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Operation Military Support  Popular

Operation Military Support Supporting our Troops One Letter at a Time.
Added on: 13-May-2003 | hits: 784 | Rating: 9 (6 Votes)

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Operation Support Our Troops  Popular

This website is about our troops, for our troops! We are so indebted to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces for our safety and freedom that we dedicate this website to them! Thank you Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen!!
Added on: 13-Nov-2004 | hits: 776 | Rating: 9 (7 Votes)

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Operation Support Our Troops - Illinois  Popular

Our mission is to support the needs of our members of the armed forces of the United States of America deployed in harm's way. We accomplish our mission by sending packages of items that are not readily available to our troops in their deployed locations, along with personal letters, cards and notes of support from the community at large.
Added on: 03-Jan-2008 | hits: 963
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Operation Wounded Soldiers  Popular

Operation Wounded Soldiers Is a program designed for the average citizen/public to give them a way to show their patriotism and support for our troops.
Added on: 29-Jan-2005 | hits: 921
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Pacific Merchant Marine Council, NLUS  Popular

The Council supports the US flag Merchant Marine and our maritime shore establishment - US built vessels, US owners and US citizen crews! We have an education mission to inform the public of the vital necesity of our maritime industry. Join with us.
Added on: 14-Oct-2009 | hits: 762
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Partnership in Patriotism  Popular

From a classroom initiative that won national attention in 1998, a response to New York State?s character education mandate, Partnership in Patriotism has grown to a seven member community coalition. This website also includes web pages and a regularly updated newsletter from our local American Legion post.
Added on: 24-Jan-2006 | hits: 851
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Patrol Craft Fast  Popular

The experiences of twelve young sailors during the year 1967, on board two individual Swift Boats.
Added on: 19-Mar-2004 | hits: 694
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Pipkin Family Ancestry  Popular

The Pipkin family has a STRONG Military back ground as you'll see on the "Military" Webpage of my Website. You'll find reference to our country's military, past & present thru out my Website.
Added on: 03-Mar-2005 | hits: 662
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Polish Legion of American Veterans USA  Popular

Web site of the Polish Legion of American Veterans with a history of the organization and a membership application submission form.
Added on: 31-Dec-2003 | hits: 678
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POW, MIA, K I A, Traveling Memorial Table  Popular

POW, MIA, K I A, Traveling Memorial Table. Presented by The Native American Pow and Wow and Veterans Assistance Group.
Added on: 19-Oct-2004 | hits: 694
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POW/MIA  Popular

This site is dedicated to all the POW/MIAS of all wars, Active Duty Military of which are serving this wonderful country America. To all the War Veterans who served before them in many lands and all the many Loved ones that have perished as a result of terrorist attacks to our nation. To the Americans who have lost their loved ones we share your grief and we salute you all forever.
Added on: 30-Apr-2005 | hits: 657
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PRC Marines and Corpsman  Popular

PRC Marines and Corpsman.
Added on: 07-May-2003 | hits: 647 | Rating: 7 (2 Votes)

Report broken link | Details  Popular

Celebrates American patriotism with pictures, music, videos and news links. Includes message board for debating patriotic issues.
Added on: 08-Jul-2004 | hits: 892 | Rating: 9 (3 Votes)

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PTSD Help 2000  Popular

The humane guide to VA benefits for veterans with PTSD.
Added on: 15-Nov-2004 | hits: 662
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PTSD Support Services  Popular

PTSD Support Services.
Added on: 07-Nov-2005 | hits: 744 | Rating: 8 (1 Vote)

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Recollections of an RB-29 Crew in Japan  Popular

The mission of this web site is twofold: 1) Sharing, in some detail, the experiences of our own RB-29 crew, assigned to the 91st Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron, Yokota Air Base, Japan from October 1953 through June 1954; and, 2) collecting and sharing first-hand stories of other individuals and crews involved in related mission activities using a variety of recon aircraft types.
Added on: 01-May-2003 | hits: 736
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Reenactor.Net  Popular

On Reenactor.Net you will find information about historical reenacting around the world.
Added on: 07-Aug-2005 | hits: 996
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Remembrance  Popular

Remembrance is a clarification into some of the politics, cultures, and history that confronted us as Vietnam veterans, and a memorial to those still unaccounted for from the Vietnam war.
Added on: 28-Feb-2004 | hits: 658
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RiverVet  Popular

Don Blankenship's site about River Boats in Vietnam.
Added on: 16-Jun-2005 | hits: 835
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Rolling Thunder, Inc. National Chapter  Popular

Rolling Thunder?, Inc.'s major function is to publicize the POW-MIA issue. To educate the public of the fact that many American prisoners of war were left behind after all past wars. To help correct the past and to protect the future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war-missing in action. We are committed to helping American veterans from all wars!
Added on: 04-May-2003 | hits: 646
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This Day in History
1783: Britain signs a peace agreement with France and Spain, who allied against it in the American War of Independence.

1863: Union General Ambrose Burnsides Army of the Potomac begins an offensive against General Robert E. Lees Army of Northern Virginia that quickly bogs down as several days of heavy rain turn the roads of Virginia into a muddy quagmire. The campaign was abandoned three days later.

1941: Hitler meets with Mussolini and offers aid in Albania and Greece.

1942: Nazi officials meet in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to decide the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question."

1944: Allied forces in Italy begin unsuccessful operations to cross the Rapido River and seize Cassino.

1945: The Allies sign a truce with the Hungarians.

1951: The United States demanded the condemnation of China as an aggressor. The same day, the bodies of ten U.N. soldiers murdered by the communists are found on the central front.

1951: The 16th Regiment of the Royal New Zealand Artillery joined the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade in Korea.

1951: Naval Task Force 90 began to transport civilian refugees and enemy POWs to Cheju-do and Koje-do prisoner-of-war camps.

1952: British troops occupy Ismalia, Egypt.