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U.S. Military Installations - U.S. Summary

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10C Stagefield Army Active New Brockton 15.6
310th Chem USARC Army Reserve Anniston 11.5
Allen Stagefield Army Active Dothan 15.5
Anniston Army Depot Army Active Anniston 1,570.0
Bill Nichols USARC/ECS #158 Army Reserve Anniston 13.8
Brown (4B) Stagefield Army Active New Brockton 15.8
Cairns Basefield Army Active Daleville 166.9
Fort Benning Army Active Columbus, GA 28.1
Fort McClellan Army Active Anniston 299.1
Fort Rucker Army Active Daleville 1,451.6
Goldberg Stagefield Army Active Midland City 13.8
Highbluff Stagefield Army Active Hartford 14.5
Horace B Hanson USARC Army Reserve Birmingham 15.8
Hunt Stagefield Army Active Ozark 14.7
Phosphate Dev Wks Army Active Sheffield 60.6
Redstone Arsenal Army Active Huntsville 2,927.5
Runkle Stagefield Army Active Elba 10.5
Shell Stagefield Army Active Enterprise 39.2
Skelly Stagefield Army Active Elba 16.3
Stinson (5AB) Stagefield Army Active New Brockton 15.4
Toth Stagefield Army Active Dothan 19.8
Abston ANGS Air Natl Guard Montgomery 12.3
Birmingham IAP Air Natl Guard Birmingham 78.4
Dannelly Field ANG Air Natl Guard Montgomery 64.4
Martin ANGS Air Natl Guard Gadsden 11.4
Maxwell AFB AF Active Montgomery 1,029.4
Maxwell AFB Gunter Annex AF Active Montgomery 350.5
Maxwell Family Hsg Annex AF Active Montgomery 17.3

Black Rapids Training Area Army Active Delta Junction 16.4
Donnelly Training Area Army Active Fairbanks 65.1
Fairbanks Eielson Pipeline Army Active Fairbanks 976.5
Fort Greely Army Active Fairbanks 1,384.5
Fort Richardson Army Active Anchorage 2,735.4
Fort Wainwright Army Active Fairbanks 3,874.3
Haines Terminal Army Active Haines 60.5
Pd Tok Junction Army Active Tok 649.8
Seward Recreation Area Army Active Seward 20.0
Whittier Anchorage Pipeline Army Active Whittier 164.1
Yukon Command Training Site Army Active Fairbanks 69.1
NAF Adak CSO Caretaker Adak Station 3,822.8
NAF Adak CSO (NSGA AdakN63886) Caretaker Adak Station 289.5
NAVARCLAB Barrow AK (NARL Barrow Camp Tr1) Disestab Barrow 180.7
NSWC Div Carderock (Back Island) Navy Active Ketchikan 39.1
Anchorage IAP (ANGB) Air Natl Guard Anchorage 205.7
Barter Island Dew Station Bar AF Active Fairbanks 112.5
Big Mountain Radio Relay Site AF Active Iliamna 30.1
Birch Lake Recreation Annex AF Active Fairbanks 12.6
Blair Lake AF Range AF Active Fairbanks 20.5
Cape Lisburne Long Range Radar Site AF Active Point Hope 94.8
Cape Newenham Long Range Radar Site AF Active Platinum 57.9
Cape Romanzof Long Range Radar Site AF Active Hooper Bay 39.5
Chena River Research Site AF Active Fairbanks 52.2
Clear AFS AF Active Anderson 523.1
Cold Bay Long Range Radar Site AF Active Cold Bay 21.4
Eareckson Air Station AF Active Atka 903.8
Eielson AFB AF Active North Pole 3,208.3
Elmendorf AFB AF Active Anchorage 4,672.7
Flaxman Island Range Radar Site AF Active Fairbanks 31.3
Fort Yukon Long Range Radar Site AF Active Fort Yukon 30.6
Galena Airport AF Active Galena 332.3
Haarp Research Station AF Active Gulkana 55.7
Indian Mountain Long Range Radar Site AF Active Hughes 62.0
King Salmon Airport AF Active Naknek 364.9
Lonely Short Range Radar Site AF Active Fairbanks 51.0
Oliktok Long Range Radar Site AF Active Fairbanks 37.1
Point Barrow Long Range Radar Site AF Active Fairbanks 37.8
Point Lay Long Range Radar Site AF Active Fairbanks 36.6
Sparrevohn Long Range Radar Site AF Active Iliamna 52.2
Tatalina Long Range Radar Site AF Active McGrath 58.4
Tin City Long Range Radar Site AF Active Wales 52.5
Wainwright Short Range Radar Site AF Active Fairbanks 32.7

Fort Huachuca Army Active Sierra Vista 2,058.2
Yuma Proving Ground Army Active Yuma 999.0
Camp Navajo Army Guard Camp Navajo 780.6
Papago Military Reservation Army Guard Phoenix 128.3
Barnes Hall USARC Army Reserve Phoenix 13.3
Air Force Plant No 44 AF Active Tucson 251.1
Davis-Monthan AFB AF Active Tucson 1,605.4
Gila Bend AF Auxiliary Field AF Active Gila Bend 92.9
Luke AF Auxiliary Field No 1 AF Active Wittman 83.3
Luke AFB AF Active Litchfield Park 1,201.2
Luke Waste Annex AF Active Litchfield Park 14.7
The Barry M Goldwater AF Range AF Active Gila Bend 119.5
Sky Harbor IAP Air Natl Guard Phoenix 71.2
Tucson IAP Air Natl Guard Tucson 138.3
MCAS Yuma USMC Active Yuma 1,017.4
MCAS Yuma (Housing) USMC Active Yuma 121.4
MCAS Yuma (Hsg-Off Base Fy 81) USMC Active Yuma 21.1

Fort Chaffee Army Active Ft Smith 65.7
Pine Bluff Arsenal Army Active Pine Bluff 1,328.9
Fort Chaffee MTC Army Guard Fort Smith 445.3
ECS 15 Army Reserve Barling 18.9
Maurice Britt USARC Army Reserve Little Rock 34.4
Little Rock AFB AF Active Jacksonville 1,215.3
Fort Smith Municipal Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Fort Smith 80.3

Concord-CA-0696A Army Active Clyde 394.1
Def Distr Reg West Sharpe Site Army Active Stockton 774.8
Def Distr Reg West Tracy Army Active Tracy 823.1
Fort Ord Army Active Seaside 1,923.7
Hamilton Army Airfield Army Active Novato 277.5
NTC and Fort Irwin Army Active Barstow 2,356.3
Oakland Army Base Army Active Oakland 642.2
Ord Military Community Army Active Seaside 471.4
Presidio Of Monterey Army Active Monterey 493.4
Riverbank AAP Army Active Riverbank 281.7
Sacramento Army Depot Army Active Sacramento 183.0
SAT COM Army Active Paso Robles 13.5
Sierra Army Depot Army Active Reno 1,706.9
Silas B. Hays Army Active Seaside 81.9
MTA Camp Roberts Army Guard San Miguel 1,576.3
Sacramento Depot Activity Army Guard Sacramento 17.1
TS AFRC Los Alamitos Army Guard Los Alamitos 376.3
BT Collins USARC/OMS/AMSA (G) Army Reserve Sacramento 47.5
El Monte USARC Army Reserve El Monte 10.5
Fort Hunter Liggett Army Reserve King City 502.3
Hwd Of Oakland USARC/AMSA 85 G Army Reserve Oakland 25.5
March USARC Army Reserve Moreno Valley 13.6
Mare Is. USARC OMS Marine AMSA Army Reserve Vallejo 49.6
Moffett Community Hsg Army Reserve Mountain View 135.1
Parks Reserve Forces Tng Area Army Reserve Richmond 279.0
Patton Hall USARC Army Reserve Bell 36.1
Tustin USARC Army Reserve Santa Ana 10.8
Beale AFB AF Active Marysville 1,819.0
Davis Communications Annex AF Active Davis 21.7
Edwards AFB AF Active Rosamond 4,131.9
Fort MacArthur Family Hsg Annex AF Active San Pedro 212.3
Lincoln Communications Annex AF Active Lincoln 20.8
Los Angeles AF Annex No 3 AF Active Manhattan Beach 15.7
Los Angeles AFB AF Active El Segundo 441.3
Onizuka AFS AF Active Sunnyvale 219.7
Ozol Defense Fuel Support Point AF Active Martinez 86.3
Pillar Point AFS AF Active Half Moon Bay 14.3
Production Flight Test Instl AF Plant 42 AF Active Palmdale 1,322.0
Travis AFB AF Active Fairfield 2,997.5
Travis Water System Annex No 2 AF Active Elmira 20.6
Tulelake Radar Site AF Active Newell 60.0
Vandenberg AFB AF Active Lompoc 3,640.0
Channel Islands ANGS Air Natl Guard Oxnard 120.8
Fresno Yosemite Intl Air Natl Guard Fresno 123.2
Hayward Municipal Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Hayward 35.1
Moffett Fld ANG Air Natl Guard Sunnyvale 94.5
San Diego ANGS Air Natl Guard San Diego 10.7
Sepulveda National Guard Station Air Natl Guard Van Nuys 15.4
Norwalk Defense Fuel Support Point AF Reserve Norwalk 93.2
MCAGCC 29 Palms (Vista Del Sol) USMC Active Twentynine Palms 83.7
MCAGCC Twentynine Palms USMC Active Twentynine Palms 1,705.0
MCAS Camp Pendleton USMC Active Camp Pendleton 361.6
MCAS Miramar USMC Active San Diego 1,784.5
MCAS Yuma (Choc Mt Arial Gnry Rng) USMC Active Niland 12.0
MCB Camp Pendleton (Mwtc Bridgeport) USMC Active Bridgeport 100.6
MCLB Barstow (Nebo Area) USMC Active Barstow 679.0
MCLB Barstow (Yermo Area) USMC Active Barstow 613.6
MCRD San Diego USMC Active San Diego 588.0
MCAS El Toro Santa Ana Caretaker Irvine 1,874.8
MCAS Tustin Disestab Tustin 497.1
COMNAVREG SW San Diego (Admiral Hartman Hsg) Navy Active San Diego 84.9
COMNAVREG SW San Diego (Bayview Hills Housing) Navy Active San Diego 169.7
COMNAVREG SW San Diego (Chesterton Housing) Navy Active San Diego 93.8
COMNAVREG SW San Diego (Chollas Heights Hsg) Navy Active San Diego 55.8
COMNAVREG SW San Diego (Eucalyptus Hills Hsg) Navy Active San Diego 45.8
COMNAVREG SW San Diego (Gateway Village Hsg) Navy Active San Diego 64.7
COMNAVREG SW San Diego (Murphy Canyon Housing) Navy Active San Diego 571.8
FCTCPAC San Diego Navy Active San Diego 96.3
FISC San Diego Navy Active San Diego 151.0
FISC San Diego (National City Annex) Navy Active National City 102.8
FISC San Diego (Pt Loma Annex) Navy Active San Diego 148.9
FLEASWTRACEN Navy Active San Diego 260.8
NAF El Centro Navy Active El Centro 520.6
NAF El Centro (Desert Range) Navy Active El Centro 32.0
NAF El Centro (Holtville Carrier Ls) Navy Active El Centro 12.0
NAS Lemoore Navy Active Lemoore NAS 1,964.7
NAS North Island San Diego Navy Active San Diego 2,649.9
NAS North Island San Diego (Clev NF Survival Tra) Navy Active Warner Springs 11.7
NAS North Island San Diego (Dol Area Imp Bch) Navy Active Imperial Beach 76.8
NAS North Island San Diego (Former Phibase Coronado) Navy Active Coronado 590.2
NAS North Island San Diego (Imperial Beach) Navy Active Imperial Beach 172.6
NAS North Island San Diego (San Clemente Island) Navy Active San Clemente Nav Res 358.1
Naval Postgraduate School Navy Active Monterey 346.0
Naval Postgraduate School (La Mesa Village) Navy Active Monterey 128.0
Naval Postgraduate School (Lab-Recreation) Navy Active Monterey 24.2
Naval Postgraduate School (Navy School Annex) Navy Active Monterey 42.5
NAVBASE Ventura City Navy Active Point Mugu 1,381.3
NAVBASE Ventura City (Capehart Hsg 3 Mugu) Navy Active Camarillo 58.1
NAVBASE Ventura City (Laguna Peak CA) Navy Active Point Mugu 14.5
NAVBASE Ventura City (Port Hueneme) Navy Active Port Hueneme 1,321.1
NAVCOMTELSTA San Diego (Coronado) Navy Active Coronado 21.8
NAVCOMTELSTA San Diego (Dixon Transmitter Facy) Navy Active Dixon 118.0
NAVCOMTELSTA San Diego (Stockton CA) Navy Active Stockton 269.5
NAVMEDCEN San Diego Navy Active San Diego 413.1
NAVPETOFF Alexandria (Estero Bay Branch) Navy Active Morro Bay 82.8
NAVPETOFF Alexandria (Fuel Complx Long Beach) Navy Active Long Beach 16.5
NAVPETOFF Alexandria (Fuel Farm San Pedro) Navy Active Los Angeles 156.3
NAVPETOFF Alexandria (Norwalk Branch) Navy Active Norwalk 19.7
Navpmossp Sunnyvale Navy Active Sunnyvale 249.6
Navpmossp Sunnyvale (Det Santa Cruz CA) Navy Active Santa Cruz 24.1
NAWS China Lake Navy Active China Lake 1,323.0
NAWS China Lake (Mojave B Ranges) Navy Active Trona 10.0
NAWS China Lake (Randsburg Wash Area) Navy Active Trona 57.2
NAWS China Lake (San Nicolas Island CA) Navy Active San Nicolas Island 459.1
NAWS China Lake (Santa Cruz Island) Navy Active Goleta 22.6
NH Camp Pendleton Navy Active Camp Pendleton 208.6
NS San Diego Navy Active San Diego 1,130.1
NS San Diego (Nav Rec Cen Mis Gorge) Navy Active San Diego 31.1
NSWC Corona Navy Active Corona 180.0
NWS Seal Beach Navy Active Seal Beach 731.6
NWS Seal Beach (Det Concord CA) Navy Active Concord 1,101.4
NWS Seal Beach (Fallbrook CA) Navy Active Fallbrook 446.7
NWS Seal Beach (Long Beach Golf Course) Navy Active Los Alamitos 16.8
SPAWARSYSCEN San Diego Navy Active San Diego 504.1
SPAWARSYSCEN San Diego (Old Town) Navy Active San Diego 343.6
SUBASE San Diego Navy Active San Diego 290.9
FISC Oakland Ca CSO (Alameda Annex) Caretaker Alameda 107.0
FISC Oakland Ca CSO (Alameda Facility) Caretaker Alameda 272.8
FISC Oakland Ca CSO (Richmond Pt Molate) Caretaker Richmond 167.9
FISC Oakland CSO Caretaker Oakland 1,142.4
Hunters Point Annex CSO Caretaker San Francisco 1,135.4
NAS Alameda CSO Caretaker Alameda 1,707.3
NAS Alameda CSO (Marina Village/SF) Caretaker San Francisco 75.9
NAS Alameda CSO (NAS Alameda/SF) Caretaker Alameda 148.7
NCEL Port Hueneme CSO Caretaker Port Hueneme 61.0
NH Oakland CSO Caretaker Oakland 261.0
NS Long Beach CSO (Cabrillo Hsg Long Bch) Caretaker Long Beach 86.7
NS Long Beach CSO (Long Beach NAVSTA) Caretaker Long Beach 187.1
NS Treasure Island CSO Caretaker San Francisco 544.8
NSY Long Beach CSO Caretaker Long Beach 989.1
NSY Long Beach CSO (Palos Verdes Hsg) Caretaker Long Beach 70.9
NSY Long Beach CSO (San Pedro Mont Hsg) Caretaker Long Beach 48.0
NSY Mare Island CSO Caretaker Vallejo 2,368.4
NSY Mare Island CSO (Roosevelt Terrace) Caretaker Vallejo 23.2
NTC San Diego CSO Caretaker San Diego 234.3
PWC San Francisco CSO (Treasure Island) Caretaker San Francisco 186.8
NAVFAC Centerville Beach Disestab Ferndale 32.9
NAVSECGRUACT Skaggs Is Disestab Sonoma 93.5
NMCRC Alameda Navy Navy Reserve Alameda 19.2
NMCRC Los Angeles Navy Navy Reserve Los Angeles 27.3
NMCRC Los Angeles Navy Navy Reserve Los Angeles 25.6
NMCRC Moreno Valley Navy Navy Reserve Moreno Valley 12.7
NMCRC Sacramento Navy Navy Reserve Sacramento 10.3

Fort Carson Army Active Colorado Springs 2,895.2
Pinon Canyon Army Active Trinidad 123.3
Pueblo Chemical Depot Army Active Pueblo 1,576.9
Rocky Mountain Arsenal Army Active Commerce City 404.4
Flatiron Army Guard Longmont 14.3
Joe P Martinez USARC/AMSA #100 Army Reserve Denver 17.0
William T. Fitzsimons USARC Army Reserve Aurora 32.5
Buckley AFB AF Active Aurora 705.7
Buckley Annex AF Active Denver 138.6
Cheyenne Mountain AFS AF Active Colorado Springs 177.7
Peterson AFB AF Active Colorado Springs 1,036.1
Schriever AFB AF Active Ellicott 598.4
The Farish Memorial Recreational Annex AF Active Woodland Park 10.6
USAF Academy AF Active Colorado Springs 1,999.0
Fort Carson Weapons Range Air Natl Guard Pueblo 15.5
Greeley ANGS Air Natl Guard Greeley 15.1
NMCRC Denver Navy Reserve Lakewood 22.6

Stratford Army Engine Plant Army Active Stratford 365.5
AASF Army Guard Windsor Locks 60.3
Berry-Rosenblatt AFRC Army Reserve West Hartford 20.8
BG John W Middleton USARC Army Reserve E Windsor 18.6
Bradley IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Windsor Locks 92.0
NAVSUBASE New London Navy Active Groton 1,026.2
NAVSUBASE New London (Conning Towers) Navy Active Groton 41.4
NAVSUBASE New London (Nautilus Park 1St Inc) Navy Active Groton 79.5
NAVSUBASE New London (Nautilus Park 2nd Inc) Navy Active Groton 69.8
NAVSUBASE New London (Nautilus Park 3rd Inc) Navy Active Groton 44.3
NAVSUBASE New London (Polaris Park) Navy Active Groton 38.9
NAVSUBASE New London (Trident Park) Navy Active Groton 64.6
NWIRP Bloomfield Navy Active Bloomfield 39.1
NUWC New London CSO Caretaker New London 185.1


NG New Castle TS Rifle Range Army Guard New Castle 21.5
Dover AFB AF Active Dover 1,307.8
Dover Family Hsg Annex AF Active Lebanon 43.8
New Castle County Airport Air Natl Guard Newport 72.3

Fort Lesley J McNair Army Active Washington 237.4
Walter Reed AMC Main Post Army Active Washington 646.6
Bolling AFB AF Active Washington 796.1
COMNAVDIST Washington DC Navy Active Washington 564.2
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Bellevue) Navy Active Washington 32.5
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Naval Observatory) Navy Active Washington 40.5
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (NAVSTA Anacostia) Navy Active Washington 1,314.4
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Ndept Potomac Anx) Navy Active Washington 34.2
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Nebraska Ave Comp) Navy Active Washington 148.1
NRL Washington DC Navy Active Washington 715.3

Destin Moreno Point Army Active Destin Fl 12.9
Sp Forces Site-Key West Army Active Key West 16.4
U.S. Army Garrison-Miami Army Active Miami 62.4
LTC Luis E. Martinez USARC Army Reserve Miami 12.5
Orlando ASF 49 Army Reserve Orlando 14.3
Arbuckle Airfield AF Active Avon Park 85.2
Avon Park AF Range AF Active Avon Park 45.7
Cape Canaveral AFS AF Active Port Canaveral 1,313.4
Cape San Blas Missile Tracking Annex D-3 AF Active Port St Joe 14.7
Cove Gardens Family Hsg Annex AF Active Panama City 14.0
Cudjoe Key AFS AF Active Perky 11.0
Eglin AF Auxiliary Field #3 AF Active Crestview 427.8
Eglin AF Auxiliary Field #6 AF Active Milton 80.8
Eglin AF Auxiliary Field #9 AF Active Mary Esther 965.6
Eglin AFB AF Active Valpariso 2,449.0
Homestead AFB AF Active Homestead 296.2
Jonathan Dickinson Missile Tracking Anx AF Active Hobe Sound 25.8
Lynn Haven Defense Fuel Support Point AF Active Lynn Haven 22.6
MacDill AFB AF Active Tampa 1,133.4
Malabar Transmitter Annex AF Active Malabar 16.0
Patrick AFB AF Active Cocoa Beach 932.0
Tyndall AFB AF Active Springfield 1,247.4
Camp Blanding Military Reservation (ANG) Air Natl Guard Starke 14.6
Jacksonville IAP ANG Air Natl Guard Callahan 73.7
Homestead ARS AF Reserve Homestead 411.8
MCLB Albany (Blount Island Jax FL) USMC Active Jacksonville 84.6
NAF Key West Navy Active Key West 519.6
NAF Key West (Dredgers Key-Sigsbee) Navy Active Key West 226.9
NAF Key West (Fleming Key Magazine) Navy Active Key West 34.2
NAF Key West (Peary Court) Navy Active Key West 30.6
NAF Key West (Poinciana) Navy Active Key West 22.0
NAF Key West (Truman Annex) Navy Active Key West 169.3
NAF Key West (Trumbo Point Annex) Navy Active Key West 234.4
NAS Jacksonville Navy Active Jacksonville 1,604.7
NAS Jacksonville (OLF Whitehouse) Navy Active Cecil Field 30.5
NAS Jacksonville (Pinecastle E.W. Range) Navy Active Salt Springs 15.5
NAS Jacksonville (Yellow Water Housing) Navy Active Cecil Field 25.2
NAS Pensacola Navy Active Pensacola 1,950.6
NAS Pensacola (Corry Housing) Navy Active Pensacola 24.7
NAS Pensacola (Corry Station) Navy Active Pensacola 288.9
NAS Pensacola (Lexington Terrace Hsg) Navy Active Pensacola 13.1
NAS Pensacola (Mariner Housing) Navy Active Pensacola 29.2
NAS Pensacola (OLF Bronson) Navy Active Pensacola 114.0
NAS Pensacola (Saufly Fields) Navy Active Pensacola 253.7
NAS Whiting Field Milton Navy Active Milton 553.6
NAS Whiting Fld Milton (NOLF Choctaw) Navy Active Milton 60.3
NAS Whiting Fld Milton (NOLF Holley) Navy Active Milton 31.0
NAS Whiting Fld Milton (NOLF Santa Rosa) Navy Active Milton 37.1
NAS Whiting Fld Milton (NOLF Spencer) Navy Active Milton 26.9
NAS Whiting Fld Milton (Whiting Pines) Navy Active Milton 51.8
NAWC Orlando Navy Active Orlando 52.1
NH Jacksonville (MEDCLINIC Key West) Navy Active Key West 23.4
NH Pensacola Navy Active Pensacola 85.6
NS Mayport Navy Active Mayport 702.2
NS Mayport (FISC) Navy Active Jacksonville 87.5
NS Mayport (Ribault Bay Village) Navy Active Atlantic Beach 48.8
NSWC COASTSYSTA Navy Active Panama City 250.9
NAS Cecil Field CSO Caretaker Cecil Field 620.1
NTC Orlando CSO Caretaker Orlando 839.2
NTC Orlando CSO (Area C) Caretaker Orlando 21.1
NTC Orlando CSO (Herndon Annex) Caretaker Orlando 18.1
NTC Orlando CSO (NTC Annex) Caretaker Orlando 159.1

Dahlonega Army Active Dahlonega 26.8
Fort Benning Army Active Columbus 3,483.8
Fort Gillem Army Active Forest Park 808.9
Fort Gordon Army Active Augusta 1,748.6
Fort Gordon Recreation Area Army Active Augusta 19.4
Fort McPherson Army Active Atlanta 408.6
Fort Stewart Army Active Hinesville 2,392.6
Hunter Army Airfield Army Active Savannah 906.2
VTS Catoosa Army Guard Tunnel Hill 21.9
Decatur USARC Army Reserve Decatur 12.7
Dobbins USARC/ASF Army Reserve Marietta 11.0
Air Force Plant No 6 AF Active Marietta 1,111.4
Moody AFB AF Active Valdosta 735.1
Robins AFB AF Active Warner Robins 3,220.0
Glynco ANGS Air Natl Guard Brunswick 11.2
Savannah/Hilton Head IAP Air Natl Guard Savannah 159.1
Dobbins ARB AF Reserve Marietta 326.2
MCLB Albany USMC Active Albany 862.4
MCLB Albany (Hospital Site) USMC Active Albany 14.2
MCLB Albany (Housing Area No 1) USMC Active Albany 36.6
NAVSCSCOL Athens Navy Active Athens 64.7
SUBASE Kings Bay Navy Active Kings Bay 1,631.1
NAS Atlanta Navy Reserve Marietta 140.0
NMCRC Atlanta Navy Reserve Marietta 14.6

Aliamanu Military Reservation Army Active Honolulu 845.4
Dillingham Mil Res Army Active Waialua 89.0
Fort De Russy Army Active Honolulu 260.3
Fort Shafter Army Active Honolulu 767.5
Helemano Military Reservation Army Active Wahiawa 418.9
Kahuku Tng Area Army Active Kahuku 27.1
Kilauea Mil Reserve Army Active Hilo 71.0
Kipapa Ammo Storage Site Army Active Waipahu 82.3
Makua Mil Reserve Army Active Waianae 16.1
Pohakuloa Training Area Army Active Hilo 193.1
Pupukea Paalaa Uka Mil Road Army Active Wahiawa 12.3
Schofield Bks Mil Reserve Army Active Wahiawa 3,441.4
Signal Cable Trunking System Army Active Wahiawa 79.3
Tripler AMC Army Active Honolulu 662.7
USA Field Station Kunia Army Active Kunia 127.0
Waianae Army Active Waianae 20.5
Waikakalaua Ammo Stor Tunnels Army Active Mililani 44.9
Wheeler Army Airfield Army Active Wahiawa 837.3
Kalaeloa Army Guard Kapolei 200.1
TS Waiawa Gulch Army Guard Pearl City 24.0
Bellows AFS AF Active Waimanalo 129.2
Hickam AFB AF Active Honolulu 2,952.9
Hickam Petroleum Products Storage Anx AF Active Wahiawa 118.4
Kaena Point Sattelite Tracking Station AF Active Waialua 64.4
Kokee AFS AF Active Kekaha 11.3
Barking Sands Communication Station Air Natl Guard Kekaha 13.6
MCB HAWAII Kaneohe USMC Active Kaneohe 2,140.4
MCB Hawaii Kaneohe (Housing) USMC Active Kaneohe 625.4
MCB Hawaii Kaneohe (Manana Capehart) USMC Active Pearl City 49.5
MCB Hawaii Kaneohe (Oahu) USMC Active Camp Hm Smith M Corp 218.9
MCB Hawaii Kaneohe (Pearl City Annex) USMC Active Pearl City 46.5
MCB Hawaii Kaneohe (Puuloa-Oahu) USMC Active Ewa Beach 107.7
COMNAVREG Pearl Harbor (Barbers Point) Navy Active Barbers Point 288.6
FISC Pearl Harbor Navy Active Pearl Harbor 496.6
FISC Pearl Harbor (P C Peninsula Storage) Navy Active Pearl City 34.3
FISC Pearl Harbor (Red Hill Area) Navy Active Honolulu 650.2
NAVMAG Pearl Harbor (Lualualei) Navy Active Lualualei 416.8
NAVMAG Pearl Harbor (Waikele) Navy Active Waipahu 214.0
NAVMAG Pearl Harbor (West Loch) Navy Active Ewa Beach 371.6
NCTAMS Pac Honolulu Navy Active Wahiawa 230.7
NCTAMS PAC Honolulu (Lualualei) Navy Active Lualualei 70.7
NS Pearl Harbor Navy Active Pearl Harbor 1,334.0
NS Pearl Harbor (Common Use Road) Navy Active Pearl Harbor 20.2
NS Pearl Harbor (Ford Island) Navy Active Ford Island 718.3
NS Pearl Harbor (Moanalua) Navy Active Pearl Harbor 27.9
NS Pearl Harbor (Pearl City) Navy Active Pearl City 28.7
NS Pearl Harbor (SUBASE) Navy Active Pearl Harbor 49.5
NSY AND IMF Pearl Harbor Navy Active Pearl Harbor 1,557.7
PACMISRANFAC Hawaiian Area Navy Active Kekaha 343.5
PACMISRANFAC Hawaiian Area (Kamokala Ridge) Navy Active Kekaha 12.3
PACMISRANFAC Hawaiian Area (Makaha Ridge) Navy Active Kokee 39.9
PWC Pearl Harbor Navy Active Pearl Harbor 108.7
PWC Pearl Harbor (Barbers Point) Navy Active Barbers Point 300.1
PWC Pearl Harbor (Camp Stover) Navy Active Wheeler AFB 68.2
PWC Pearl Harbor (Doris Miller Park Hsg) Navy Active Honolulu 62.1
PWC Pearl Harbor (Ford Island) Navy Active Ford Island 50.5
PWC Pearl Harbor (Halawa Housing) Navy Active Halawa Heights 27.1
PWC Pearl Harbor (Hickam AFB) Navy Active Hickam A F Base 917.6
PWC Pearl Harbor (Iroquois Point) Navy Active Ewa Beach 262.9
PWC Pearl Harbor (Manana Housing) Navy Active Pearl City 27.5
PWC Pearl Harbor (Pearl City Housing) Navy Active Pearl City 184.2
PWC Pearl Harbor (Puuloa) Navy Active Ewa Beach 132.5
Barbers Point CSO Caretaker Barbers Point 429.4


Idaho Launch Complex Army Active Mountain Home 10.4
Edgemeade TS Mtn Home Army Guard Mountain Home 11.5
Mountain Home AFB AF Active Mountain Home 1,753.9
Saylor Creek AF Range AF Active Bruneau 14.2
Boise Air Terminal (ANG) Air Natl Guard Boise 330.3
NSWC Div Carderock (Bayview ID) Navy Active Bayview 24.6

Charles Melvin Price Spt Ctr Army Active Granite City 47.1
Joliet AAP Elwood Army Active Joliet 382.3
Joliet AAP Kankakee Army Active Joliet 31.8
Rock Island Arsenal Army Active Rock Island 1,235.2
Savanna Depot Act Army Active Clinton, IA 1,260.8
N Riverside (Ng Maint Center) Army Guard North Riverside 39.2
Col P. Schulstad USARC Army Reserve Arlington Hghts 40.2
Granite City OMS/Storage Army Reserve Granite City 31.5
North Shore Memorial USARC Army Reserve Lakeforest 11.9
Parkhurst USARC/OMS/Ds Army Reserve Darien 20.1
Sheridan Reserve Complex Army Reserve Highland Park 94.8
USAR Joliet Outdr Tng (Elwood) Army Reserve Joliet 17.0
Vietnam Vet Memorial USARC Army Reserve Homewood 13.8
Scott AFB AF Active Shiloh 2,028.5
Scott Radio Relay Annex AF Active Rentchler 10.4
Capital Municipal Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Springfield 84.9
Greater Peoria Regional Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Bartonville 135.9
NH Great Lakes Navy Active Great Lakes 368.4
NTC Great Lakes Navy Active Great Lakes 2,187.9
NTC Great Lakes (Fort Sheridan Housing) Navy Active Fort Sheridan 106.2
NTC Great Lakes (Glenview Housing) Navy Active Glenview 86.7
NTC Great Lakes (NTC Housing) Navy Active Great Lakes 388.5
PWC Great Lakes Navy Active Great Lakes 473.0

Fort Benjamin Harrison Army Active Indianapolis 365.2
Indiana AAP Army Active Charlestown 1,361.8
Jefferson Proving Ground Army Active Madison 194.3
Newport Chem Depot Army Active Terre Haute 333.6
Camp Atterbury Army Guard Edinburgh 352.4
Fort Ben Harrison USARC Army Reserve Lawrence (Indy) 49.3
Lyle J. Thompson USARC Army Reserve South Bend 11.0
Grissom AFB AF Active Bunker Hill 200.3
Fort Wayne IAP Air Natl Guard Fort Wayne 100.6
Hulman Regional Airport Air Natl Guard Terre Haute 97.2
NSWC Crane Navy Active Crane 3,316.3
NAWC-AD Indianapolis CSO Caretaker Indianapolis 199.9

Iowa AAP Army Active Burlington 1,274.0
Camp Dodge Johnston TS Army Guard Johnston 177.8
Des Moines Reserve Complex Army Reserve Des Moines 31.9
Des Moines IAP ANG Air Natl Guard Des Moines 93.8
Sioux Gateway Airport/Col Bud Day Field (ANG) Air Natl Guard Sergeant Bluff 97.6


Def Ind Plt Eqp Fac Army Active Atchison 226.2
Fort Leavenworth Army Active Leavenworth 1,656.4
Fort Riley Army Active Junction City 3,199.3
Kansas AAP Army Active Parsons 607.8
Sunflower AAP Army Active Desoto 818.8
New Century USARC/ASF # 37 Army Reserve Olathe 18.0
Topeka Future Army Reserve Topeka 65.5
Wichita USARC Army Reserve Wichita 25.5
McConnell AFB AF Active Wichita 1,294.5
Forbes Field ANG Air Natl Guard Pauline 146.9
Smoky Hill ANG Range Air Natl Guard Brookville 54.8

Blue Grass Army Depot Army Active Richmond 949.8
Fort Campbell Army Active Clarksville 2,460.2
Fort Knox Army Active Radcliff 3,686.4
Lexington Facility Army Active Lexington 80.5
Brooks-Lawler USARC/AMSA #71 Army Reserve Newport 11.4
Louisville Kentucky Army Reserve Louisville 32.1
Standiford Field ANG Air Natl Guard Louisville 79.6
NSWC Louisville CSO Caretaker Louisville 308.4

England Authority Army Active Alexandria 19.9
Fort Polk Army Active Leesville 2,773.9
Louisiana AAP Army Active Shreveport 767.9
Camp Minden Army Guard Minden 39.0
Barksdale AFB AF Active Bossier City 1,606.6
New Orleans NAS ANG Air Natl Guard Belle Chase 73.0
NAS JRB New Orleans Navy Reserve Belle Chasse 475.5
NRC New Orleans Navy Reserve New Orleans 11.8
NSA New Orleans Navy Reserve New Orleans 199.1
NSA New Orleans (East Bank) Navy Reserve New Orleans 180.4


Columbia Falls Radar Site AF Active Columbia Falls 38.0
Searsport Defense Fuel Support Point AF Active Searsport 300.6
Bangor IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Bangor 224.9
South Portland ANGS Air Natl Guard South Portland 10.0
NAS Brunswick Navy Active Brunswick 630.2
NAS Brunswick (Mckeen Street) Navy Active Brunswick 37.4
NAS Brunswick (Topsham) Navy Active Topsham 43.4
NAVSECGRUACT Winter Harbor (Corea Maine) Navy Active Corea 70.5
NAVSECGRUACT (Winter Harbor) Navy Active Winter Harbor 12.5
NAVSPTACT Portsmouth Shipyard Navy Active Kittery 565.2
NCTS Cutler Navy Active Cutler 29.6
NCTS Cutler (HF Area) Navy Active Cutler 12.9
NCTS Cutler (VLF Area) Navy Active Cutler 81.2
NSY Portsmouth Navy Active Kittery 505.5

Aberdeen Proving Ground Army Active Aberdeen 3,038.7
Blossom Pt Research Facility Army Active Washington D C 38.0
Federal Support Center Army Active Olney 24.5
Fort Detrick Army Active Frederick 952.9
Fort George G Meade Army Active Baltimore 1,810.0
Fort Ritchie Army Active Waynesboro, PA 228.3
National Imagery & Mapping Agency Army Active Bethesda 144.1
U.S.A. Adelphi Laboratory Ctr Army Active Adelphi 272.8
Walter Reed AMC Forest Glen Army Active Silver Spring 470.0
Walter Reed AMC Glen Haven Army Active Silver Spring 35.9
Pvt Henry Costin Army Guard Laurel 10.8
1Sg Adam S Brandt USARC Army Reserve Baltimore 13.5
Curtis Bay - Baltimore Army Reserve Baltimore 54.8
Andrews AFB AF Active Camp Springs 1,981.9
Brandywine Globecom Annex AF Active Brandywine 19.1
Governors Bridge Globecom Annex AF Active Davidsonville 21.0
Summerfield Family Hsg AF Active Seat Pleasant 170.2
Martin State Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Baltimore 92.4
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Navy Air Facility) Navy Active Andrews AFB 159.2
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Oni Washington) Navy Active Suitland 107.3
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Solomons Island) Navy Active Solomons 72.8
NATNAVMEDCEN Bethesda Navy Active Bethesda 681.7
NAVMEDCLINIC Annapolis Navy Active Annapolis 30.8
NAWC Patuxent Navy Active Patuxent River 2,203.7
NAWC Patuxent (Glenn Forest) Navy Active Lexington Park 43.4
NAWC Patuxent (Webster Field) Navy Active Saint Inigoes 195.3
NRL Washington DC (Blossom Point MD) Navy Active La Plata 17.1
NRL Washington DC (Chesapeake Bay Detach) Navy Active Chesapeake Beach 68.9
NSWC DIV Carderock Navy Active Bethesda 358.6
NSWC DIV Indian Head Navy Active Indian Head 976.5
NSWC Div Indian Head (Stump Neck Area) Navy Active Indian Head 83.8
NSWC Div Indian Head (White Plains RR) Navy Active Indian Head 23.3
USNA Annapolis Navy Active Annapolis 1,061.6
USNA Annapolis (Gambrills Md) Navy Active Annapolis 20.2
USNA Annapolis (Navacad North Severn) Navy Active Annapolis 57.0
USNA Annapolis (Naval Station) Navy Active Annapolis 150.1
NSWC Carderock CSO Caretaker Annapolis 146.9

Soldier Systems Center Army Active Natick 200.7
SSC Hudson HOUSING Army Active Hudson 10.5
MTA Camp Edwards Army Guard Bourne 373.6
94th RRC HQ USARC Army Reserve Ayer 15.9
Cpl G M Craig USARC/AMSA 163 Army Reserve Brockton 14.3
Devens Reserve Forces Tng Area Army Reserve Ayer 358.8
Fort Devens Trng Annex Sudbury Army Reserve Ayer 55.4
South Boston Support Activity Army Reserve Boston 113.8
USARC Hingham Cohasset Army Reserve Hingham 24.1
Westover AFRC Army Reserve Chicopee 10.3
Cape Cod AFS AF Active Bourne 76.9
Hanscom AFB AF Active Bedford 951.4
Barnes Municipal Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Westfield 99.1
Otis ANGB Air Natl Guard Falmouth 583.4
Westover ARB AF Reserve Chicopee 675.8
MCRC Chicopee Hsng USMC Reserve Chicopee 62.8
NAVPRO Pittsfield Navy Active Pittsfield 170.6
NWIRP Bedford Navy Active Bedford 93.9
NAS South Weymouth CSO Caretaker Weymouth 370.4
NAS South Weymouth CSO (Squantum Housing) Caretaker Weymouth 10.5

Detroit Arsenal Army Active Detroit 418.7
Sebille Manor FH Michigan Army Active Mount Clemens 145.8
US Army Garrison Selfridge Army Active Mount Clemens 273.6
CTC Fort Custer Trng Center Army Guard Battle Creek 180.4
Grayling Airfield Army Guard Grayling 95.0
Dr Mary E Walker Memorial USARC Army Reserve Walker 31.3
Southfield USARC Army Reserve Southfield 24.5
Escanaba Defence Fuel Support Point AF Active Escanaba 154.7
Alpena County Regional Airport Air Natl Guard Alpena 125.1
Selfridge ANG Base Air Natl Guard Mount Clemens 714.9
W K Kellogg Airport Air Natl Guard Battle Creek 107.6
NMCRC FTCSTR Battle Creek Navy Reserve Battle Creek 11.5

Twin Cities AAP Army Active New Brighton 683.8
Arden Hills Army Training Site Army Guard Arden Hills 43.5
Arden Hills USARC Army Reserve New Brighton 24.2
Fort Snelling USARC/AMSA Army Reserve Minneapolis 51.8
Duluth IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Duluth 118.9
Minneapolis-St Paul IAP-ARS AF Reserve Minneapolis 273.7
NIROP Minneapolis Navy Active Fridley 336.9
NARC Minneapolis Navy Reserve Minneapolis 36.5

Mississippi AAP Army Active Picayune 321.9
CTA Camp McCain Army Guard Elliott 83.2
BG George A Morris USARC Army Reserve Vicksburg 10.6
Columbus AFB AF Active Columbus 712.2
Columbus Auxiliary Airfield AF Active Shuqualak 24.1
Keesler AFB AF Active Biloxi 1,768.1
Keesler Training Annex No 1 AF Active Biloxi 30.6
Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport (ANG) Air Natl Guard Gulfport 95.2
Jackson IAP Air Natl Guard Flowood 83.7
Key Field ANG Air Natl Guard Meridian 86.8
CBC Gulfport Navy Active Gulfport 621.7
NAS Meridian Navy Active Meridian 579.2
NAS Meridian (OLF Bravo) Navy Active Preston 32.3
NS Pascagoula Navy Active Pascagoula 64.7
NS Pascagoula (Supshp) Navy Active Pascagoula 29.0

Fort Leonard Wood Army Active Waynesville 3,044.2
Lake City AAP Army Active Independence 947.3
Lake Of the Ozarks Recreation Army Active Camdenton 25.0
St Louis AAP Army Active St Louis 61.3
St. Charles USARC Army Active St Charles 43.6
MTA Camp Clark (Nevada) Army Guard Nevada 76.4
MTA Camp Crowder (Neosho) Army Guard Neosho 82.1
Springfield AFRC/AMSA #54 Army Reserve Springfield 15.1
St Louis #3/Sverdrup USAR Army Reserve St Louis 19.5
St Louis #4/Ord Plant Army Reserve St Louis 25.5
St Louis AFS AF Active St Louis 175.0
St Louis AFS Storage Annex AF Active St Louis 98.9
Whiteman AFB AF Active Knob Noster 1,584.1
Fort Leonard Wood Range Air Natl Guard Palace 14.2
Jefferson Barracks ANGS Air Natl Guard St Louis 81.0
Lambert St Louis IAP ANG Air Natl Guard St Ann 90.8
Rosecrans Memorial Airport Air Natl Guard Elwood 81.6
MCSPTACT Kansas City (Family Housing) USMC Active Belton 56.9
MCSPTACT Kansas City (Richards Gebaur ARS) USMC Active Kansas City 65.7

Fort Missoula Army Guard Missoula 10.8
MTA Fort Wm Henry Harrison Army Guard Helena 160.5
Sgt Ernest Veuve Hall/AMSA #74 Army Reserve Missoula 13.2
Malmstrom AFB AF Active Augusta 15.7
Malmstrom AFB AF Active Valier 11.4
Malmstrom AFB AF Active Conrad 10.2
Malmstrom AFB AF Active Great Falls 1,308.6
Malmstrom AFB AF Active Ledger 13.2
Great Falls IAP ANG Air Natl Guard Great Falls 118.9


Cornhusker AAP Army Active Grand Island 507.3
Camp Ashland Army Guard Ashland 42.1
Greenlief TS Army Guard Hastings 61.1
Lincoln Airbase Army Guard Lincoln 43.6
Mead TS Army Guard Mead 32.5
Offutt AFB AF Active Bellevue 1,453.9
Offutt Communications Anx No 2 Globecom AF Active Elkhorn 12.3
Offutt Family Hsg Annex AF Active Bellevue 492.7
Lincoln Municipal Airport (ANG) Air Natl Guard Lincoln 117.4

Hawthorne Army Depot Army Active Reno 3,622.9
Lake Mead Base Army Active Las Vegas 224.3
Nellis AFB Army Reserve Las Vegas 39.6
Indian Springs AF Auxiliary Field AF Active Indian Springs 230.4
Nellis AF Range AF Active Indian Springs 314.8
Nellis AFB AF Active Las Vegas 2,562.1
Nellis Water System Annex AF Active Las Vegas 17.5
Tonopah Auxiliary Airfield Annex AF Active Tonopah 731.7
Tonopah Auxiliary Airfield Annex #2 AF Active Tonopah 168.9
Reno Tahoe IAP Air Natl Guard Reno 95.5
NAS Fallon Navy Active Fallon 987.7
NAS Fallon (EW Range Fac) Navy Active Fallon 43.4
NAS Fallon (Target B-16) Navy Active Fallon 18.8
NAS Fallon (Target B-17) Navy Active Fallon 12.0
NAS Fallon (Target B-20) Navy Active Fallon 23.8
NUSWC Div Keyport (Hawthorne Nevada AAD) Navy Active Hawthorne 84.7

AFRC, Londonderry Army Reserve Manchester 28.7
New Boston AFS AF Active Mount Vernon 68.8
Pease AFB AF Active Portsmouth 765.3
Pease Intl Tradeport Air Natl Guard Portsmouth 162.3

Fort Monmouth Evans Army Active Asbury Park 86.3
Fort Monmouth Main Post Army Active Red Bank 1,029.8
Military Ocean Tml Bayonne Army Active Bayonne 984.0
Picatinny Arsenal Army Active Dover 1,363.9
Caven Point USARC Army Reserve Jersey City 23.0
Fort Dix Army Reserve Trenton 2,182.2
Pedricktown Support Facility Army Reserve Penns Grove 54.9
Sgt J.W. Joyce Kilmer USARC Army Reserve New Brunswick 19.6
USARC and CFMS Kilmer Army Reserve New Brunswick 25.7
Air Mobility Warfare Center AF Active Wrightstown 47.7
Fort Dix Family Hsg AF Active Trenton 20.6
McGuire AFB AF Active Wrightstown 1,920.9
McGuire AFB AF Active New Egypt 551.8
Atlantic City IAP Air Natl Guard Pleasantville 106.4
NAES Lakehurst Navy Active Lakehurst 898.1

Fort Bliss Aaa Ranges Army Active El Paso, TX 738.3
Fort Wingate Depot Activity Army Active Gallup 659.7
White Sands Missile Range Army Active Las Cruces 2,484.6
Jenkins AFRC Army Reserve Albuquerque 20.7
Boles Wells Water System Annex AF Active Alamogordo 32.0
Bonito Lake Water System Annex AF Active Carrizozo 17.8
Cannon AFB AF Active Clovis 1,115.7
Cannon Meadows Hsg Area AF Active Portales 23.0
Cannon Place Hsg Area AF Active Clovis 31.1
Holloman AFB AF Active Alamogordo 2,037.6
Kirtland AFB AF Active Albuquerque 2,699.1
Melrose AF Range AF Active Melrose 30.7
NSWC Div Port Hueneme (White Sands) Navy Active White Sands Msl Rge 53.5

Bellmore Army Active New York 30.2
Fort Drum Army Active Watertown 2,985.5
Fort Hamilton Army Active New York 246.9
Fort Totten Army Active New York 77.7
Hancock Army Complex Army Active Syracuse 40.2
Seneca Army Depot Activity Army Active Geneva 1,078.7
Stewart Annex Army Active New York City 31.9
Watervliet Arsenal Army Active Watervliet 414.8
West Point Mil Reservation Army Active New York City 2,665.3
NG Youngstown Tng Site Army Guard Youngstown 34.0
Amityville AFRC Army Reserve New York 17.5
CW2 Kerry P. Hein USARC Army Reserve New York 19.3
Ernie Pyle USARC/AMSA #12 Army Reserve New York 52.8
Floyd Wet Site Army Reserve Rome 20.6
Maj D W Holleder USARC Army Reserve Webster 12.9
NAES Lakehurst (Pinehurst Estates) Navy Active Lakehurst 23.0
NWS Earle Navy Active Colts Neck 868.0
NWS Earle (Waterfront Earle) Navy Active Colts Neck 260.4
NAWCACDIV Trenton CSO Caretaker Trenton 176.9
NRC Fort Dix Navy Reserve Fort Dix 20.3

Camp Mackall Army Active Hoffman 69.2
Fort Bragg Army Active Fayetteville 5,389.6
Military Ocean Tml Sunny Point Army Active Wilmington 640.5
Tarheel Army Missile Plt Army Active Burlington 94.3
Dare County Range AF Active Stumpy Point 23.8
Fort Fisher Recreation Site AF Active Kure Beach 33.9
Pope AFB AF Active Spring Lake 708.0
Seymour Johnson AFB AF Active Goldsboro 994.7
Charlotte/Douglas IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Charlotte 75.9
Stanly County Airport Air Natl Guard Abermale 16.1
MCAS Cherry Point USMC Active Cherry Point 1,784.4
MCAS Cherry Point (ALF Bogue) USMC Active Bogue 62.8
MCAS Cherry Point (Housing) USMC Active Cherry Point 339.2
MCAS Cherry Point (MCAS-H Oak Grove) USMC Active Pollocksville 31.8
MCAS Cherry Point (OLF Atlantic) USMC Active Atlantic 36.2
MCAS Cherry Point (Point Of Marsh Target) USMC Active Atlantic 11.8
MCB Camp Lejeune (Greater Sandy Run Area) USMC Active Camp Lejeune 82.5
MCB Camp Lejeune (MCAS New River) USMC Active Camp Lejeune 881.3
NH Camp Lejeune Navy Active Camp Lejeune 97.7
NS Norfolk (Harvey Pt NC) Navy Active Hertford 40.1

Mickelsen Stanley R Sfg Msr Army Active Nekoma 235.1
Mickelsen Stanley R Sfg Par Army Active Mountain 221.7
Mickelsen Stanley R Sfg Rsl 1 Army Active Hampden 31.5
Mickelsen Stanley R Sfg Rsl 2 Army Active Langdon 31.4
Mickelsen Stanley R Sfg Rsl 3 Army Active Mountain 34.6
Mickelsen Stanley R Sfg Rsl 4 Army Active Fairdale 32.1
Mickelsen Stanley R Sfg Wtrlin Army Active Fordville 16.7
Minot AFRC Army Guard Minot 22.3
Cavalier AFS AF Active Mountain 121.6
Grand Forks AFB AF Active Emerado 1,470.2
Grand Forks Defense Fuel Support Point AF Active Grand Forks 30.2
Minot AFB AF Active Minot 1,778.0
Hector IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Fargo 120.2


Defense Supply Center Columbus Army Active Columbus 752.1
Lima Army Tank Plt Army Active Lima 274.5
Ravenna AAP Army Active Ravenna 198.0
McConnelsville Training Site Army Guard Mcconnelsville 36.0
Ravenna Tng and Logistics Site Army Guard Newton Falls 778.7
Rickenbacker (MTA) Army Guard Columbus 57.3
83D Div Memorial USARC/AMSA Army Reserve Columbus 25.3
Cooney USARC/AMSA #165 S-S Army Reserve Sandusky 11.5
Fort Hayes Memorial USARC Army Reserve Columbus 22.1
Kings Mills Memorial USARC Army Reserve Kings Mills 14.6
Rickenbacker USARC Army Reserve Columbus 18.7
Toledo Area USAR Army Reserve Toledo 13.5
Cincinnati Defense Fuel Support Point AF Active Cincinnati 37.8
Wright Patterson AFB AF Active Fairborn 4,091.9
Blue Ash ANGS Air Natl Guard Blue Ash 12.2
Camp Perry ANGS Air Natl Guard Port Clinton 18.1
Mansfield Lahm Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Mansfield 73.0
Rickenbacker IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Lockbourne 270.0
Springfield Beckley Municipal Airport Air Natl Guard Springfield 91.7
Toledo Express Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Swanton 93.6
Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport ARS AF Reserve Vienna 160.4
NTC Great Lakes (Bratenahl) Navy Active Cleveland 18.7
NARC Columbus Navy Reserve Columbus 14.7

Fort Sill Army Active Lawton 3,044.8
McAlester AAP Army Active Mcalester 2,435.9
Camp Gruber Training Center Army Guard Braggs 162.7
Oklahoma Regional Trng Inst Army Guard Oklahoma City 28.7
Twaddle AFRC Army Reserve Oklahoma City 23.8
Altus AFB AF Active Altus 1,089.9
Kegelman AF Auxiliary Field AF Active Jet 37.6
Tinker AFB AF Active Midwest City 3,550.7
Tinker Support Annex AF Active Midwest City 69.5
Vance AFB AF Active Enid 484.4
Tulsa IAP Air Natl Guard Tulsa 90.7
Will Rogers World Airport Air Natl Guard Oklahoma City 82.1
NMCRC Tulsa Navy Reserve Broken Arrow 10.5

Umatilla Chem Depot Army Active Hermiston 1,343.0
Bend Cotef Army Guard Bend 14.6
Christmas Valley Radar Site AF Active Christmas Valley 39.5
Coos Head ANGS Air Natl Guard Charleston 43.3
Klamath Falls Airport-Kingsley Field Air Natl Guard Klamath Falls 149.5
Portland IAP Air Natl Guard Portland 209.0
NAS Whidbey Island (Navwpnsystrafac Brdman) Navy Active Boardman 31.9
NMCRC Portland Navy Reserve Portland 14.8

Carlisle Barracks Army Active Carlisle 281.7
Defense Distribution Depot Susq Army Active New Cumberland 809.3
Fort Ritchie Raven Rock Site Army Active Waynesboro 113.7
Letterkenny Army Depot Army Active Chambersburg 1,501.4
Scranton AAP Army Active Scranton 95.7
Tobyhanna Army Depot Army Active Scranton 731.2
Fort Indiantown Gap Army Guard Annville 786.4
Fort Mifflin Army Guard Philadelphia 12.7
Charles E. Kelly Spt Facility Army Reserve Pittsburgh 50.8
ECS / AMSA #103 (G) Army Reserve Meadville 14.3
Edgemont USARC / AMSA #31 (G) Army Reserve Philadelphia 16.9
Finleyville NIKE-PI-43 Army Reserve Elrama 10.6
Johnstown Aviation Support Fac Army Reserve Johnstown 70.7
Neville Island Mnt Sup Fac Army Reserve Pittsburgh 10.6
North Penn USARC Army Reserve Norristown 12.3
Tacony Warehouse Site Army Reserve Philadelphia 39.1
TSgt Vernon McGarity USARC Army Reserve Pittsburgh 34.7
Fort Indiantown Gap ANGS Air Natl Guard Lickdale 34.2
Harrisburg IAP Air Natl Guard Middletown 72.5
Pittsburgh IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Coraopolis 114.7
State College ANGS Air Natl Guard State College 10.8
Pittsburgh IAP-ARS AF Reserve Coraopolis 137.5
Willow Grove ARS AF Reserve Hatboro 184.3
NAVSUPPACT Mechanicsburg Navy Active Mechanicsburg 1,026.7
NAVSUPPACT Mechanicsburg (NSA Philadelphia PA) Navy Active Philadelphia 410.2
NSWC SHIPSYSENGSTA Navy Active Philadelphia 448.2
NAWC-AD Warminster CSO Caretaker Warminster 374.3
NH Philadelphia CSO Caretaker Philadelphia 182.9
NAS Willow Grove Navy Reserve Willow Grove 385.4
NMCRC Pittsburgh Navy Reserve Pittsburgh 13.1

Camp Fogarty Tng Site Army Guard East Greenwich 32.8
Davisville Family Hsg Army Reserve Davisville 10.9
Coventry ANGS Air Natl Guard Coventry 10.9
North Smithfield ANGS Air Natl Guard Slatersville 12.7
Quonset State Airport ANG Air Natl Guard North Kingston 102.0
NAVAMBCARECEN Newport Navy Active Newport 82.9
NS Newport Navy Active Newport 851.6
NS Newport (Fort Adams RI) Navy Active Newport 30.5
NS Newport (Melville) Navy Active Newport 168.7
NUSWC DIV Newport Navy Active Middletown 384.6
CBC Davisville CSO Caretaker Davisville 506.0
NS Newport (NMCRC Providence RI) Navy Reserve Providence 11.7


Fort Jackson Army Active Columbia 1,955.0
MTA Clarks Hill Reservation Army Guard Plum Branch 13.8
N Charleston USARC/AMSA #121 Army Reserve Goose Creek 11.5
Charleston AFB AF Active Charleston 985.2
Charleston Defense Fuel Support Point AF Active North Charleston 50.0
Hunley Park Military Family Hsg AF Active North Charleston 69.6
North AF Auxiliary Field AF Active North 95.8
Shaw AFB AF Active Sumter 1,028.6
McEntire Air Guard Stn Air Natl Guard Eastover 202.7
MCAS Beaufort USMC Active Beaufort 834.7
MCAS Beaufort (L B Housing) USMC Active Laurel Bay 46.5
MCRD Beaufort Parris Island USMC Active Parris Island 860.4
NH Beaufort Navy Active Beaufort 144.0
NH Charleston Navy Active Charleston 107.9
NWS Charleston Navy Active Goose Creek 968.2
NWS Charleston (Old Army Depot) Navy Active Goose Creek 292.7
NWS Charleston (Short Stay) Navy Active Moncks Corner 15.9
SPAWARSYSCEN Charleston (North Yard) Navy Active North Charleston 38.7
NSY Charleston CSO Caretaker North Charleston 876.3

Dakota Ridge Family Hsg Annex AF Active Rapid City 36.0
Ellsworth AFB AF Active Box Elder 1,852.1
Joe Foss Field ANG Air Natl Guard Sioux Falls 104.2

Def Depot Memphis Army Active Memphis 703.4
Fort Campbell Army Active Clarksville 2,032.1
Holston AAP Army Active Kingsport 670.5
Milan AAP Army Active Milan 1,147.2
Volunteer AAP Army Active Chattanooga 322.2
VTS Symrna Army Guard Smyrna 109.0
Lyell AFRC/AMSA #153(G) Army Reserve Nashville 15.9
NSA Memphis USARC Army Reserve Memphis 19.7
Arnold Air Station AF Active Manchester 4,683.3
McGhee Tyson Airport Air Natl Guard Alcoa 151.2
Memphis IAP Air Natl Guard Oakville 94.3
Nashville IAP Air Natl Guard Nashville 76.9
NAVSUPPACT MIDSOUTH Memphis Navy Active Millington 782.6
NSWC Div Carderock (Memphis TN) Navy Active Memphis 75.8

Camp Bullis Army Active Leon Springs 104.2
Fort Bliss Army Active El Paso 3,511.7
Fort Hood Army Active Killeen 4,700.6
Fort Sam Houston Army Active San Antonio 1,632.8
Lone Star AAP Army Active Texarkana 875.5
Longhorn AAP Army Active Marshall 260.0
Red River Army Depot Army Active Texarkana 1,721.2
Stanley Camp Stor Actv Army Active San Antonio 157.7
Addicks (New) Army Guard Houston 11.7
Camp Swift Army Guard Bastrop 51.1
Fort Wolters Army Guard Mineral Wells 44.2
Saginaw Army Guard Saginaw 67.0
Temple Army Guard Temple 16.5
Austin Memorial AFRC Army Reserve Austin 11.2
Conroe USARC/ASF 62 Army Reserve Conroe 33.7
Grand Prairie Reserve Complex Army Reserve Grand Prairie 81.2
Seagoville USARC Army Reserve Seagoville 28.4
Air Force Plant No 4 AF Active Fort Worth 1,036.1
Brooks City Base AF Active San Antonio 329.8
Camp Bullis Training Annex AF Active San Antonio 21.6
Dyess AFB AF Active Abilene 1,356.2
Goodfellow 801 Leased Hsg Annex AF Active San Angelo 18.8
Goodfellow AFB AF Active San Angelo 429.3
Hondo Municipal Airport AF Active San Antonio 97.0
Kelly Field Annex AF Active San Antonio 622.1
Lackland AFB AF Active San Antonio 1,780.7
Lackland Training Annex AF Active San Antonio 320.3
Laughlin AFB AF Active Del Rio 655.5
Laughlin AFB Aux 1 AF Active Spofford 16.7
Randolph AFB AF Active Universal City 1,139.6
Seguin AF Auxiliary Field AF Active Seguin 46.7
Sheppard AFB AF Active Wichita Falls 1,993.9
Ellington Field Air Natl Guard Genoa 101.8
NAS Corpus Christi Navy Active Corpus Christi 1,305.9
NAS Corpus Christi (ALF Cabaniss) Navy Active Corpus Christi 55.8
NAS Corpus Christi (ALF Waldron) Navy Active Corpus Christi 62.4
NAS Kingsville Navy Active Kingsville 480.9
NAS Kingsville (ALF Orange) Navy Active Orange Grove 68.9
NAS Kingsville (Dixie Target Range) Navy Active Tilden 33.6
NH Corpus Christi Navy Active Corpus Christi 66.3
NS Ingleside Navy Active Ingleside 212.7
NWIRP Dallas Navy Active Dallas 835.7
NWIRP McGregor Navy Active Mcgregor 209.8
NAS Dallas CSO Caretaker Dallas 253.9
NAS JRB Fort Worth Navy Reserve Fort Worth 747.6

Defense Dist Depot Ogden Utah Army Active Ogden 1,105.9
Deseret Chemical Depot Army Active Tooele 505.1
Dugway Proving Ground Army Active Salt Lake 1,097.3
Green River Test Complex Army Active Green River 54.0
Tooele Army Depot Army Active Tooele 1,259.9
Fort Douglas AFRC Complex Army Reserve Salt Lake City 77.0
Ogden Maintenance Center 269 Army Reserve Ogden 25.1
Ogden Storage Facility 11-C Army Reserve Ogden 26.8
Hill AFB AF Active Clearfield 3,265.9
Little Mountain Test Annex AF Active Ogden 44.6
Utah Test and Training Range North AF Active Wendover 175.8
Utah Test and Training Range South Utah AF Active Wendover 28.1
Salt Lake City IAP ANG Air Natl Guard Salt Lake City 118.0
Navpmossp Sunnyvale (Det Magna Utah) Navy Active Magna 144.7


NG Ethan Allen AFB (MTA) Army Guard Colchester 45.8
So Burlington Army Guard So Burlington 14.1
TS Ethan Allen Range Army Guard Jericho 56.9
Burlington IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard So Burlington 106.9

Big Bethel Reservoir Army Active Hampton 85.9
Def Gen Supply Center Army Active Richmond 766.8
Fort A P Hill Army Active Bowling Green 395.4
Fort Belvoir Army Active Alexandria 2,184.1
Fort Eustis Army Active Newport News 1,498.8
Fort Lee Army Active Petersburg 1,262.9
Fort Monroe Army Active Hampton 395.4
Fort Myer Army Active Arlington 445.6
Fort Story Army Active Norfolk 322.7
Radford AAP Army Active Radford 1,462.3
AASF Byrd Field Army Guard Sandston 32.1
Army Guard Readiness Center Army Guard Arlinington 39.3
Fort Pickett ARNG-MTC Army Guard Blackstone 830.6
Fort Pickett Army Reserve Petersburg 133.9
Marcella / Butler Farms USARC Army Reserve Hampton 10.1
Langley AFB AF Active Hampton 1,237.1
Langley Family Hsg Annex AF Active Poquoson 209.9
Camp Pendleton Military Reservation (ANG) Air Natl Guard Virginia Beach 14.6
Richmond IAP (Byrd Field) Air Natl Guard Sandston 80.8
HQBN HQMC Arlington USMC Active Arlington 79.5
MCB Quantico USMC Active Quantico 1,367.1
MCB Quantico (Camp Upshur) USMC Active Quantico 22.0
AFEXPTRAACT Camp Peary Navy Active Williamsburg 20.0
COMNAVDIST Washington DC (Arlington Service Ctr) Navy Active Arlington 50.5
COMNAVREG MIDLANT Navy Active Norfolk 38.7
COMNAVREG Midlant (CLF Norfolk NSY) Navy Active Portsmouth 369.2
COMNAVREG Midlant (South Gate) Navy Active Portsmouth 24.4
FISC Norfolk (Craney Island) Navy Active Portsmouth 337.3
NAS Oceana Navy Active Virginia Beach 981.6
NAS Oceana (ALF Fentress Chesapke) Navy Active Virginia Beach 53.5
NAS Oceana (Dam Neck) Navy Active Virginia Beach 482.0
NAVMEDCEN Portsmouth Navy Active Portsmouth 319.6
NAVPHIBASE Little Creek Navy Active Norfolk 864.2
NAVPHIBASE Little Creek (Fort Story) Navy Active Norfolk 11.9
NAVSUPPACT Norfolk Navy Active Norfolk 453.0
NAVSUPPACT Norfolk (Lafayette River Annex) Navy Active Norfolk 33.7
NAVSUPPACT Norfolk (Northwest Chesapke VA) Navy Active Chesapeake 190.4
NS Norfolk Navy Active Norfolk 2,886.6
NS Norfolk (Elizabeth Rvr Channel) Navy Active Norfolk 12.8
NS Norfolk (St.Helena Norfolk) Navy Active Norfolk 19.6
NS Norfolk (St.Juliens Creek Annex) Navy Active Chesapeake 169.3
NSWC DIV Dahlgren Navy Active Dahlgren 750.5
NSY Norfolk Navy Active Portsmouth 969.7
PWC Norfolk (Stanley Court/NNSY) Navy Active Norfolk 15.9
PWC Norfolk (Wadsworth Housing Trac) Navy Active Norfolk 80.0
Surface Combat Systems Center Navy Active Wallops Island 80.8
WPNSUPPFAC Yorktown Navy Active Yorktown 938.2
WPNSUPPFAC Yorktown (Cheatham Annex) Navy Active Williamsburg 343.0
WPNSUPPFAC Yorktown (Yorktown Fuel Depot) Navy Active Yorktown 98.7

Bonneville Camp Army Active Vancouver 20.2
Fort Lewis Army Active Tacoma 4,842.7
Yakima Training Center Army Active Yakima 363.7
Kent Army Guard Kent 14.4
AMSA 137 (Marine) Army Reserve Tacoma 10.5
Fort Lawton USAR Complex Army Reserve Seattle 44.3
SSG Joe R Hooper USARC Army Reserve Bothell 22.4
Vancouver Barracks Army Reserve Vancouver 70.8
Fairchild AFB AF Active Airway Heights 1,754.6
McChord AFB AF Active Tacoma 1,613.4
Mukilteo Defense Fuel Support Point AF Active Everett 40.5
Spokane Family Hsg Annex AF Active Spokane 38.9
Camp Murray ANGS Air Natl Guard Tacoma 30.9
Four Lakes Communications Station (ANG) Air Natl Guard Cheney 17.0
Spokane IAP ANG Air Natl Guard Spokane 47.0
FISC Puget Sound Bremerton Navy Active Bremerton 134.8
FISC Puget Sound Bremerton (Manchester Wash) Navy Active Manchester 372.8
NAS Whidbey Island Navy Active Whidbey Island NAS 1,278.0
NAS Whidbey Island (OLF Coupeville) Navy Active Coupeville 24.1
NAS Whidbey Island (Sea Plane Base) Navy Active Oak Harbor 383.9
NAVMAG Indian Island Navy Active Port Townsend 208.4
NAVRADSTA /T/ Jim Creek Navy Active Oso 126.5
NH Bremerton Navy Active Bremerton 139.0
NS Bremerton Navy Active Bremerton 688.0
NS Everett Navy Active Everett 351.0
NS Everett (Fort Lawton Magnolia) Navy Active Seattle 17.8
NS Everett (Marysville WA) Navy Active Marysville 60.8
NS Everett (Pacific Beach) Navy Active Pacific Beach 40.9
NSY Puget Sound Navy Active Bremerton 1,649.0
NSY Puget Sound (Bremerton R R) Navy Active Bremerton 32.3
NUSWC DIV Keyport Navy Active Keyport 391.5
NUSWC Div Keyport (Undersea Warfare Annex) Navy Active Keyport 220.7
SUBASE Bangor Navy Active Bangor 1,260.8
NS Puget Sound CSO Caretaker Seattle 286.2
NMCRC Spokane Navy Reserve Spokane 13.0

Eleanor Maintenance Complex Army Guard Red House 37.1
Big Bend USARC / OMS Army Reserve Grantsville 19.3
Charleston AFRC / AMSA #107 Army Reserve South Charleston 12.6
EWVRA Shepherd Field ANG Air Natl Guard Martinsburg 93.7
Yeager Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Charleston 73.7
Allegany Ballistics Lab Navy Active Keyser 295.8
NAVSECGRUACT Sugar Grove Navy Active Sugar Grove 127.2

Badger AAP Army Active Baraboo 1,355.5
Denis J. Murphy USARC/AMSA/OMS Army Reserve Green Bay 12.1
Fort McCoy Army Reserve Sparta 1,712.7
W. Silver Spring Complex Army Reserve Milwaukee 61.8
General Mitchell IAP (ANG) Air Natl Guard Milwaukee 90.1
Hardwood Weapons Range (ANG) Air Natl Guard Finley 11.2
Truax Field Air Natl Guard Madison 199.2
Volk Field Air Natl Guard Camp Douglas 249.2
Gen Mitchell IAP-ARS AF Reserve Milwaukee 128.9
NCTAMS LANT Norfolk (NRTF Clam Lake WI) Navy Active Ashland 21.1

Francis E Warren AFB AF Active Cheyenne 971.5
Francis E Warren AFB AF Active Durham 11.5
Cheyenne Municipal Airport ANG Air Natl Guard Cheyenne 87.3
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This Day in History
1085: Alfonso VI takes Toledo, Spain from the Muslims.

1862: Confederate General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson achieves a victory during the First Battle of Winchester, Virginia.

1944: Germany launches Operation Knights Move, in an attempt to seize Yugoslav communist partisan leader Tito.

1951: Eighteen U.S. Marines and one U.S. Army infantryman captured during the Chosin/Changjin Reservoir campaign were returned to U.N. control.

1952: ROK President Syngman Rhee declared martial law in Pusan and arrested members of the Korean National Assembly.

1952: The USS Iowa made its heaviest attack to date against the industrial seaport of Chongjin.

1953: The first atomic cannon is fired in Nevada.

1968: The communists launch their third major assault of the year on Saigon. The heaviest fighting occurred during the first three days of June, and again centered on Cholon, the Chinese section of Saigon.