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Page four (4) of old SEAL men pictures Page FOUR erasmo doc riojas largest SEAL photo album in the WWW

               The HasBean SEALs
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JohnCarl Roat

                                                                            Carl Roat

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Class-29: The Making of U.S. Navy SEALs

by John Carl Roat

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  My Green Brothers

You ask who are my Green Brothers?
First here's who they are not.
They are not of one height or weight.
They are not of one religion or race.
They are not of one political party,
nor economic class.
They are never politically correct.
Most important, they are not quitters.

Now think on this, this is who they are.
They will go to the EDGE and beyond, alone or as a group.
When knocked down, they get back up and keep getting back up,until they win.
When they have nothing left, they find more and share it.
They stand ready to do the Bad Business of War.
They are my Teammates.
Yesterday's Frogmen, today's SEALs.

John Carl Roat
Class-29. UDT-21, UDT-11, SEAL Team 1




 NOV 2009  Roy Dean click on                                                                                                       sign to see photos on
Vietnam Photos HERE!NOV 2009  Roy Dean   Vietnam Photos HERE!NOV 2009  Roy Dean  


7th Pltn, ST-2, Shrapnel Wounds, Chuck Jessie & Doc Rio            from Movie: Men with Green Faces


                  Barry Enoch signing his book


  Bernie Campoli, Dave Southerland , Linda Ball, Ella Hazelwood,  Jim  Hazelwood


                          Bob Rieve,    ?  ?    ,     Pat Badger                              Mike Boynton


This photo was taken either at AP Hill or at Camp Pickett:  Left to right: Hook Turre, Mike Boynton, Erasmo Riojas, Charlie Watson, Jack Rowell, Roy Dean Matthews.  This was the 7th Platoon SEAL Team TWO in 1967.  Aug67 is when the film was developed.                        


                                      Dick Pouliot                               William H. Hamilton CAPT USN SEAL  



I missed the steak fry on the beach at Vieques (Thank goodness), but Frank was in the 3d Platoon, UDT-21 when we went got diverted to Panama. We experienced Thankgiving at sea on the way home.  Frank was volunteering as the night baker on the Earle B.Hall.

After eating a full turkey dinner in the best Navy tradition, I stuck my head in the galley to complement Frank.  He smiled and said, "Just like my mother used to make, only she didn't fuck it first."

Curt GIbby  Class 29 E.C.

        Frank Scolise EN1(SEAL)                      T Shirt I made for "Eagle" Gallagher

 Feb 15, 2005:    Yea, I got the one for dear "Ole" Frank Scolise.  We operated a lot together and I have some great ones of us.  Quick story. 

 We were blasting a channel for this island so deeper draft boats could come in.  We are taking a break and have the usual Rum & water when in walks Robert Mitchem (the movie star).  Anyway Frank strikes up a conversation with him & I am standing there so Frank asks Mitchem "Do you do any diving"?  Mitchem said No, and Frank says I wish I had you for about 15 minutes.  I'd drop you down to 150 feet so fast those sunglasses your wearing would look like contact lens.  

Mitchum grabs his glass and yanks them off and stares at Frank.  Frank starts to laugh and before you know it they had there arm on each others shoulder.  Only Frank could do that.  I miss him and I could fill a book on all the things I experienced while operating in the team.  I was fortunate to dive with the best. I'll break them out and send them to you. 

 Again, congratulations on your photo album.  I am looking forward to Key West, UWSS reunion for  next year.  Cindy , my wife, and I bought a new Toyota Prius.  (One of those hybrid cars (gas/elec combo)  55 to 60 in town and a good 50 plus on the road.   Have a day and keep in touch.                                           SOB  "sweet ole bill" Daugherty                      

                                1990:  Kochey,  Schultz,  Riojas,  Humphries,  Hammerly,  F. Thornton 

Admiral Harry Humpries (our movie star)               Harry Humpries Movie Advisor in Hollywood

                                                                      Harry Humpries


     Moran?,  and    ??                                                            Jim Watson, Mike McQuillis,  ??


Joe DiMartino,Dave Sutherland,Jim Watson, Roy Boehm


TopRow:Lt to Rt: Hook Turre, Jack Rowell, Curtis Ashton, Mike Boynton, Fred Keener, Roy Dean Matthews.  Bottom Row Lt to Rt:  Robert "Eagle" Gallagher, Erasmo "Doc" Riojas, Rinney, Harry Constance, Robert "Pete Peterson , Charlie Jesse.  The Origional ST-2  7th Pltn. Our first tour to MyTho (home base) but operated all over IV CORPs areas of 'nam.

Missing: Gene Fraley , Rinney's handler(KIA), Billy Burbank (transferred to PRUs), W.O.Charlie Watson returned to Little Creek due to Illness.  This photo was taken in MyTho at the PBR base.  Rinney made too much noise in the jungle.  He went on two Ops and was used to interrogate captured VCs.  The photo says May 1968, which is when the film was developed, photo was taken in late 1967.

We relieved "Moose" Boinotte's, "Pee Wee" Nealy's platoon at the Carter Hotel, MyTho RVN 1967.  We had a BSU-1 platoon with us for the Mike Boat and one of the Origional STABs "by Mattell."

SEVENTH Plt, ST-2, 1967-1968:  Best I can remember:  We ran over 100 clandestine Ops in IV Corps RVN. Awards:  14 Combat Action Ribbons,  1 Navy Cross, 2 Silver Stars, 14 Bronze Stars, 12 Purple Hearts (two were refused), 14 VN gallantry Crosses, 12 Navy Achievement Medals and SEAL unit awards, Presidential and Navy.  "Eagle" Gallagher Navy Cross.


                 ? ?,     Ken GLess                              Ken Gless, Sue Boehm, Dick Marcinko,  Bob Nissley


                   PT Schartz & Wife                                            Hoot, Rudy,  Jim Redmon, Grady


                 Chuck Fellers & family                                         East Coast Frogs/SEALs


            SEALs ST-2 1968
       from:(movie Men with Green Faces)                          Isham, Girard,Cook, Ramos, Pat Martin

                                                                            L-R: Skip Isham, Pete Girad, Jim Cook,Ray Ramos, Pat Martin    

Admiral Tom                                                              Admiral       , Del GUice, Callahan,  Young Lion ST-2  


                                                                                 Archie Grayson, Tom Hawkins, The Admiral, Erasmo Riojas

     Joe Di Martino, Aldo Ray,  ? ?   


                Alonzo Price                                 Leasure,   Roat ,  Humphries

   Tom Blais, Finley, "Black Jack" Macione, Doc Riojas, Bill Earley

                         Curt Gibby, Ann GIbby                                            Capt. Simmons   Billy Burbank


        Dr. Riojas, Dr.Charlie Aquardo                                                 Dr. Boreman   & Doc Riojas


                  Sub Lockouts on Boat's Deck                

   L-R: SEALs KIAs, except Marcus Luttrell "Lone Survivor"(on extreme rt.) Afganistan


                                                                     Archie Grayson                                                                Me

               WWII Frogmen at Ft. Pierce                                                Curtis "Butch" Ashton


          Alex Verduzco                             Capt. Larry Bailey (SEAL) "El Menos de Magnifico" HE said that !  

        Sam Baily Jr. Bernie Campoli, Doc Riojas                                                           H.T.


                   L-R: ?, O'Rielly, Roy Boem, ?                                  ?, ?, ?  Ft. Pierce


           "older than Dirt" Barnes,    H.T.                                  "Swede"  Tornblom


            L-R:  Ev Barrett, ?,  ?   St. T.                                                        Barry Enoch


Tom Keith     Bob Barth   Erasmo Riojas  ST-2                               Erik Prince, of Blackwater fame



                                                                             Sam Orr & Doc Riojas

                                                                      David PaAaina, Harry Constance, Jim Finley

Bob Holmes & David "Pineapple" PaAaina at 2009 UWSS reunion Panama City FL


                                  Billy Burbank                      David Byers, Sam Baily, Becky Byers, Doc Riojas

                                               Rudy & Marge Boesch in China

   Vietnam: UDT-12 "The Big Blow Job"  on rt: Jan Janos sitting in the water.

WEBMASTER's NOTE:  Jan, Do you remember the movie that was made by the USN photographer?  The SEAL that went on the Huey with him away from the canal, about 1.5 clicks was me.  Remember the COBRA that was going to make a firing run on us?  I  got ahold of LT. Harvey on the PRC-25 I was carrying and told him to get ahold of the cobra on his other radio (i think PRC-77 had airplane frequencies) and tell the guys we were not VC.  I instructed the "kid" photographer when the COBRA came around to go down to the bottom of the rice paddies water and dig himself into the mud.   I was promised a copy of all the pictures and that movie which I never received.                Doc Riojas

BTW:  You got a medal for that OP, a Navy Achievement Medal with combat V.  So did I but I refused it because I was only there with you guys one week.

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Doc Riojas,

Page Four -Scroll down about half way UDT-12 The Big BlowJob. the guy setting in the water is me. there two small pictures there. 

Jan Janos


            Campoli, Dave Sutherland, Linda Hubbell, Ella Hazelwood, Jim Hazelwood


                    Roy Boehm, SEAL & Pilot 


                                               Bill Garnett

                                                                                           Billy Burbank    


              L-R: Billy Burbank, Tom Blais, Doc Riojas,Archie Grayson


                                     Binnie & Lenny Waugh                                                            Biron Wilfreda


       Mrs & Thrift       , Blackie & wife                                                        Tom Blais


                                                    Bob Holmes                                                   ??


                       ??,  &  Bob Niessl                                          L-R:  Bob Rieves  & Mrs and Pat Badger


                                                                  Bob SHouse & Rosalie    


L-R: ? , Skip Isham, Eagle Gallagher,  ? ,  Doc Cox                              Bob Shamberger


                                                                  Bob Shamberger ,      &       ??   


                                     Bo Burwell


Lowell "Bo" Burwell & James Franciscus (hollywood star)                       Roy Boehm


                              ??                                                     "Moose" Boinnott & Chief Erasmo Riojas
                                                                                             (from movie men with green faces )            


      Gary Smith in the Center He wrote Three Books                                         Bourgeois  KIA


                                                               Jim Braden & Doc Patchurick

Ray Tullas, Eagle Gallagher,Doc Rio(withBra), Dick Martin                 Brian and Tom Keith


 Lt -Rt:  LK Williams, Rudelle Williams, ? , ?                          L.K.  Williams ,  Bill Brumuller


              John Cook Brewton KIA 'nam                                         Brick: Lourdes Tolentino


              Billy Burbank, Doc Clark, Gene Cahill  
 Lt.toRt.:Curtis "Butch" Ashton KIA 'nam, Roberto Ramos KIA 'nam; Jerry Waters killed in parachute accident in SuffolkVirginia                                                                                                    

    Harry Humphries,Ray Tullis, Tom Hawkins, Gene Cahill        Erasmo "Doc" Riojas, U.S. Navy SEAL, 'nam war games


      UDT Sailor on the big blow job in 'nam                                  Captain Patt  &  Swede Tornlom in St. "T"




                       ??       West Coast SEAL                            Doc "Spearchucker" Brown , HM2  ST-1 

                          Chuck Fellers  & his family                                           Clark  ST1


Shawn & C.J. Sweesy son of "The Indian" Jerry S.    1967 L-R: cleaning weapons Keener,Ashton, Rio


Erasmo Doc Riojas (SEAL)  Honorary Member Class 19  L-R Stand: "Swede" Tornblom, Ray Ramos, Marsls, Ken GLess, CHuck Newell, Lynch  L-R sitting:  Erasmo "Doc" Riojas, Billy Burbank, Hiline,  Pat Martin                                                                            


     Doc Martin, Rio, Doc Perez, Doc CLark   


  Jim Cook; Johnny Rabbitt                     Capt Shablie                                     Lourdes Tolentino & Dave Sutherland


Rudy B.,EvBarrett, RayTullis, GeneCahill, Red Coyle    Jack Lynch and Family, his son is also Navy SEAL                                                         


                 LT  Moran          John  Dearmon                                           A.D. Clark and   ?


                                A. Dee Clark      & Richard "Doc" Martin


                                       center: Roy Boehm, Susan Boehm, and Jim Watson


        Gulf Coast SEALs: Larry Lyons, Jim Bracken, Doug Bateman, Doc Riojas, Bob Holes, Dee Clark,  ? I forgot


        Bill "S.O.B." and Cindy Daugherty 

                                Young Lions and Jim Watson in Blue Shirt at Little Jim's Bait Shop, Ft. Pierce FL

Michael Lindsey                                                          David Goggins


 David Goggins PO1 (SEAL) , Won the BRONZE !

                                                                   David Goggins


                                 Erasmo "Doc" Riojas, U.S. Navy SEAL, 'nam war games 1970


TheREAL First SEALs :  Callahan  &  Del Giudice                    Mitchell Hall (SEAL) 

            this is a Navy Journalist doing a story about the LDNN (VN SEAL) training Camp in CamRanh Bay 1970, Left: Inst Quan.  Please Read the book by Gary Smith:   Diary of a Navy SEAL: Death in the Delta   on for $0.01 + shipping.  Good Book to read.


                        Stew Smith BUD/S class


              Richard "Rogue Warrior" Marcinko & Fan   


     Billy Machen (SEAL) 1st SEAL KIA in 'nam, a Native Texan             Nick Nicelson (SEAL)


                                                            Scott Helvenston(SEAL) KIA's Iraq


 UDT Frogman East Coast Team                               Lourdes Tolentino-Riojas & "Eagle" Gallagher                                                                        


       Matthew Axelson & Oji Axelson                                      Richard "Rogue Warrior"  Marcinko



                                                            Danny Dietz & Marcus "Doc" Luttrell 709/navy-seals-1.html 709/navy-seals-1.html  

                                                                     Richard Machowicz,   presently of TV fame 


                   A Friend in Need

The proud Afghan risked all to save a Navy SEAL. Now, feeling abandoned, he is facing death threats.

By Ron Moreau and Sami Yousafzai

April 17, 2006 issue - Even with all the troubles that followed, Mohammad Gulab says he's still glad he saved the U.S. Navy SEAL. "I have no regrets for what I did," the 32-year-old Afghan told NEWSWEEK recently. "I'm proud of my action." Nevertheless, he says, "I never imagined I would pay such a price."

There, Gulab says, the SEAL thanked him and promised to send him $200,000 as a reward. The Afghan also claims that U.S. officers, knowing that he and his family would be in danger because of his heroism, promised to relocate them to America within two months. (The military denies such an offer was made.) All he has now is a $250-a-month job at the base as a construction laborer. "I sacrificed everything," he says. "Now no one cares."


                                            Capt. "Rick" Woolard  &  Erasmo "Doc" Riojas

                 DavePittelkow                                                CDR John Doolittle

                         Scott Taylor


                                                  Tyrie, Clements, Newell, Hammond, Doc Painter






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                                         Hospital Apprentice Erasmo Doc Riojas 17 years old 1949

SEAL TWO Photo ALbums by Doc Rio
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