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Tibbo's Bunker  Popular

This site is dedicated to all those who served their country!
Added on: 23-Dec-2004 | hits: 752
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Tiger Survivors  Popular

Tiger Survivors is a veterans group of American soldiers, one British Marine and 79 multi-national civilians who were held prisoners by the Communists in North Korea for 38 or more months from 29 June 1950 through 1 April 1954.
Added on: 26-Mar-2004 | hits: 692 | Rating: 9 (4 Votes)

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Tom's Place  Popular

Features a lot of military and personal photos; my poetry, short fiction, stage plays, short essays; and it also has a POW/MIA support page and military and veteran links of interest.
Added on: 27-Apr-2003 | hits: 790
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Treats for Troops  Popular

Our mission is simple: we want to put at least one package from home into the hands of every American on active military duty anywhere in the world. We're the one-click solution to sending care packages to soldiers.
Added on: 16-Jan-2004 | hits: 696 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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Tribute To America's Military Forces  Popular

Tribute To My Fellow Soldiers, 68th Assault Helicopter Company, 334th AHC Attack Helicopters, 1st Aviation Brigade.
Added on: 30-Apr-2003 | hits: 685
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Tribute to the Armed Forces of the United States  Popular

This site is dedicated to the Armed Forces of the United States of America. Defenders of freedom, one and all!
Added on: 06-May-2005 | hits: 697
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Troop F 17th Cav 196th in Vietnam  Popular

This page is dedicated to the memory of our F Troop brothers who didn't return.
Added on: 15-Apr-2004 | hits: 960
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U-Boot-Archiv  Popular

Deutsche U-Boote 1935 - 1945.
Added on: 28-Apr-2003 | hits: 869 | Rating: 9 (4 Votes)

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U.S. Army Hawk Missile Battery C-8-1  Popular

United States Army Hawk Missile Battery C-8-1 Okinawa 1967-1969 Battery "C", 8th. Missile Battalion, 1st. Artillery, 30th Artillery Brigade
Added on: 29-Apr-2003 | hits: 1242
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U.S. Coast Guard Lightship Sailors Association  Popular

Historical news stories, pictures, and information can be found on the website. It is so detailed it even includes all the testimony taken by the Marine Board of Inquiry when the sister ship of the Titanic ran over and sunk the Nantucket Lightship.
Added on: 14-Dec-2004 | hits: 649
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U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps -- Internet Development Group  Popular

The Internet Development Group (IDG) is the official organization to operate and maintain the the NSCC's presence on the internet. The IDG was officially created on May 12, 1999 by a letter from the Executive Director, NSCC.
Added on: 30-Nov-2004 | hits: 699
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United In Spirit - Pride In USA  Popular

In creating United In Spirit, we wanted to create a place of Pride for the United States of America. We are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
Added on: 11-Dec-2003 | hits: 745
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United States Naval Sea Cadet Division - Great Salt Lake Division  Popular

The U.S. Navy Sea Cadet Corps and the U.S. Navy League Cadet Corps are part of a non-profit American Youth Organization, that was established by the Navy League at the request of the U.S. Navy over 40 years ago.
Added on: 26-Jan-2004 | hits: 838
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US Armed Forces News Service  Popular

News from our servicemembers in the air, on the front or with the fleet.
Added on: 15-Apr-2004 | hits: 939 | Rating: 100 (108 Votes)

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US Naval Sea Cadet Corps  Popular

US Naval Sea Cadet Corps Ohio Valley Division.
Added on: 30-Oct-2004 | hits: 648
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US Naval Sea Cadet Corps - Central Iowa Division  Popular

Central Iowa Division is a Naval Sea Cadet unit devoted to fleet opportunities and education. Since it's creation in 2002, Central Iowa division has excelled in competition and it's curriculum is one of the most active being offered by any unit in the program. Being Iowa's only Sea Cadet unit, Central Iowa Division has to carry the Iowa name with utmost pride and respect.
Added on: 11-Aug-2005 | hits: 1095 | Rating: 8 (3 Votes)

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US Navy Beach Jumpers Association  Popular

US Navy Beach Jumpers Association official web site.
Added on: 26-Aug-2005 | hits: 1687 | Rating: 10 (1 Vote)

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US Paratroopers  Popular

A Paratrooper Website designed for not just US paratroopers, but ALL paratroopers and Veterans of all Military service are welcome, come see how the airborne Brotherhood acts among their own.
Added on: 30-Oct-2004 | hits: 775 | Rating: 7 (8 Votes)

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USCG Lightship Sailors Association International Inc  Popular

USCG Lightship Sailors Association International Inc
Added on: 14-Feb-2009 | hits: 602
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USMC - PCS Colorado Springs  Popular

A large collection of Marine Corps links and material.
Added on: 27-Jun-2003 | hits: 621
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This Day in History
1783: Britain signs a peace agreement with France and Spain, who allied against it in the American War of Independence.

1863: Union General Ambrose Burnsides Army of the Potomac begins an offensive against General Robert E. Lees Army of Northern Virginia that quickly bogs down as several days of heavy rain turn the roads of Virginia into a muddy quagmire. The campaign was abandoned three days later.

1941: Hitler meets with Mussolini and offers aid in Albania and Greece.

1942: Nazi officials meet in the Berlin suburb of Wannsee to decide the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question."

1944: Allied forces in Italy begin unsuccessful operations to cross the Rapido River and seize Cassino.

1945: The Allies sign a truce with the Hungarians.

1951: The United States demanded the condemnation of China as an aggressor. The same day, the bodies of ten U.N. soldiers murdered by the communists are found on the central front.

1951: The 16th Regiment of the Royal New Zealand Artillery joined the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade in Korea.

1951: Naval Task Force 90 began to transport civilian refugees and enemy POWs to Cheju-do and Koje-do prisoner-of-war camps.

1952: British troops occupy Ismalia, Egypt.