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SALTY DAWGS,MC is a family oriented US Navy Veterans' Motorcycle club, comprised of active duty, retired, and honorably separated men and women who have at least a few things in common; family, camaraderie, service to our country, and the passion for riding motorcycles.
Added on: 09-Apr-2004 | hits: 917
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Sarge Lintecum's Jungle  Popular

Vietnam Blues - Combat Tested Blues... For Peace on CD and other Nam Stuff.
Added on: 15-Nov-2004 | hits: 625
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Screaming Eagle Vietnam Veteran  Popular

I served with "C" Company, 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry of the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. I have become interested in surfing the net looking for other sites of Vietnam Veterans. As I come across these sites I am adding them as links from this site. One of the reasons I have developed this site is in hopes that it will become a "jumping off" point for other veterans of the 101st.
Added on: 02-May-2003 | hits: 888
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Semper Fi Girls  Popular

A great site for Marine Corps Wives, Girlfriends, and Fiancees.
Added on: 27-Apr-2003 | hits: 1142 | Rating: 8 (5 Votes)

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Semper Fi Sweethearts  Popular

This group is a support group for women who are married, engaged, or dating a United States Marine.
Added on: 16-Apr-2004 | hits: 993 | Rating: 9 (15 Votes)

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Sgt Moms  Popular

The Internet site for Military Families.
Added on: 04-May-2003 | hits: 1366
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Sgt Pleiku's Place  Popular

Neal Golden's (aka Sgt Pleiku) personal site, home of the Phantom Catcher pages, Conex Box, and Award Program.
Added on: 19-Oct-2004 | hits: 630
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Shadow Warrior Foundation  Popular

The Shadow Warrior Foundation is dedicated to members and former members of elite units and units involved in counterterrorism around the world. It is meant to honor those who went where others feared to go, who faced death without blinking an eye, and who asked nothing in return. The Foundation is a Tennessee chartered organization established under the provisions of IRS Code, Section 501(c)(19) as a non-profit vererans fraternal organization.
Added on: 14-Dec-2004 | hits: 642
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SITREP  Popular

This is the Official Information Website of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment (Viet Nam) Association Inc of Australia.
Added on: 28-Apr-2003 | hits: 854 | Rating: 7 (2 Votes)

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Stryker Brigade News  Popular

Coverage of all of the Stryker Brigade Combat Teams ("SBCT") in the Army.
Added on: 08-Sep-2005 | hits: 1167 | Rating: 9 (4 Votes)

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Task Force Omega, Inc.  Popular

Since its inception in 1983, TASK FORCE OMEGA, INC. has concentrated its effort on the Return of the POWs abandoned in Vietnam and Laos after the Vietnam War.
Added on: 21-Jan-2004 | hits: 663
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The 127th Military Police Company Vietnam photo Album  Popular

The 127th Military Police Company Vietnam photo Album.
Added on: 11-May-2003 | hits: 634 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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The 229th Aviation Battalion (Vietnam)  Popular

The 229th Aviation Battalion (Vietnam) was a Assault Helicopter Battalion, that used the helicopter to get the jobs done. We were assault helicopter and took the grunts into the field and resupplied when needed.
Added on: 01-May-2003 | hits: 811
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The 76th Seabees of World War II  Popular

This website is in Honor of the men of the 76th Seabees, a naval construction battalion of WWII.
Added on: 14-Mar-2005 | hits: 732 | Rating: 9 (1 Vote)

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The 86th Trans Company, Long Bien Vietnam  Popular

Tribute to the 86th Trans Company, Long Bien Vietnam.
Added on: 02-May-2003 | hits: 716
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The Aftermath of War  Popular

A Safe Haven of Support for those whose battles live on in The Aftermath of War.
Added on: 01-Oct-2004 | hits: 741 | Rating: 9 (4 Votes)

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The All American Pages  Popular

The All American Pages.
Added on: 08-Sep-2004 | hits: 632
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The American Legion Post 428  Popular

The American Legion Post 428.
Added on: 30-Apr-2003 | hits: 626
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The Final Roll Call  Popular

Without the Armed Forces of the United States of America, we would not have the freedom we enjoy today... for freedom is never "free". This page is dedicated to ALL our servicemen and women, and especially to those who have answered: The Final Roll Call.
Added on: 21-Jan-2004 | hits: 737 | Rating: 8 (3 Votes)

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The Geezer Zone  Popular

Military history.
Added on: 03-Aug-2004 | hits: 627
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1743: By the Treaty of Abo, Sweden cedes southeast Finland to Russia, ending Swedens failed war with Russia.

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1863: Union gunboats attack Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, for the first time.

1917: A German counter-attack near Lens is repulsed.

1917: French troops secure possession of ground east of Bixschoote.

1918: French troops advance one mile north of Autreches.

1918: U.S. troops arrive at Vladivostok.

1942: Lt. Col. Evans F. Carlson and a force of Marine raiders come ashore on Japanese occupied Makin Island.

1943: Allied forces complete the conquest of Sicily.