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The mind of the enemy and the will of his leaders is a target of far more importance than the bodies of his troops.

-- Brigadier General S.B. Griffith


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    Are the possible side effects of anthrax and smallpox vaccines worth the risk for the military?

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    This Day in History
    1777: Marines join the Pennsylvania Navy for action on the Delaware River.

    1777: The British army launches a major offensive, capturing Philadelphia.

    1781: The French fleet defeats the British at Yorktown, VA.

    1826: The Persian cavalry is routed by the Russians at the Battle of Ganja in the Russian Caucasus.

    1864: Confederate General Sterling Price invades Missouri and attacks a Yankee garrison at Pilot Knob. Price's troops captured a fort and scattered the Union defenders, but also suffered heavy losses.

    1864: General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his men assault a Federal garrison near Pulaski, Tennessee.

    1915: "Horse Marines" engaged Haitian bandits near Petite Riviere.

    1931: The keel is laid for the USS Ranger (CV-4), the first ship designed as an aircraft carrier.

    1941: The U.S. Army establishes the Military Police Corps.

    1944: Operation Market-Garden, a plan to seize bridges in the Dutch town of Arnhem, fails, as thousands of British and Polish troops are killed, wounded, or taken prisoner.