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He that makes war without many mistakes has not made war very long

-- Napoleon Bonaparte


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    Should the military be used to enforce quarantines in the event of pandemic disease outbreaks?

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    This Day in History
    1865: Confederate General Joseph Johnston officially surrenders his army to General William T. Sherman at Durham Station, North Carolina.

    1865: John Wilkes Booth is killed when Union soldiers track him down to a Virginia farm 12 days after he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

    1865: Joseph E. Johnston surrenders the Army of Tennessee to Sherman.

    1937: The ancient Basque town of Guernica in northern Spain is bombed by German planes.

    1952: Armistice negotiations are resumed.

    1971: The U.S. command in Saigon announces that the U.S. force level in Vietnam is 281,400 men, the lowest since July 1966.

    1972: President Nixon, despite the ongoing communist offensive, announces that another 20,000 U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Vietnam in May and June, reducing authorized troop strength to 49,000.