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    This Day in History
    1655: Puritans jail Governor Stone after a military victory over Catholic forces in the colony of Maryland.

    1804: The Secretary of the Navy approves the first formal uniform of the Marine Corps.

    1813: The frigate USS Essex flies the first U.S. flag in battle in the Pacific.

    1863: Secretary of War Edwin Stanton presents the first Medals of Honor to six of the surviving members of Andrews Raiders. They are the first Medals of Honor ever presented.

    1864: The Battle of Paducah Kentucky takes place.

    1865: Confederate General Robert E. Lee makes Fort Stedman his last attack of the war in a desperate attempt to break out of Petersburg, Virginia. The attack failed, and within a week Lee was evacuating his positions around Petersburg.

    1865: The Battle of Bluff Spring Florida takes place.

    1865: The Battle of Mobile Alabama takes place.

    1879: Japan invades the kingdom of Liuqiu (Ryukyu) Islands, formerly a vassal of China.

    1895: Italian troops invade Abyssinia (Ethiopia).