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More than one general has redeemed faulty dispositions and won fame by a suitably glorious death.

-- James Lawton Stokesbury

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The Land We Love  Popular

The Land We Love - A Photographic Journey Through America is taking you across our great land to see the sights and learn our history.
Added on: 19-Oct-2003 | hits: 617 | Rating: 9 (5 Votes)

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The Military Page's ~ DD 744 USS Blue  Popular

Information and photographs from the DD 744 USS Blue.
Added on: 14-Oct-2003 | hits: 1100 | Rating: 9 (31 Votes)

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The Navy Mobile Riverine Force in Vietnam  Popular

Join the author as he takes you from his youth to his harrowing experiences with the Navy Mobile Riverine Force in the steamy jungles of the Mekong Delta. View his personal Vietnam War Pictures, Vietnam War Memorabilia, Military Medals and much more.
Added on: 11-May-2003 | hits: 648
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The New Zealand Roll of Honour  Popular

On this site you will find the names of those who died for New Zealand from the Anglo Boer War to World War II.
Added on: 26-Sep-2004 | hits: 1018 | Rating: 9 (3 Votes)

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The Rod's Home page  Popular

The Rod's homepage of military links.
Added on: 29-Apr-2003 | hits: 778
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The Royal Hampshire Regiment  Popular

See the in-depth History of the 37th & 67th Foot, The Hampshire Regiment, The Royal Hampshire Regiment.
Added on: 30-Apr-2003 | hits: 694
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The Sappers Association Queensland  Popular

Our mission is to foster and maintain the pride of both current serving members and ex serving members of the Royal Australian Corps of Engineers.
Added on: 29-Apr-2003 | hits: 871
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The Seal Of Patriotism Award Program Home Page  Popular

A website Award Program for only the most patriotic of websites.
Added on: 21-Jul-2004 | hits: 710 | Rating: 7 (2 Votes)

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The Story of the 330th Infantry Across Europe  Popular

This page is humbly and respectfully dedicated to our comrades who gave their lives that others might live in a free world.
Added on: 05-May-2003 | hits: 631
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The Tenerife Sur Branch of the Royal British Legion  Popular

Branch, local and military news, links & information for members and visitors.
Added on: 01-May-2003 | hits: 690
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The Thunderbolt Across Europe  Popular

This page is dedicated to the men of the 83rd United States Infantry Division, "THE THUNDERBOLTS".
Added on: 05-May-2003 | hits: 625
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The USS SAVAGE (DE-386)  Popular

Only thirty destroyer escorts were manned by U.S. Coast Guard crews during WWII. The USS SAVAGE was one of them. This is her story.
Added on: 25-May-2003 | hits: 1062 | Rating: 9 (7 Votes)

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The Vietnam Brotherhood  Popular

The Vietnam Brotherhood is an in-country, fraternal association of Vietnam veterans.
Added on: 07-May-2003 | hits: 1029 | Rating: 9 (2 Votes)

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The Vietnam Era (Music)  Popular

The Vietnam Era (Music & Songs).....Welcome to the travel back in time. Music and songs till exist within our hearts and minds, saying so much about our times and experiences during the Vietnam Conflict.
Added on: 03-Mar-2005 | hits: 684 | Rating: 6 (2 Votes)

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The Vietnam Experience  Popular

A web site that shares the emotional and spiritual experiences of the Vietnam War through poetry, stories, and photos by combat veterans.
Added on: 13-Nov-2003 | hits: 762
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The Walking Dead  Popular

This web-site is dedicated to the Marines and Corpsmen who served proudly and gallantly with the 1st Battalion 9th Marines and to ensure that their deeds and those of our Brothers who made the supreme sacrifice will never be forgotten.
Added on: 30-May-2005 | hits: 749 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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The World at War, history of WW 1939-1945  Popular

The World at War, history of WW 1939-1945
Added on: 10-Oct-2004 | hits: 681 | Rating: 7 (1 Vote)

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The WWII Journals of Colonel Walton S. Van Arsdale  Popular

Here you will find diaries, photographs and letters from my grandfather's, Colonel Van Arsdale's, archive that I have assembled here in electronic form as a way both to honor him and his life and to serve as a research tool to those who are interested in studying personal accounts of WWII veterans and, in particular, Field Artillery in the Second World War.
Added on: 26-Aug-2005 | hits: 827
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They called them "Guns A Go-Go"  Popular

Originally designated the 53rd Aviation Detachment, and nicknamed "Guns-A-Go-Go" or "Go-Go Birds", this "test" unit of three Armed/Armored CH-47 Chinooks were deployed TDY for six months to Vietnam, 3 months at Vung Tau, and three months at An Khe. During their evaluation period, the ACH-47's destroyed every assigned target they engaged.
Added on: 30-Apr-2003 | hits: 804
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Third U.S. Artillery, Pinellas County, Florida  Popular

The 3rd U.S. Artillery, Battery E is a group of Civil War re-enactors. We commemorate our history and our heritage by re-enacting Civil War battles.
Added on: 26-Jun-2003 | hits: 736
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This Day in History
1743: By the Treaty of Abo, Sweden cedes southeast Finland to Russia, ending Swedens failed war with Russia.

1812: Napoleon Bonapartes army defeats the Russians at the Battle of Smolensk during the Russian retreat to Moscow.

1862: Minnesota erupts in violence as desperate Dakota Indians attack white settlements along the Minnesota River. The Dakota were eventually overwhelmed by the U.S. military six weeks later.

1863: Union gunboats attack Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina, for the first time.

1917: A German counter-attack near Lens is repulsed.

1917: French troops secure possession of ground east of Bixschoote.

1918: French troops advance one mile north of Autreches.

1918: U.S. troops arrive at Vladivostok.

1942: Lt. Col. Evans F. Carlson and a force of Marine raiders come ashore on Japanese occupied Makin Island.

1943: Allied forces complete the conquest of Sicily.