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T-62 MBT
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Function: Soviet front line MBT during the 1960s.

Background: The T-62 was introduced in 1961 to replace the T-55 as a Soviet front line main battle tank. In many respects, the T-62 represents a product improvement upgrade of the T-55; the T-62 uses the same 580hp V-12 diesel engine, the track, suspension, and drive train arrangement are essentially the same. The initial-run T-62 also shared the same NBC protection system and active infrared gunner's sight as the T-55. The T-62 uses the same fording components as the T-55 and is capable of fording to a depth of 1.4m without modification and to 5.5m with the snorkel kit. The T-62 is capable of producing onboard smoke by injecting vaporized diesel fuel directly onto the engine exhaust.

The T-62's real improvement lay in its 115mm smoothbore, high velocity cannon. With a muzzle velocity of over 1,600m/s, the T-62 has a nearly flat trajectory through its entire effective range, making the gun very accurate. Later production models incorporate a true NBC filtration/over-pressurization system, thus eliminating the need for the crew to wear protective masks while inside the tank, as well as a passive IR gunner's sight which eliminated the need for active infrared search lights which would reveal the location of the illuminating tank.

Although the Soviet Union ceased production of the T-62 in 1975, the T-62 still remains in front-line service with a number of countries world-wide.

Description: The T-62 is similar in appearance to the T-55. The T-62 uses the same "live track" design as the T-55. There are 5 large cast road wheels, with a distinctive gap between the third and fourth and the fourth and fifth road wheels. The track is all steel, the idler wheel is to the front, the drive sprocket is to the rear and there are no return rollers.

The turret is more egg or pear-shaped than dome-shaped, as with the T-55, and the attached infantry hand rails, if present, are both curved, as opposed to the straight and curved rails on the T-55.

The main IR searchlight is mounted on top of the turret, to the right of the main gun, as with the T-55, with one secondary searchlight mounted below the main light to the right of the gun and one mounted on the commander's cupola on the left side of the turret.

The 115mm smoothbore cannon uses the same trunion arrangement as with the T-55, substituting an armored mantlet for a canvas weather-resistant cover. The cannon has a bore evacuator mounted one third of the way down the gun tube and may be equipped with a thermal sleeve.

The T-62 employs the same coaxial PKT-T 7.62mm machine gun as the T-55 and is mounted to the right of the main gun. The 12.7mm DShK anti-aircraft machine gun is mounted at the loader's station.

As with the T-55, the T-62 does not use armored fuel cells. Instead, the fuel is stored in exposed tanks on the track fenders. The engine exhaust is expelled out the left rear side of the hull. Auxiliary fuel tanks may be attached to the rear of the hull.

General Characteristics, T-62 Main Battle Tank


Soviet Union




620hp liquid cooled V-12 diesel

Length. Gun Forward:

21.55 feet (6.63 meters)


11.44 feet (3.52 meters)


7.8 feet (2.4 meters)

Combat Weight:

41.5 tons

Cruising Range:

450 kilometers (650 kilometers with additional fuel tanks)


Maximum: 28 mph (45 kph)


Without Preparation:

4.55 feet (1.4 meters)

With Snorkel:

17.88 feet (5.5 meters)


Four (Loader, driver, gunner, Tank Commander)



115-mm smoothbore gun, 2A20

AT-10 Sheksna Cannon launched ATGM


One 12.7mm DShK anti-aircraft machine gun (loader's station)

One 7.62mm PKT-T coaxial machine gun


40 main gun rounds, typically 12 HVAPFSDS rounds, 6 HEAT rounds, and 22 HE rounds


Drozd APS (T-62D)

Introduction Date:



T-62A: First production model of the T-62. Incorporates the 12.7-mm DShK anti-aircraft machine gun, which is mounted at the loader's station, and an improved two-axis gun stabilization system that gives the gunner limited a shoot-on-the-move capability.

T-62K: Command variant. In addition to having increased radio capabilities, the "K" model also possesses an inertial land navigation system. Using a gyroscopic compass and distance calculator this navigation system allows the commander to plot his location from a known point as well as display direction and distance to a plotted point.

T-62M: The T-62M is essentially an "A" model upgraded to the T-55M standard. Added the Soviet made Volna fire control system (dual-axis stabilization, laser range finder) as well as a cannon launched ATGM (AT-10 Sheksna.) Upgrades in armor protection include the 180o "bra" armor belt on the front half of the turret, track side skirts, and smoke grenade launchers.

T-62M1: "M" model without the through cannon ATGM capability. "-1" variants have replaced their standard power plant with the 780hp V-46 12 cylinder diesel engine from T-72 MBT.

T-62D: Variant with the Drozd APS in place of Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA.) Developed by the Soviet Union in 1977, the Drozd system was designed as an active defense against ATGMs and anti-tank grenades. The system was based on a number of millimeter-wave radar transceivers situated around the turret. The radar sensors would detect the approach of an ATGM and fire off short-ranged fragmentation rockets that were intended to shred the incoming missile. To prevent accidental discharge, the system was equipped with a filter to react only to objects flying at characteristic ATGM speeds. The four-barreled launchers were located on the forward part of the turret and only provided protection for the front 60? portion of the turret. To change the covered arc of coverage the crew would have to rotate the turret and orient the coverage cone on the threat.

T-62MK: Command variant of the T-62M.

T-62MV: "M" variant with ERA (either Kontakt or Kontakt-5 second generation) in place of the bra armor.

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