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WWII Navy WAVES: Marcella Lenne  Popular

WWII Navy WAVES: Marcella Lenne home page.
Added on: 07-Jul-2003 | hits: 669
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WWII Memories  Popular

This site is dedicated to my father and mother and the many others who served in the forces, were PoWs or had any kind of first hand experience of living through World War II.
Added on: 29-Dec-2004 | hits: 899 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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Women's Army Corps Veterans Association  Popular

The Woman's Army Corps (WAC) Mothers Association was founded during World War II (W.W.II) by some of the mothers of women in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) which later became the Women's Army Corps. The WAC Mothers' purpose was to help both men and women by serving in hospitals and USO's, selling bonds, mending clothes, sending comfort packages to the WACs and doing anything they could to make life more comfortable for the men and women serving their country. In 1984, Congress passed the bills that granted the Association a Federal Charter. President Ronald Reagan signed the Federal Charter into law on 30 October 1984. President Reagan proclaimed the first National Women Veterans Recognition Week beginning 11 November 1984.
Added on: 26-Jan-2004 | hits: 844
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Women of War Veterans ~ Overcoming PTSD  Popular

Here at WOW.... Wives and Partners of War Veterans diagnosed with combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) join together in support to gain strength in coping with the lasting effect of war.
Added on: 28-Sep-2004 | hits: 668
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Woman Marine Memoirs  Popular

Personal narrative of a Vietnam-era Woman Marine from enlistment through discharge. Veterans add-a-flag, resources, honoring military women and military poems. Come experience the Corps of the 60's!
Added on: 28-Apr-2003 | hits: 767
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Wildgun, C Troop 2nd Plt, 11th Cavalry Regiment  Popular

In memory and honor of those who served with my Plt in Nam. Information on Agent Orange, PTSD, Diabetes and more.
Added on: 27-Apr-2003 | hits: 947
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We Will Never Forget..September 11, 2001  Popular

This site is a tribute and memorial to the heroes and victims of September 11, 2001.
Added on: 14-Oct-2003 | hits: 874
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War Vets USA  Popular

Tribute to war vets. Military links.
Added on: 02-May-2003 | hits: 677
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Wakkanai Air Station  Popular

A website devoted to the people who lived, loved and worked at Wakkanai Airstation, Japan and Wakkanai City, Japan.
Added on: 28-Feb-2004 | hits: 1179 | Rating: 9 (4 Votes)

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VO-67 Association  Popular

Website dedicated to the members of Observation Squadron Sixty Seven (VO-67).
Added on: 13-Oct-2003 | hits: 857
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Viper's Vietnam Veterans Page, A Vietnam Veteran & Proud  Popular

A Vietnam Veterans Personal Home Page. Dedicated to all Vietnam Veterans, Tributes to the POW/MIAs, Vietnam Memorial Wall, 2nd 27th Wolfhounds,great links pages for Vietnam Veterans.
Added on: 30-Sep-2004 | hits: 1079 | Rating: 9 (1881 Votes)

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Vietnam Veterans of America, St. Petersburg Chapter 943  Popular

We are a newly formed chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. We recently recieved our charter from National which was presented at our December 2004 meeting by Florida State Council President Craig Tonjes.
Added on: 01-May-2005 | hits: 708 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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Vietnam Veterans of America, Florida State Council  Popular

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., Florida State Council.
Added on: 01-May-2005 | hits: 1026 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 877  Popular

Veterans helping Veterans.
Added on: 17-Nov-2005 | hits: 838
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Vietnam Veterans  Popular

Vietnam Veteran is not what we are it is who we are.
Added on: 29-Apr-2003 | hits: 1001 | Rating: 9 (1 Vote)

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Vietnam Vet Message Board and Buddy Search  Popular

Vietnam Vet Message Board and Buddy Search.
Added on: 02-May-2003 | hits: 820
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Vietnam Helicopter Images and Artifacts  Popular

Artifacts and images of US Army Helicopter units. This site is dedicated to the men who fought the war. It is a tribute to those who did not return. It's the hope of all involved that you will find and enjoy information on your unit as well as others.
Added on: 22-Jan-2004 | hits: 764 | Rating: 8 (2 Votes)

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Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association (VHCMA)  Popular

Our organization consists of former enlisted and commissioned helicopter crew members and their families, and any other interested parties.
Added on: 29-Mar-2004 | hits: 1308 | Rating: 9 (1 Vote)

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Vietnam Artillery 1971  Popular

Dedicated to the artillery men that served in Viet Nam.
Added on: 30-Apr-2003 | hits: 1057 | Rating: 9 (1 Vote)

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VFW Post 3115  Popular

Our mission is simple: support programs to increase awareness of the sacrifices of America's veterans; promote citizenship education, volunteerism and positive youth programs; and facilitate medical, rehabilitative, educational and employment services and needs for veterans and their families.
Added on: 24-Nov-2009 | hits: 606
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This Day in History
1759: British forces seize Basse-Terre and Guadeloupe from France.

1865: Union cavalry units continue to skirmish with Confederate forces in Henderson, North Carolina and Munsford Station, Alalbama.

1924: The U.S. Senate passes the Soldiers Bonus Bill.

1942: In retaliation for the British raid on Lubeck, German bombers strike Exeter and later Bath, Norwick, York, and other "medieval-city centres." Almost 1,000 English civilians are killed in the bombing attacks nicknamed "Baedeker Raids."

1945: The Soviet Army fights its way into Berlin.

1950: Chiang Kai-shek evacuates Hainan, leaving mainland China to Mao Zedong and the communists.

1975: At a speech at Tulane University, President Gerald Ford says the Vietnam War is finished as far as America is concerned. This was devastating news to the South Vietnamese, who were desperately pleading for U.S. support as the North Vietnamese surrounded Saigon for the final assault on the capital city.