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Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearing House  Popular

Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearing House.
Added on: 13-May-2003 | hits: 823
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Larry's Web Pages  Popular

I'm Proud to be a Veteran and to serve my country from 1963-1966.
Added on: 29-Apr-2003 | hits: 734 | Rating: 8 (4 Votes)

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Leatherneck Lane  Popular

The Homepage of Brandon D. Bowlin, USMC.
Added on: 02-May-2003 | hits: 831 | Rating: 1 (1 Vote)

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Lincoln District Scout Band  Popular

This lively youth marching band entertains and delights audiences with exciting music and precise marching displays. Lincoln District Scout Band are a capable bunch of 25 young musicians. They are equally at ease playing in a village gala or a park bandstand, as they are leading a high profile carnival parade.
Added on: 30-Nov-2004 | hits: 636
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Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen (VMB-613)  Popular

This website is dedicated to its officers and men of Marine Bombing Squadron Six-Thirteen who, as group of young men, served as Marines with the belief of Semper Fidelis. Although many of them are now gone -- the rest in the twilight of their years -- it is fitting that this website be dedicated with the hope they will be remembered for their faithful and honorable service.
Added on: 12-Mar-2005 | hits: 873 | Rating: 9 (2 Votes)

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Marine Chat  Popular

MarineChat Forums.
Added on: 17-Jan-2005 | hits: 1230 | Rating: 9 (20 Votes)

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Marine Corps Aviation Association  Popular

Welcome to the Marine Corps Aviation Association website! Anybody with an interest for Marine Air is welcome.
Added on: 30-Apr-2003 | hits: 1075 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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Marine Corps Leauge Westchester County Detachment  Popular

The Marine Corps League was founded by Major General Commandant, John A. Lejeune, in 1923 and chartered by an Act of Congress on August 4, 1937. Its membership of nearly 50,000 is comprised of honorably discharged, active duty and Reserve Marines with 90 days of service or more, and retired Marines. It includes officer, enlisted, male and female members.
Added on: 11-May-2003 | hits: 1524 | Rating: 9 (7 Votes)

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Marinier Arie Verouden 1933-1958  Popular

State of Service, P.O.W. WWII, Dutch East Indies, Photographs, Pictures, To Recover, Veterans, Info, Links, Music.
Added on: 12-Mar-2004 | hits: 632 | Rating: 9 (5 Votes)

Report broken link | Details  Popular

A website for dutch marine corps vets.
Added on: 26-Jun-2003 | hits: 759
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Maryland Montford Point Marine Association #28  Popular

The Maryland Montford Point Marine Association #28 is a nonprofit Veteran's organization, Established to Perpetuate the legacy of the First African Americans who entered the United States Marine Corps from 1942 to 1949, all branches of the U. S. Military past or present are welcome regardless of race, creed, or national origin. Membership in the Ladies Auxiliary is open to wives, daughters, sisters, and mothers of members of the U. S. Military past or present.
Added on: 29-May-2003 | hits: 818
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MIA/POW Group  Popular

This Group is dedicated to all of the Men and Women that have served our great country, and have paid a terible price. I am speaking of course of all of the MIA/POW's. I think that they have suffered long enough. Let's bring them home.
Added on: 04-Jun-2003 | hits: 653
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Midway Sailor  Popular

Website dedicated to USS Midway, CV-41, and includes a ship's history, specifications, commanding officers, deployments, air-to-air victories, memorabilia, patch collection, and photo galleries.
Added on: 13-Oct-2003 | hits: 690
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Milairpix  Popular

A site devoted to Military Aviation Photography with images taken at some of the major airshows and airbases in the UK including, the International Air Tattoo from RAF Cottesmore and RAF Fairford, the annual Air Fete's from RAF Mildenhall.
Added on: 14-May-2004 | hits: 616 | Rating: 8 (3 Votes)

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Military Information Service Network  Popular

History of the second World War.
Added on: 28-Apr-2003 | hits: 1205 | Rating: 9 (6 Votes)

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Military Mama  Popular

This website is the result of years of gathering with other military spouses and seeing that those of us who laugh are much better off than those of us who complain.
Added on: 14-May-2004 | hits: 810
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Military Mom in Action  Popular

Military Mom in Action is a not for profit/charitable organization established to encourage the men and women in our military. Their commitment to our countrys safety and freedom is appreciated.
Added on: 28-Feb-2005 | hits: 653
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Military Moments, A Wife's Perspective  Popular

This site was created to help ease yet another transition and the frustrations of being a military wife! So, this site will always be a work in progress.... as is my life! Please feel free to look around and make yourself at home.
Added on: 14-May-2004 | hits: 727 | Rating: 6 (1 Vote)

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Military Moms Online  Popular

Website for sharing the love and support for our Military Men/Women both stationed on the homeland and on foreign soils.
Added on: 29-Apr-2003 | hits: 810 | Rating: 8 (4 Votes)

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Military Order of the Purple Heart, Department of Delaware  Popular

The Only Congressionally Chartered Organization Exclusively for Combat Wounded Veterans.
Added on: 30-Apr-2003 | hits: 738
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This Day in History
1813: The Allies defeat Napoleon Bonaparte at Leipzig.

1912: The First Balkan War breaks out between the members of the Balkan League--Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro--and the Ottoman Empire.

1918: Czechs seize Prague and renounce Hapsburgs rule.

1939: President Franklin D. Roosevelt bans war submarines from U.S. ports and waters.

1942: Vice. Adm. William F. Halsey replaces Vice Adm. Robert L. Ghormley as commander, South Pacific. Brilliant work in the capture of the Solomon Islands and New Guineas led to Halsey's promotion to full admiral. He succeeded in destroying the Japanese fleet in the Battle of Leyte Gulf in 1944, and commanding U.S. forces in the operations that led to the capture of Okinawa and the surrender of the Japanese there.

1944: Lt. General Joseph Stilwell is recalled from China by president Franklin Roosevelt.

1950: The First Turkish Brigade arrives in Korea to assist the U.N. forces fighting there.

1950: The ROK Capital Division occupied the East Coast ports of Hamhung and Hungnam.