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    This Day in History
    1657: English Admiral Robert Blake fights his last battle when he destroys the Spanish fleet in Santa Cruz Bay.

    1775: British troops begin the siege of Boston.

    1809: Napoleon defeats Austria at Battle of Abensberg, Bavaria.

    1861: Colonel Robert E. Lee resigns from the United States army two days after he was offered command of the Union army and three days after his native state, Virginia, seceded from the Union.

    1945: Allied bombers in Italy begin a three-day attack on the bridges over the rivers Adige and Brenta to cut off German lines of retreat on the peninsula.

    1945: Soviet troops begin their attack on Berlin.

    1967: U.S. planes bomb Haiphong for first time during the Vietnam War.

    1970: In a televised speech, President Nixon pledges to withdraw 150,000 more U.S. troops over the next year "based entirely on the progress" of the Vietnamization program.