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Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.

-- General George Patton Jr


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    This Day in History
    1812: A British army under the Duke of Wellington defeats the French at Salamanca, Spain.

    1814: Five Indian tribes in Ohio make peace with the United States and declare war on Britain.

    1864: Confederate General John Bell Hood continues to try to drive General William T. Sherman from the outskirts of Atlanta when he attacks the Yankees on Bald Hill. The attack failed, and Sherman tightened his hold on Atlanta.

    1915: French positions east of Metzeral (Alsace) are attacked, captured, and evacuated.

    1915: The Italians capture 1,500 prisoners on Carso.

    1916: Austrians, retreating before Sakharov, begin to evacuate Brody.

    1917: The Russians penetrate German defences east of Vilna to a depth of two miles, taking 1,000 prisoners; further success jeopardised by indiscipline.

    1938: The Third Reich issues special identity cards for Jewish Germans.

    1942: The systematic deportation of Jews from the Warsaw ghetto begins, as thousands are rounded up daily and transported to a newly constructed concentration camp at Treblinka, in Poland.

    1943: Palermo, Sicily surrenders to General George S. Pattons Seventh Army.