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The Ole SEAL HasBeans  Page  (6) SIX, Laregest SEAL photo album on the WWW

                      The Ole Navy 
         Page  SIX

                                  webmaster:      Erasmo "Doc" Riojas    docrio45 [at]

Friends of the SEAL Trio awaiting                       Court Martial!  

You've stood in line long enough. We now have the info you need for sending checks or for wiring money directly into the account (which is in the First Western Trust Bank, whose president is SEAL Lindsay Thomas Kough, Class 158). 

Using the information below, either mail or wire-transfer your contributions to help "The Trio." Make your checks payable to "Warrior Legacy Foundation," and write "Warrior Defense Fund" (that's us) on the memo line. We have a totally separate account within a much-larger account. 

5460 South Quebec Street, Suite 200 
Greenwood Village, CO 80111 
ABA: 102007011 
Credit Account Number: 2045486 
Credit Account Name:
 Warrior Legacy Foundation Warrior Defense Fund 

There is a Pay Pal account already set up, and links will be on the Warrior Legacy Foundation site;; and a number of other www friendly sites. 

In closing, you should be aware that this account is overseen by a 6-person Board of Advisors, at least two of whom are SEALs and another a lady who is VERY active in the military-support community. We have done all we know how to do to get this thing on the road and to incorporate strict oversight procedures over how the money is spent. I believe that we have done pretty well setting up this account.

Fire in the hole! 

Larry Bailey

PS:  Let me know if you have any comments and/or recommendations. Email me 
at: larrywb [@], and Iwill give you my telephone number for discussion.



                    In the Valley of Death?  Who was the Meanest Muther?  We are U.S.Navy Sailors!  SEALs!   LDNN's   PBRs!    Swift Boats?    Ho Chi Minh?


                                     Click on Image to Enlarge it.

    Mark Divine (SEAL)                       Matthew Axelson    &  Danny Dietz  KIA Afganistan   



J.E. "Older than Dirt" Barnes with Frank Buck hat.

David A. Hansen

Archie Grayson, Joe Silva, Jim Tipton, Bob "Eagle" Gallagher


Archie Grayson

Archie Grayson, Rudy Boesch, Stan Janecka, Eagle Gallagher, Pat Martin,  ??  ,  sitting Skip Isham

Archie Grayson, Sheryl, Doc Cox  ,  Riojas

Archie Grayson, Dante Stephensen, Bill Garrnett

Keep me in you book.
Will be finishing my contract here 10 May and will meet Judy in Calif. for the flight to Fla. look fwd to seeing you at Panama City May 14.

D. Stephson, C. Poulnot, A.D., B.Coulson, D. Swartz and myself are going to Celebrate 50 years since graduation Class 22, we actually completed it Oct "59 , what the hell it's close enough.

Here are some pics. Would be great to be in with John Francis.
I had no problem id:ing this guy, he gets better looking by the day.

Jerry Hammerle
UDTR Class 22 (LC)
oceancap     comcast     net


Larry Bailey, Rudy Boesch,  ??


Cindy & Matthew Axelson

Roy Boehm


           Archie Grayson & Ashbrenner (sp)

Mike Thornton




Navy SEAL Ryan Job

Posted By Froggy

Ryan was the SEAL who was critically wounded preceeding Marc Lee's death in Ramadi on 2 August 06.  Ryan was shot in the face and he has completely lost his right eye and may very well lose his left.  He is recovering at Bethesda Naval Medical Center in Maryland right now.  I had the privilege of speaking with Ryan this afternoon on the phone, and I was struck by the courage and committment of this young man even at what must be his darkest hour. 

Ryan was very grateful for Marc, "shooting for me," while his platoon tried to casevac him from the Ramadi rooftop where he was hit.  Ryan was also grateful that an M1 tank put two 120mm rounds into the building from which he was shot.  He told me that he takes great comfort in the fact that the terrorist who took his right eye won't be around to enjoy it, and I heartily agree with him.  Though he certainly knows that he won't have the chance, he emphasized repeatedly to me that all he wanted to do was to get back into the fight with his platoonmates and that he'd gladly give his left eye for the opportunity.

Where do we get such men?   

I spoke with his mother and brother over beers at world famous McP's Irish Pub in Coronado, CA on Saturday.  They had attended Marc Lee's memorial service.  Ryan has a great family that love him, but like many of our hero's families, they don't have cash sitting around to spend on travel expenses and hotel rooms so they can visit their warriors during their recovery.  I donated to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation so that these needs could be met.  I'd encourage B5 readers to do the same if you are able.

I am trying to set up a fund for Ryan to get a Valour IT laptop which totals out at $800.  I will put down the first $250, and I would ask that readers who feel led, would step up and put up the remaining $550.   

Froggy is back:

I just wanted to report back to the B5 crew about the laptop drive for Navy SEAL Ryan Job at Bethesda.  You may remember that Ryan was shot in the face in Ramadi on August 2nd and lost his right eye.  His platoonmate, Marc Lee, provided the suppressing fire that allowed the platoon to medevac Ryan off of the roof where he was wounded.  Marc's sacrifice of his life to allow Ryan a chance to survive earned him the Silver Star and his rightful place in the pantheon of fallen SEAL Team heroes. 

I spoke to Ryan in the hospital last week and told him that I was going to try to raise money to get him a Valour-IT laptop-which we did here on B5 in EIGHT HOURS!  I asked the Soldier's Angels rep to total up the donations received last week for Ryan and she just wrote me back to say that all told, we raised $2535!  In addition to Ryan's laptop, three more wounded warriors will be getting one as well.  I want to thank the B5 readers for their compassion and for actually putting their money where their heart is. 

I also wanted to give a shout out to Beth, Lynette, Patty, and Adele  from Soldier's Angels for their rapid response to my request for Ryan and for personally ensuring that Ryan received the computer last Saturday morning.  Your efforts are appreciated.  And I don't want to forget the man who started it all-Chuck Z- has been working behind the scenes to oversee the delivery.  HOOYAH Chuck!



Homer and Clara Marshall


David Goggins                                                Carl Swepston & VN BietHai


Alex Verduzco 


           Ann Cooper in center


L.K. williams
H.T. Williams, O'Toole, Roy Boehm,  ??                H.T.


Jim Barnes          H.T.                                 ?,   O'Toole,    L.K. williams



 Riojas, Swede Tornblom and Hoot ANdrews

 Richard Marcinko                                                            Doc Riojas was one of the two qualified
                              SCUBA divers on the ship.  School ran by CPO Bob Sheats at Escape Tank Pearl Harbor territory of Hawaii.

          Riojas,        Osborne,          Lynch





Erasmo Riojas   and "Rip" after we shipped for six.  

Boynton,Constance,Riojas, Ashton, Matthews, Rowell; 7th platoon ST-2 guys on Mike boat by the USS Benehwa

Eddie O'toole, Callahan ,  Roy Boehm



 Sam Orr, LouLou Tolentino, Linda Ball & son Wiley


Doc Riojas, LouLou Tolentino, Sam Orr                         

Jack Saunders and wife


Frank Scolise   

from Bill Langley:


PS- About 1/4 the way down is Frank Scolice in his cooking pot.  During Operation Flintlock in about 1965 on Normandy Beach.  

 Frank was our cook for two or three weeks.  He ran out of coffee filters so he took off his boot, pulled his sock off and poured coffee into it.  He made coffee, and each time someone told him how good it was he would grin, laugh and thank them. 

 Since I didn't drink coffee, he let me in on the prank.  No one knew what he did.  There was no lack of excitement or humor on that trip.



Scottie Lyons & Tom Keith

                      Scottie Slaughter "Shark Hunter Extraordinaire" , Human being extraordinaire !

Muster Ft. Pierce, the ole Scouts and Raiders:  God Bless them all !



Per Erik Tornblom                                                 Ev Barrett, Pete Wikul  and ??



Tom Keith, Bob Barth, Erasmo Doc Riojas                    
                                                                                                                       West Coast Frogmen


Bill Brumuller & Fred Miller



Susan and Roy Boehm

Peggy & Tom Shoulders,  Notice Houston Oilers Glass in his hand?

CDR Joe De Floria

 From: Joe DeFloria
To: doc Riojas
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 
Subject: Picture on page 6 

Doc, the picture’s about a third of the way down on page 6. The photo was taken at Bac Lieu in late 1970. I was Det Golf Cdr. Coordinating a 2 platoon op against a group of VC smuggling weapons in from the coast. 
Thanks for the advice on the platoon photo -- I’ll see what I can do. 

LDNN: maybe Choi (sp), unknown, unknown, isrish flynn, R. Williams, Ron Byrum< Moki Martin, Ron Ostrander, Mitch Bucklew, Apo Gouveia, Joe DeFloria;   ST-1 Alpha Platoon, Tet Offensive 1969, Binh Thuy, RVN


From: Philip Martin [mailto:pmartin3 [at]]
Sent: Monday, November 02, 2009 11:05 PM
To: jgulick [at]
Cc: Joe Defloria
Subject: ST-1 SEALs, can anyone ID them? thank you


Yes, I  do.  That pix is of  the 1st squad of Alpha Platoon during Tet offensive 1968 on the Bassac River in the Mekong Delta.  This was taken by a Life magazine photographer.
From left to right are:   Joe Defloria, Ron Ostrander?/ Irish Flynn?, Apu Gouveia, Moki, Willy Williams, Mitch Bucklew.  The boat is a ST2 STAB and we wee working with Dick Marchinko’s platoon.



Moki responded earlier to Doc Riojas with the following, and attached here is another photo of the same group with names identified that Doc Rio already has posted on his web site. 


Yes, I  do.  That pix is of  the 1st squad of Alpha Platoon during Tet offensive 1968 on the Bassac River in the Mekong Delta.  This was taken by a Life magazine photographer.
From left to right are:   Joe Defloria, Ron Ostrander?/ Irish Flynn?, Apu Gouveia, Moki, Willy Williams, Mitch Bucklew.  The boat is a ST2 STAB and we were working with Dick Marchinko’s platoon.

Moki Martin

If you get in contact with "Apu" Walter's Hawaiian nickname he could probably fill you in on the others in the photo, as well as an ID on the boat.  Contact Bob Baird,or Rick Rogers   of "The Old Frogs and SEALs" and they can probably tell you how to contact Govea.  He will be on the roster...........


From: Joe DeFloria
'doc rio'
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009
Subject: RE: SEAL Team One, X-Ray Platoon

How about putting the photo of X-Ray Platoon and Chief Frank Bomar on page 6, in the area of Alpha Platoon. Maybe I can muster up some other West Coast platoons to add to that page in the future. 
Hope all is well. 
Best Regards, 
Joe DeFloria


Frank"Sparkie"Sparks  is the SCUBA diver in the movie "JAWS."  He remembered  Doc Riojas from his
tour of duty as a student at UWSS Key West FL. back in the 60's.  Sparks, a USNavy SEAL
and another of the Frog Family turned movie star.  Good luck to you "Sparkie" and God Bless you!



Per Erik Tornblom's Swedish family   taken ~1989


taken from The Blast Magazine, West Coast SEAL reunion  ~2000 yr.


Tom Norris & Bob Kerry

Bob Kerry

Senator Kerry




                                   Moleda   ST-4 WIA Panama Fiasco    

                                           Mike Mc Quillis rt:   Rudy Boesch, Everett Barrett, Ed Surko, and Bob Butler



                                                  Christopher L. Zevallos




                  lt to rt:  GEORGE DORAN,  Frank Scolise, Pat Patterson.


Doc McCarthy,Rio,Rabbitt,Bob Moore


John Francis Rabbitt

Viola Rabbitt & Johnny

                                 Erasmo "Doc" Riojas                          Bubba Brewton


DaiWee Richard Kuhn LDNN , ST-2 OinC Advisor & Erasmo "Doc" Riojas HMC  ST-2
DOc Riojas painted the sign and he brought back the wood gold wings from Olongapo P.I.


Rick Anderson (SEAL),    his son  an FMF Corpsman HM3 was  KIA Iraq

C. A.Anderson family


?? Bill Brumuller & Jim Tipton & CO ST2 Mr. Callahan and his wife ??

Bill Brumuller and Prince SEAL Dog                  Eric Prince CEO Blackwater


Harry Humphries, Ray Tullas, Tom Hawkins, Gene Cahill


PeeWee Nealy &   somebody's wife?


    Chomi Nash                                          Joseph "Red" Coyle & JoAnn Coyle


David "Big Bird" Hyde


Chuck Jessie and Erasmo "Doc" Riojas WIA


   RVN Working where the Army would not go ! "Butch" Ashton was KIA 2nd Tour 


Boynton,Constance,Riojas,Ashton, Matthews, Rowell



----- Original Message ----- 
 From: Ken & Melba Delfino 
To: Doc Riojas 
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2007 10:02 PM 
Subject: Cupertino Veterans Memorial Dedication 

Set III: Photo 1 SECNAV Winter and Hawaii team          Photo 2: Sheriff Dept bagpiper in rear; Axelson's brother on right wearing blue tie        Photo 3: Wreath from Gamewardens of Vietnam Association, Inc. (River Patrol Forces' Black Berets)               Photo 5: Donna and Corky Axelson with team.    They are in front of the SEAL depicted to be their son.

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       Adm. Joe Kernan                    SEAL Officer                        Ryand T.  Young  



                               Harry Constance


E.C. Class 19  
P.A. Violich Lt. USNR [ret]
 was Honor Man

    Erasmo "Doc" Riojas   is Honorary Member of CLass-19 E.C.


Doc, a little sea story:
You're putting me on!  At that juncture I had been in the Navy for only one year but I am pleased that I looked like a CO albeit with a single stripe. I must have been smiling because I had orders to go to Greenland for the summer with Ernie Ols, John Dearman, Nummy Johnson and my good pal the Swede.  We had a great time with a girl behind every tree [18" high] and the Eskimo mothers wanting Swede and me to ping ping their daughters to get fair skinned kids.  
Joe Heinlein told us at the last reunion that Ramos had died.  He was with us at our 40th but missed the 50th last year.  Good man. Had to bail him out of the Norfolk jail for fornicating in public.  In the back of a car with a married juvenile who he met that night. Her husband had to pick her up from the court.  What a mess. 
Hey Doc, That smiling face is of your's truly. Could not be Dante as "Shapes" is only about 5'8" and I was one of the taller guys in my class. I had to stand next to the Adm. as part of the punishment of being the Honor man. Notice that all the rest of the 0-1 and 0-2's are in the front row.
Hooyah,  Vultch    


                                                                                                                      Class 19 E.C. top row: Per-Erik Tornblom, Ray Ramos, Marslr, Ken Gless, CHuck Newell, Lynch, Doc Riojas(honorary member), Billy Burbank, Hiline, Pat Martin


06/10/2010   Email from R. D. Russell, SEAL archieves

Swede, Rio,

The roster for graduates of Class 019ec is as follows:

Alexander, John William Jr

Burbank, William Edward Sr

Foster, Clarence Eugene

Gay, Joseph Atlee

Gless, Kenneth E.

Grady, Clayton Charles Jr

Hammond, Arthur G.

Heinlein, Joseph E. Jr

Knox, Devereaux “Bull” C.

Lynch, Maurice “Mo” P.

Marsh, Norman James Jr

Martin, Pat Glenn

Mimbs, Norman E.


Nealy, Richard “Pee Wee” C.

Newell, Charles “Chuck” A.

Palmer, Frederick M.

Papadokos, Takis  

Ramos, Perfecto

Smith, Larry J.

Smith, William Hugh Jr

Stern, Gene D.

Tarbox, Tom N.

Thompson, Josiah D.J.

Tornblom, Per-Erik “Swede”

Violich, Paul

Vogel, Joseph Edward

Vogel, Lowell E

Wagner, James Edward


Rich "Doc" Williams RIP with wife Tillie

Homer "Doc" Marshall,  "Doc" Williams,  Ted Kassa   ST1

From: Franklin Anderson 
To: thkassa30  [at] 
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2008 7:17 AM 

Subject: Richard Williams (Doc) 

I am sorry to inform you of the passing of one of SEALS outstanding (Vietnam era) Corpsman. DOC passed away at 1502 on 20 January. He was very active in the Teams and made several tours to Vietnam. He helped treat LTJG Hendrickson and Rusty Campbell when they were exposed to White Phosphorus and the Doctor was unfamiliar with the procedures. With Detachment Bravo he cared for the Teammates for many of the medical problems associated with the RSSZ. Saving Raymond Abreu's life when he checked on him in Vung Tau and found him in serious condition and immediately got him shipped back to the States. Abe-- had dysentery and had lost over 20 lbs. 

Doc was a Jack of all Trades-and was actively involved in fabricating the "MIGHTY MOE"; he performed much of the welding when installing the armor plating--He and Roger Moscone worked well together to get Seals a boat that they could use in the rivers and waterways.. 

Doc is survived by his wife of 52 years and 3 Sons. 5 Grand Children and 4 Great Grand Children. Doc retired from the Navy after a very colorful career. He then went into law enforcement for 32 Years, 12 of which were as sheriff. The cause of death was congestive Heart Failure, which plagued him for an extended period of time. More information will be provided as it becomes available.. Ted Kassa is helping with the Military Services. If any of you have some stories or other information to contribute -please send it to Franklin Anderson or to Ted Kassa. 

Maynard, Bruce and Frank - would you disseminate this info to your emailing list-- Thanks - Franklin

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                              click on photo to enlarge                                     Olivera

        I see a lot of beautiful women and quite a few UGLY men!        They look like FROGs!


               William "Woody" Woodward's Photos

                                         Gunner "Woody" Woodward  

             Gunner William "Woody" Woodward    and    Hoi

   Gunner William "Woody" Woodward                 


                   John Wilkin & Gunner "Woody" Woodward



                             "Woody"   &   Marcus "Doc" Luttrell


                         Gunny Carlos Hathcock.  He died a year or so later.  He had trained most of those guys  in thispicture;  along with a hell of a bunch of young SEALs. 


Woody, newly licensed pilot @ Cubi Pt.


                                  Barry Enock & Robert Smith

                                                                       John Friesch &  Robert Smith

      Mickey the cave VungTau 1968


                                                                              Robert Smith 

                                                     Rocky & Robert Smith                                        


                                                              Stan Janeka


From:   Dante Stevensen,

Doc ,

 Re the JFK foto near the bottom of your long page:

The foto was taken in early cold 1962 was of my assault group. Also shown on the foto nest to Stan Janecka on his left is Green and then Kucinski.

To his right, but not shown was RA Tolison. To the left of JFK was his chief-of-staff and to that man’s left was our skipper, John Callahan. I was standing to the left of Callahan. It was damn cold outside that day.

 AD Clark was in a room elsewhere with Roy Boehm where AD demonstrated our newest weapon, the AR 15. The conversation AD had with JFK, who within days supplied his secret service with AR 15s, got Roy Boehm, our then XO, released from an impending court martial.

 Roy ordered those weapons without supposed proper permission, and the powers that did not want the navy to have a unit of anti terrorism came down  hard on Roy.

AC Clark and I were 2 of the 11 that graduated        class 22 (east). Claus Kratky and Bill Daugherty were injured during our class and were rolled back to and graduated class 23.



                                                     Carl Swepston Plane

 Brown and Turner

Chuck Pfarrer

                          Jason                              Jason

                                                         Jason & Son

      Dan Healy                                             Bob Kerrey
                     Lance Vaccaro

                         Herlinda Dealy & Daughter

                                                Nathan Hardy & Son Parker

Mike  Monsoor

                Marc Alan Lee

                                    Thomas Valentine


Michael Howard

            SEAL KIA's                                              Russ Geraldi & BrainMulholland


                                                    Jesse Ventura

          Ryan  Job sight    

             Ryan Job WIA blinded               Ryan & Kelly Rob

                                SEAL Team FOUR platoon, Operation Just Cause


        Nick Rocha                                                           Tom Norris & Mike Thornton

                                KIA SEALs

                                  BUD/S Class 236

Klassic Koverage LCDR Erik Kristensen SEAL

Click here for more multimedia clips.



W.C. Reunion 75 photo   by Lou Boyles

----- Original Message -----
From: Lou Boyles
To: Doc Rio
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 6:45 PM
Subject: WC Reunion 75 photo 

Hey Doc,
Here is a classic for you. I think I counted 18 Guys in this photo that have gone on up to the big 'DZ' in sky. I'm not sure about a couple. There may be more. I took a large copy to the Reunion last week and caused quite a stir.

 Some great Guys in there. I took it at the Coronado Women's Club in 75. That was the only year that we were there. I don't think they wanted us back. Don't know why. I just got some of the Guys together and climbed up on the roof to grab a shot. Had a great time at the Reunion last weekend as always.

 They said it was confirmed that the Leap Frogs were to be disbanded. That is sad, especially for me. I was in the jump team for 11 years and was the one who came up with the name 'Leap Frogs'. 

Jack wants me to do a story on it for the Blast. I'll work on it. 

Take care my Friend, 

Lou Boyles





Capt David Garner Wilbourne, USN (Ret ) passed away on January 18, 2010 in Corpus Christi, TX.  He was born April 29, 1942 in Harrisonburg, VA.   His life had been dedicated to his country with his 26 year naval career as a Senior Naval Officer obtaining significant combat experience in Naval Special Warfare (UDT/SEAL) serving three tours in Vietnam.

He was a thoughtful and caring man whom will always be honored and respected for his achievements and contributions to the UDT/SEAL and  Intelligence communities. 

Capt Wilbourne's ashes will be scattered at sea by fellow SEAL's at sunrise on Sunday November 7, 2010 during Veterans Day services off the shore of the UDT/SEAL Museum located in Ft. Pierce, Florida.   For his family and those who truly knew him he will be loved and dearly missed forever.

    is your photo missing?       send it       to Rio at


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