHC/265th Engineer Group (USA)
130th Engineer Battalion (Corps Wheeled) (USA)
168th Engineer Co (Panel Bridge) (Attached) (USA)
299th Engineer Co (Medium Ribbon Bridge) (Attached) (USA)
459th Engineer Co (Medium Ribbon Bridge) (Attached) (USA)
478th Engineer Battalion (Combat Mechanized) (USA)
SPO/Facilities Engineer Support Team-M (Return of Services) (DS) (USA)
2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade (TF Tarawa)
2nd Marine Expeditionary Brigade Command Element
Detachment, II Marine Helicopter Group
II MEF Liaison Element
Co C, 4th Recon Battalion, 4th MARDIV
Det/4th Civil Affairs Group
1 x Co Free Iraqi Forces
2nd Marine Regiment (-) (Reinforced) (OPCON) (Regimental Combat Team 2)
1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment
3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment
2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment
1st Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment (155T)
Co A, 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion
Co A, 8th Tank Battalion
Co C, 2nd Light Armored Recon Battalion
Co A, 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion
Co A, 2nd Recon Battalion (Reinforced)
Combat Service Support Battalion 22 (AMPHIB EAST)
2 x Platoons/413th Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon) (USA)
Follow On Forces
3rd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment
4th Combat Engineer Battalion (-)
4th Light Armored Recon Battalion (-)
2nd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment
Truck Co, 4th MARDIV
1st (United Kingdom) Armoured Division (-) (Reinforced)8
7th Armoured Brigade (OPCON)
HQ and Signals Squadron
1st Battalion, The Black Watch
1st Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
2nd Royal Tank Regiment
3rd Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery
32nd Armoured Engineer Regiment
16th Air Assault Brigade (Army/Royal Air Force) (OPCON)
HQ and Signals Squadron
1st Battalion, The Parachute Regiment
3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment
1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment
7th Parachute Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery
3rd Commando Brigade (-) (OPCON)
HQ and Signals Squadron
40 Commando Group
42 Commando Group
29 Commando Regiment, Royal Artillery
Direct Support Team/402nd Civil Affairs Battalion (USA)
Elements/358th Civil Affairs Brigade (USA)
1st Force Service Support Group (FSSG) (-) (Reinforced)
Detachment /HQSVC Battalion
1st Dental Battalion
4th FSSG Forward (West)
Combat Service Support Group 11
HQ/Combat Service Support Group 11
Combat Service Support Battalion 10
Combat Service Support Company 111
Combat Service Support Company 115
Combat Service Support Company 117
Combat Service Support Group 13
HQ/4th Landing Support Battalion
Combat Service Support Company 133
Combat Service Support Company 134
Combat Service Support Company 135
Combat Service Support Group 14
4th Supply Battalion (-)
Combat Service Support Group 15
1st Supply Battalion (-)
Combat Service Support Battalion 12
Combat Service Support Battalion 18
Health Services Battalion
Combat Service Support Battalion 22
Combat Service Support Company 151
555th Maintenance Co (Patriot DS) (USA)
Transportation Support Group
1st Transportation Support Battalion (-)
6th Motor Transport Battalion, 4th FSSG
7th Engineer Support Battalion (-) (Reinforced)
6th Engineer Support Battalion (-) (Reinforced), 4th FSSG
8th Engineer Support Battalion (-) (Reinforced), 2nd FSSG
716th Military Police Battalion (USA)
HHD/716th Military Police Bn
194th Military Police Co (Combat Support) (USA)
977th Military Police Co (Combat Support) (USA)
988th Military Police Co (Combat Support) (USA)
101st Chemical Co (-) (Smoke/Decon) (OPCON) (USA)
1/51st Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon) (OPCON) (USA)
378th Corps Support Battalion (USA)
HHD/378th Corps Support Bn (USA)
727th Transportation Co (Medium Truck Palletized Load System) (USA)
777th Maintenance Co (DS) (USA)
319th Transportation Co (-) (Petroleum) (Attached) (USA)
Det 1/757th Transportation Battalion (Rail) (Attached) (USA)
Preventative Med-Mobile Medical Augmentation Readiness Team 2 (TACON) (USA)
Forward Support MEDEVAC Team (USA)

V Corps (OPCON)

Main CP
86th Signal Battalion (Theater Tactical Support)
HHC/86th Signal Bn
B/86th Signal Bn (Command Support)
C/86th Signal Bn (Minor Unit Support)
1 x TSC-85 TACSAT Terminal (OPCON)
2 x TSC-93C TACSAT Terminal (OPCON)
59th Military Police Co (for duty as Joint Visitors Bureau)
Army Space Support Team 1/1st Space Battalion (DS) (USA)
4th Air Support Operations Group (+) (USAF)
2nd Air Support Operations Squadron (-) (USAF)
74th Air Support Operations Squadron (-) (USAF)
7th Joint Task Force (-) (7th Army Reserve Command)
Rear CP
A/86th Signal Battalion (Command Support)
280th Rear Operation Center (Attached)
10th Logistics Planning Augmentation Team
V Corps Special Troops Battalion (Provisional)
HHC/V Corps
2-325th Infantry (-) (OPCON)
C/2-6th Infantry, 3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Div (CP Security)
Staff Engineer Section/V Corps
308th Civil Affairs Brigade (-) (OPCON)
432nd Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
490th Civil Affairs Battalion (-) (OPCON)
319th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (OPCON)
22nd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (-) (ADCON)
350th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
114th Chaplain Team (Attached)
115th Chaplain Detachment (Attached)
450th Chemical Battalion
59th Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon) (Attached) (-), 10th Mtn Div (Light Infantry)
1/59th Chemical (Smoke/Decon)
2/59th Chemical (Smoke/Decon)
7th Chemical Co (Bio Detection and Identification System) (-)
3/7th Chemical Co (Bio Detection and Identification System)
5/7th Chemical Co (Bio Detection and Identification System)
371st Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon)
3/51st Chemical Co (Recon)
3/59th Chemical (Smoke/Decon)
4/59th Chemical (Smoke/Decon)
6/68th Chemical Co (Smoke) (Attached), 1st Cavalry Division
51st Chemical Co (Recon) (- 1st and 3rd Platoons) (Attached)
314th Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon)
Terrain Squad/320th Engineer Co (Topographic) (-)/130th Engineer Brigade
Tactical Interrogation Team (GS) (OPCON)
Interrogation/Debriefing Team/513th Military Intelligence Brigade (TACON)
Battle Damage Assessment Team (Attached)
707th Ordnance Co (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
9th Psychological Operations Battalion (OPCON) (-)
346th Tactical Psychological Operations Co (-)
Special Operations Media Support Team B/3rd Psychological Operations Battalion
76th Adjutant General Band
396th Adjutant General Co (Postal)
2 x Co/Area Teams (Free Iraqi Forces)
3rd Infantry Division (Attached)
HHC/3rd ID
3rd Rear Operations Center (Division)
2nd Marine Liaison Element (Note: On 13 July 2003, the 2nd Marine Liaison
Element was redesignated the 2nd Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company, its former designation)
3-7th Cavalry
A/1-9th Field Artillery (155SP) (DS)
3rd Division Artillery (DIVARTY)
1-39th Field Artillery (MLRS/TA) (GS) (+)
C/3-13th Field Artillery (MLRS), 214th Field Artillery Brigade (Attached)
Small Extension Node G53/C/123rd Signal Battalion
Small Extension Node G75/C/123rd Signal Battalion
Tactical Air Control Party/15th Air Support Operations Squadron

1-3rd Air Defense Artillery (OPCON)
3rd Engineer Brigade
937th Engineer Group (Combat) (DS)
94th Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy) (DS) (-)
C/54th Engineer Battalion (Corps Mech) (DS)
535th Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip) (DS)
652nd Engineer Co (Multirole Bridge Co) (DS)
671st Engineer Co (Medium ribbon Bridge) (DS)
814th Engineer Co (Multirole Bridge Co)
336th Engineer Det (Fire Fighting)
4 x D9 Bulldozers
103rd Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
HHOC/103rd Military Intelligence Bn
Analysis & Control Elmt/HHOC/103rd Military Intelligence Bn (OPCON to G2)
Tactical HUMINT Team 48/325th Military Intelligence Bn (OPCON to G2)
D/103rd Military Intelligence Bn (-)
3/D/103rd Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 7/165th Military Intelligence Bn (TACON) (GS)
Tactical HUMINT Team 9/165th Military Intelligence Bn (TACON) (GS)
E/51st Infantry/165th Military Intelligence Battalion (Long Range Surveillance-Corps) (Attached)
Long Range Surveillance Det/311th Military Intelligence Battalion (Attached)
123rd Signal Battalion (-)
55th Signal Visual Information Co (Combat Camera) (-)
1st Combat Camera Team
3rd Military Police Company
3rd Military Police Company
50th Public Affairs Detachment (Attached)
C/9th Psychological Operations Battalion
Deployable Print Production Center Team/3rd Psychological Operations Co
Tactical PSYOP Detachment 1550/346th Tactical Psychological Operations Co
Tactical PSYOP Detachment 1560/361st Tactical Psychological Operations Co
315th Tactical PSYOP Co
Tactical PSYOP Detachment 1270 (-)
Deployable Print Production Center 3/3rd Tactical Psychological Operations Co (OPCON)
Tactical PSYOP Detachment/318th Tactical Psychological Operations Co
422nd Civil Affairs Battalion (-) (OPCON)
B/411th Civil Affairs Bn
1st Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division
HHC/1st Bde, 3rd ID
TF 2-7th Infantry
TF 3-7th Infantry
3-69th Armor
C/1st Cavalry (Brigade Recon Troop)
1-41st Field Artillery (155SP)
11th Engineer Battalion
A/103rd Military Intelligence Battalion
HQ/A/103rd Military Intelligence Bn
OPS/A/103rd Military Intelligence Bn
1/D/103rd Military Intelligence (TACON)
Tactical HUMINT Team 47/325th Military Intelligence (TACON)
Small Extension Node G21/A/123rd Signal Battalion
Small Extension Node G22/A/123rd Signal Battalion
3rd Forward Support Battalion (Attached)
2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division
HHC/2nd Bde, 3rd ID
TF 3-15th Infantry
TF 1-64th Armor
TF 4-64th Armor
E/9th Cavalry (Brigade Recon Troop)
1-9th Field Artillery (155SP) (-)
10th Engineer Battalion (-)
148th Engineer Detachment (Topographic)
2/3rd Military Police Co
92nd Chemical Co
B/103rd Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
HQ/B/103rd Military Intelligence Bn
OPS/B/103rd Military Intelligence Bn
2/D/103rd Military Intelligence Bn (TACON)
Tactical HUMINT Team 46/325th Military Intelligence Bn (TACON)
B/51st Signal Battalion (Contingency Area Support)
26th Forward Support Battalion
15th Air Support Operations Squadron (USAF)
3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division
HHC/3rd Bde, 3rd ID
TF 1-15th Infantry
TF 1-30th Infantry
TF 2-69th Armor
1-10th Field Artillery (155SP)
D/10th Cavalry (Brigade Recon Troop) (OPCON)
121st Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy)
317th Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy)
C/103rd Military Intelligence Battalion
C/123rd Signal Battalion
203rd Forward Support Battalion
17th Air Support Operations Squadron
4th Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division (-)
1-3rd Aviation (AH-64D) (-)
Team A/2-3rd Aviation (UH-60) (OPCON)
D/1-58th Aviation (Air Traffic Service) (OPCON)
603rd Aviation Support Battalion
TF IRON (OPCON from 101st Abn Div)
HHC/3-187th Infantry
A/3-187th Infantry
B/3-187th Infantry
C/3-187th Infantry
D/2-187th Infantry
3/Combat Observation and Lasing Team/3-320th Field Artillery
3/C/2-44th Air Defense Artillery
3/C/326th Engineer Battalion (+)
Squad/1/C/326th Engineer Bn
Ground Surveillance Radar Team/311th Military Intelligence Battalion
Team/Tactical Air Control Party/19th Air Support Operations Squadron (USAF)
Tactical PSYOP Team 1093/9th Psychological Operations Battalion
Team/55th Signal Visual Information Co (Combat Camera)
431st Civil Affairs Battalion (-) (OPCON)
3rd Division Support Command (DISCOM) (-)
703rd Main Support Battalion
566th Medical Co (Area Support) (Attached) (DS)
126th Medical Detachment (Forward Surgical Team)
555th Medical Detachment (Forward Surgical Team)
745th Medical Detachment (Forward Surgical Team)
ADVON/1-13th Armor/3rd Brigade, 1st Armored Division
4th Infantry Division (OPCON)
HHC/4th ID
Division Assault/Tactical Command Post
Intel Support Element/ACE/104th Military Intelligence Battalion
Shadow Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/B/104th Military Intelligence Battalion
Tactical UAV Logistics Support Team Contractors
4/4th Military Police Co
Terrain Team /610th Engineer Detachment
Element/C/1-8th Infantry (Force Protection)
Division Main CP
11th Air Support Operations Squadron (-) (USAF)
3rd Weather Squadron (-) (USAF)
4th Adjutant General Band
610th Engineer Detachment (Terrain) (-)
1308th Engineer Detachment (Topographic) (-)
Vertical Construction Squad/223rd Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy)
362nd Tactical Psychological Operations Co (-)
HQ/362nd Tactical Psychological Operations Co
Product Development Detachment/362nd Tactical PSYOP Co
Tactical PSYOP Team 1671/Tac PSYOP Detachment 1670/362nd Tactical
Psychological Operations Co
JWICS Mobile Intelligence Communications System 5
5/4th Military Police Co
Army Space Support Team 14, 1st Space Battalion (DS) (USA)
Division Support Element
4th Rear Operations Center
978th Military Police Co (Combat Support)
6 x Contractors
4th ID Division Artillery
A/3-16th Field Artillery (TF LOG)
2-20th Field Artillery (MLRS/TA) (-)
HSB/2-20th Field Artillery
A/2-20th Field Artillery (MLRS)
B/2-20th Field Artillery (MLRS)
C/2-20th Field Artillery (Target Acquisition, 2 x Q37) (-)
6-27th Field Artillery Battalion (MLRS), 75th Field Artillery Brigade (Attached)
2/231st Field Artillery Detachment (Target Acquisition)
Tactical HUMINT Team 37/D/104th Military Intelligence Battalion
Tactical PSYOP Team 1681/Tac PSYOP Detachment 1680/362nd Tactical
Psychological Operations Co
Team 10/418th Civil Affairs Battalion
1-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
HHB/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
Assault CP Sentinel Radar/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
D/1-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
3/C/1-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
2nd Chemical Battalion (Attached)
HHD/2nd Chemical Bn
11th Chemical Co (Smoke/Decon)
46th Chemical Co (Mech Smoke) (-)
1/3/44th Chemical Co (NBC Recon)
555th Engineer Group (Combat) (Attached)
HHC/555th Engineer Group
14th Engineer Battalion (Combat Wheeled) (-)
HHC/14th Engineer Bn
B/14th Engineer Bn
223rd Engineer Battalion (Combat Heavy) (-)
167th Engineer Co (Assault Float Bridge)
200th Engineer Co (Multirole Bridge Co)
285th Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip) (-)
HQ and Maintenance Platoons/285th Engineer Co
957th Engineer Co (Assault Float Bridge)
1041st Engineer Co (Assault Float Bridge)
938th Engineer Team (Fire Fighting) (DS)
Facilities Engineer Detachment A (-) (OPCON)
104th Military Intelligence Battalion (-)
HHOC/104th Military Intelligence Bn
4 x Tactical HUMINT Team/205th Military Intelligence Brigade
A/15th Military Intelligence Bn (Hunter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
4th Military Police Co (-)
2/4th Military Police Co
3/4th Military Police Co
43rd Military Police Detachment (Division Support Criminal Investigation)
124th Signal Battalion (Mobile Subscriber Equipment) (-)
HHC/124th Signal Bn
A/124th Signal Bn
B/124th Signal Bn (-)
C/124th Signal Bn (-)
A/16th Signal Bn
534th Signal Co (-) (Area)
230th Finance Battalion (- element with 336th Theater Finance Command))
350th Mobile Public Affairs Det
502nd Personnel Service Battalion
2/449th Adjutant General Co (Postal)
1/795th Adjutant General Co (Postal)
1/834th Adjutant General Co (Postal)
418th Civil Affairs Battalion (-)
HHC/418th Civil Affairs Bn
General Support Co/418th Civil Affairs Bn
1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
HHC/1st Bde/4th ID
Element/11th ASOC (USAF)
G/10th Cavalry (FOX)
TF 1-8th Infantry (Attached from 3rd Brigade)
B/4th Engineer Battalion (-)
Maintenance Support Team/1-8th Infantry
TF 1-22nd Infantry
TF 1-66th Armor (- BALAD Force Protection)
3-66th AR
4-42nd Field Artillery (155 SP)
1/C/2-20th Field Artillery (Target Acquisition) (Q36)
5/C/2-20th Field Artillery (Target Acquisition) (Q37) (TACON)
A/1-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
3/A/1-44th Air Defense Artillery (DS)
2/1/Sentinal Radar/HHB/1-44th Air Defense Artillery (DS)
44th Chemical Co (Recon/Decon) (-)
2/G/1-10th Cavalry (NBC Recon)
1/44th Chemical Co (Decon)
2/46th Chemical Co (Mech Smoke)
4/46th Chemical Co (Mech Smoke)
5th Engineer Battalion (Combat Mech) (-) (Attached)
HHC/5th Engineer Bn
B/5th Engineer Bn
C/5th Engineer Bn
299th Engineer Battalion (-)
HHC/299th Engineer Bn
B/299th Engineer Bn
C/299th Engineer Bn
A/14th Engineer Bn (Combat Wheeled) (DS)
1/285th Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip)
Vertical Construction Capability/223rd Engineer Bn (Combat Heavy)
A/104th Military Intelligence Battalion (+)
Tactical HUMINT Team 24/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 32/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn
4/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn (TACON)
1/4th Military Police Co
1670th Tactical PSYOP Det/362nd Tactical Psychological Operations Co (-)
Tactical PSYOP Team 1671/1670th Tactical Psychological Operations Det
Tactical PSYOP Team 1672/1670th Tactical Psychological Operations Det
Teams 1, 5, 7/418th Civil Affairs Bn
4th Forward Support Battalion
HHC/4th Forward Support Bn
D/4th Forward Support Bn
240th Forward Surgical Team (DS)
1 x Forward Support MEDEVAC Team/571st Medical Co (Air Ambulance)
Terrain Team/610th Engineer Detachment
2nd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
HHC/2nd Bde/4th ID
Element/11th Air Support Operations Squadron (USAF)
H/10th Cavalry (Brigade Recon Troop)
2-8th Infantry
1-67th Armor
3-67th Armor
3-16th Field Artillery (155 SP)
1/231st Field Artillery Detachment (Target Acquisition) (Q37)
2/C/2-20th Field Artillery (Target Acquisition) (Q36)
B/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
1/B/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
2/B/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
1/A/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
2/A/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
2/3/Sentinel Radar/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
588th Engineer Battalion
2/285th Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip)
B/104th Military Intelligence Battalion (+)
Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/B/104th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Contract Log Support Team
3/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 33/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 27/205th Military Intelligence Brigade
1/G/1-10th Cavalry (NBC Recon)
1/46th Chemical Co (Mech Smoke)
Team 2/55th Signal Visual Information Co (Combat Camera)
Terrain Team/610th Engineer Detachment (Terrain)
1690th Tactical PSYOP Det/362nd Tactical Psychological Operations Co
Teams 2, 6, 8/418th Civil Affairs Battalion
204th Forward Support Battalion
1982nd Medical Detachment (Forward Surgical Team) (DS)
1 x Forward Support MEDEVAC Team/571st Medical Co (Air Ambulance)
3rd Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
HHC/3rd Bde/4th ID
Element/13th Air Support Operations Squadron (USAF)
B/9th Cavalry (Brigade Recon Troop)
TF 1-12th Infantry
C/4th Engineer Battalion
Tactical PSYOP Team 221/362nd Tactical Psychological Operations Co (-) (TACON)
Team A/418th Civil Affairs Battalion (TACON)
TF 1-68th AR
A/4th Engineer Battalion (-)
1/A/4th Engineer Bn (+)
1 x M113A2/2/A/4th Engineer Bn
C/3-29th Field Artillery (155SP) (TACON)
3-29th Field Artillery (155 SP) (-)
HSB/3-29th Field Artillery
A/3-29th Field Artillery
B/3-29th Field Artillery
3/C/2-20th Field Artillery (Target Acquisition) (Q36)
2/3/C/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
4th Engineer Battalion (-)
HHC/4th Engineer Bn
A/4th Engineer Bn (-)
B/14th Engineer Bn (-)
3/285th Engineer Co (Combat Support Equip)
Vertical Construction Capability/223rd Engineer Bn (Combat Heavy)
C/1-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
1/Sentinel Radar/HHB/1-44th Air Defense Artillery (TACON)
3/46th Chemical Co (Mech Smoke)
2/4/44th Chemical Co (Recon)
C/104th Military Intelligence Battalion (+)
2/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 33/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 34/D/104th Military Intelligence Bn
6 x Contractors
Teams 3 & 9/418th Civil Affairs Battalion
Tactical PSYOP Detachment 1680/362nd Tactical Psychological Operations Co (-)
Team 3/55th Signal Visual Information Co (Combat Camera)
64th Forward Support Battalion
2/A/4th Engineer Battalion (+)
915th Medical Detachment (Forward Surgical Team)
1 x Forward Support MEDEVAC Team/571st Medical Co (Air Ambulance)
Terrain Team/610th Engineer Detachment
4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
HHC/4th Bde
F/1-58th Aviation (Air Traffic Service)
Element/11th Air Support Operations Squadron (USAF)
Element/3rd Weather Squadron (-)
1-4th Aviation (AH-64D) (-)
HHC/1-4th Aviation
A/1-4th Aviation (- Elements for Tactical Combat Force and Reserve)
B/1-4th Aviation
C/1-4th Aviation
D/1- 4th Aviation (Aviation Unit Maintenance)
2-4th Aviation (UH-60) (General Support Aviation) (-)
1-10th Cavalry (OH-58D, M3A2)
Element/11th Air Support Operations Squadron (USAF)
3/G/1-10th Cavalry (NBC Recon)
A/5th Engineer Battalion
Remote Vehicle Team/TUAV/B/104th Military Intelligence Battalion
Tactical HUMINT Team 36/D/104th Military Intelligence Battalion
Team 4/418th Civil Affairs Battalion
1-17th Field Artillery (155 SP)
2/C/2-20th Field Artillery (Target Acquisition) (Q36)
Tactical PSYOP Team 623/362nd Tac Psychological Operations Co (-)
E/704th Div Support Element (-)
Tactical Maintenance Team/E/704th Main Support Battalion
3/D/1-44th Air Defense Artillery
3/44th Chemical Co (Recon/Decon)
Terrain Team/610th Engineer Detachment (Terrain)
Tactical HUMINT Team 5/D/104th Military Intelligence Battalion
Control Ground Station 3/ACE/104th Military Intelligence Battalion
Secure Mobile Anti-jam Reliable Tactical Terminal/C/124th Signal Battalion
3 x Small Extension Node Teams/B/124th Signal Battalion
Liaison Team/418th Civil Affairs Battalion
404th Aviation Support Battalion
9 x Contractors
4th Division Support Command (DISCOM)
704th Main Support Battalion (-)
HHD/704th Main Support Bn
A/704th Main Support Bn
B/704th Main Support Bn
C/704th Main Support Bn
68th Quartermaster Co (Water)
95th Maintenance Co (Test, Measurement, Diagnostic Equip)
Logistics Support Element (USMC Forward)
Logistics Support Element (Army Materiel Command)
101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) (-) (OPCON)
Assault Command Post/101st Abn Div
Force Entry Switch Team/B/501st Signal Battalion
Multichannel TACSAT/C/501st Signal Battalion
Direct Intelligence Support Element/ACE/HSC/311th MI
Control Ground Station Team 5/5/D/311th MI
DMAIN/101st Abn Div
101st Adjutant General Band
63rd Chemical Co (Smoke) (- line platoons to maneuver brigades)
HQ Platoon/63rd Chemical Co
326th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (-)
HHC/326th Engineer Bn
938th Engineer Team (Fire Fighting)
275th Ordnance Detachment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) (-)
887th Engineer Co (Light Equipment) (-)
37th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Attached)
2 x D9 Bulldozers
311th Military Intelligence Battalion (-) (Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence)
Analysis and Control Element/HHSC/311th Military Intelligence Bn (-)
HHSC/311th Military Intelligence Bn (-)
D/311th Military Intelligence Bn (-)
Long Range Surveillance Det/311th Military Intelligence Bn
2 x Counterintelligence/HUMINT Team A/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Special Forces Liaison Element/1 Special Forces Group (Airborne) (Attached)
318th Tactical Psychological Operations Co (-)
501st Signal Battalion (-)
HHC/501st Signal Bn (-)
Force Entry Switch/A/501st Signal Bn (-)
Small Extension Node/A/501st Signal Bn
Multichannel TACSAT/C/501st Signal Bn
C/501st Signal Bn (-)
19th Air Support Operations Squadron (-) (USAF)
2 x CAT-A Teams/431st Civil Affairs Battalion
DREAR/101st Abn Div
C/3-101st Aviation (AH-64D)
Light Airfield Repair Package/887th Engineer Battalion (-)
Det/D/311th Military Intelligence Battalion (+)
Tactical HUMINT Team/1/205th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team/2/205th Military Intelligence Bn
System Hardware Avail & Reliability Calculator/C/501st Signal Battalion
101st Military Police Co
31st Military Police Det (CID Division Support Element)
101st Soldier Support Battalion
27th Support Center (Rear Area Operations Center)
1st Rear Operations Center (Division)
51st Support Center (Rear Area Operations Center)
101st Rear Operations Center (Division)
610th Movement Control Team (Division Support)
613th Movement Control Team (Division Support)
632nd Movement Control Team (Regulating)
B/431st Civil Affairs Battalion (-) (OPCON)
F/51st Infantry (Long Range Surveillance)/519th Military Intelligence Battalion
2-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
HHB/2-44th Air Defense Artillery (-)
1/1/HHB/2-44th Air Defense Artillery
3/D/2-44th Air Defense Artillery
C/2-320th Field Artillery (105T)
101st Finance Battalion (-)
101st Personnel Services Battalion (DS)
HHC Platoon/351st Adjutant General Co (Postal)
2/834th Postal Services Platoon
1/841st Postal Services Platoon
40th Public Affairs Detachment (OPCON)
354th Civil Affairs Brigade (-) (OPCON)
2nd Brigade, 101st Abn Div
HHC/2nd Bde (-) 101st Abn Div
1-502nd Infantry (-)
HHC/1-502nd Infantry
A/1-502nd Infantry
C/1-502nd Infantry
D/1-502nd Infantry
2-502nd Infantry
3-502nd Infantry
2-17th Cavalry (OH-58D) (-) (OPCON)
TF 2-70th Armor (-), 3d Brigade, 1st Armored Div (OPCON)
HHC/2-70th Armor
A/2-70th Armor
B/2-70th Armor
C/1-41st Infantry
B/1-502nd Infantry
2-101st Aviation (AH-64D) (OPCON)
1-320th Field Artillery (105T) (DS)
B/326th Engineer Battalion (+)
3/A/326th Engineer Bn
Team 2/275th Ordnance Detachment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
Team 3/275th Ordnance Detachment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)
1 x D9 Dozer
B/2-44th Air Defense Artillery
3/1/Sentinal Radar/HHB/2-44th Air Defense Artillery
B/311th Military Intelligence Battalion (+)
Ground Surveillance Systems Platoon/B/311th Military Intelligence Bn (+)
Ground Surveillance Radar Team 2/6/D/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 1/B/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 2/B/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Tactical HUMINT Team 3/4/D/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Collection and Jamming/D/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Analysis and Control Team /B/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Retransmission Team 3/D/311th Military Intelligence Bn
Teams 1, 2, 3, 5/Long Range Surveillance/311th Military Intelligence Bn
2/63rd Chemical Co (Smoke)
526th Forward Support Battalion
160th Forward Support Team
B/801st Main Support Battalion (-)
Water Team/A/801st Main Support Battalion
Tactical Air Control Party/19th Air Support Operations Squadron (-) (USAF)
Force Entry Switch/B/501st Signal Battalion
Small Extension Node/B/501st Signal Battalion
Multichannel TACSAT/C/501st Signal Battalion
B/431 Civil Affairs Battalion
HQ Team/B/431st Civil Affairs Bn
GS Team 3/B/431st Civil Affairs Bn
Free Iraqi Forces/3/B/431st Civil Affairs Bn
GS Team 4/B/431st Civil Affairs Bn
Free Iraqi Forces/3/B/431st Civil Affairs Bn
GS Team 7/B/431st Civil Affairs Bn
GS Team 8/B/431st Civil Affairs Bn
3rd Brigade, 101st Abn Div (TF IRON)
2-327th Infantry
3/63rd Chemical Co (Smoke)
3-320th Field Artillery (105T) (DS)
C/1-377th Field Artillery (-) (155T) (DS)
3/C/2-44th Air Defense Artillery
3/Sentinel Radar/HHB/2-44th Air Defense Artillery
3/C/326th Engineer Battalion
3/3/887th Engineer Bn
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This Day in History
1099: Christian Crusaders march around Jerusalem as Muslims watch from within the city.

1686: The Austrians take Budapest from the Turks and annex Hungary.

1709: Peter the Great defeats Charles XII at Poltava, in the Ukraine, effectively ending the Swedish empire.

1758: The British attack on Fort Carillon at Ticonderoga, New York, is foiled by the French.

1794: French troops capture Brussels, Belgium.

1863: Port Hudson, the Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River in Louisiana, falls to Nathaniel Banks Union force.

1864: Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston retreats into Atlanta to prevent being flanked by Union General William T. Sherman.

1941: 20 B-17s fly in their first mission with the Royal Air Force over Wilhelmshaven, Germany.

1943: American B-24 bombers strike Japanese-held Wake Island for the first time.

1959: Maj. Dale R. Ruis and Master Sgt. Chester M. Ovnand become the first Americans killed in the American phase of the Vietnam War when guerrillas strike a Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) compound in Bien Hoa, 20 miles northeast of Saigon.