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This Day in History
1873: Bulgarians, led by Stefan Stambolov, repulse a larger Serbian invasion force at Slivinitza.

1915: A "Pacific Blockade" of Greece is proclaimed by the Allies.

1916: The British raid and take Farafra Oasis.

1917: The British advance further in the hills of Judea arriving within six miles of Jerusalem.

1918: French troops enter Metz.

1918: Luxemburg entered by American troops.

1940: Adolf Hitler tells Spanish Foreign Minister Serano Suner to make good on an agreement for Spain to attack Gibraltar, a British-controlled region.

1942: The Soviet Army launched a counteroffensive against the German armies north of Stalingrad using More than 3,500 guns and mortars firing on a fourteen-mile front. Concentrating fire on the segments of the front composed of Romanian troops, since they had no previous battle experience, 65,000 Romanian soldiers were taken prisoner in less than twenty-four hours.

1943: the USS Nautilus (SS-168) enters the Tarawa lagoon in the first submarine photograph reconnaissance mission.

1950: X Corps First Marine Division commander, Major General O.P. Smith moved his units carefully northward toward the Chosin Reservoir.