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Once we have a war there is only one thing to do. It must be won. For defeat brings worse things than any that can ever happen in war.

-- Ernest Miller Hemmingway

Civil War Camp Lincoln Keokuk Iowa
October the 24th 1862
To Miss Hannah. M. Cone
Dear Miss
I will Inform you that I am well at this time & that our Co. is all well Except two or three Persons our Mess is all well at the Present & I hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you & Friends well.

Yours of the 19 inst is Rec. I was Glad to Hear from you & that you was well But I Had about given up getting any answer from you But Better Late than Never for Indeed Miss Han. I do love to get News from Home for it looks as if that is all the consolation that us Soldiers Have for we are away from Home & We Have to do as Best we can it is & Has Bin verry cold & Disagreeable to Day We cook & Eat out Doors & we Run to the Table & Eat But nearly Freeze our Fingers While Eating We Have one Stove in our Barracks Which Does a great Deal of good But one stove is a small make Shift for 80 or 90 men it is verry cold Standing guard Especialy of nights But If we are Spared to get through the war & Return to our Homes all will be well

My Self & H.W.Reitzel & J.M. Osborn will Be on guard Sunday & Sunday night I hope that we will leave for a warmer climate Soon. We Have not recd our clothes yet But our Major tells us that we will get them the first of the next week. I hope that we will get them Soon You stated in your letter that Sister Amanda looked for me Home She was verry much mistaken for Indeed it is verry Doubtful Whether I come Home Before we leave Here: If we should Stay Here 5 or 6 weeks yet I would likely come Home But I think that we will leave Here in 2 or 3 weeks our Major tells us that we will leave in 15 days The 30th Regiment Has 3 days Rations cooked & Every thing Ready & will leave to morrow for St. Louis they Have Recd there guns & Success to them I Hope that we will follow Soon I would Inform you that one of Capt Nobles men Died last night His name is Taylor Four of Nobles men & four of our men Starts Home with his Remains in the morning Indeed Dear Miss there is thousands of Poor Soldiers that will see Home & Friends no more in this World If you was in Keokuk & See the number of Sick & Disabled Soldiers it would make your Heart Ache. they are Dieing *illegible* Every Day. But anough of the Hard Side of a Soldiers Life I would tell you the good Side If I know it But don't think that I am Home Sick or Disheartend for such is not the case for I am only telling you a few simple Facts of a Soldiers campaign Indeed I wish never to Return Home Permantly untill this Wicked & God Forsaken Rebellion is Destroyed--
If we had our choices of course we would Be at Home for we are not in the army for fun nor money & Furthermore we wish never to fill a cowards grave & Dear Miss we Have no Fears But that we will Ever Have the good will of those Kind Friends Left at Home. Success to the union Armys & Ere Long may we all Be permitted to Return to our Homes & Live a quiet & Peaceably Lives

Give my love & Respects to all Friends & Reserve a Share for yourself Please write Soon & tell all to Remember & write to the Soldiers for it gives them great Pleasure to hear from Home

In Friendship
Love & Truth
I am Truly yours

Benton Barracks St. Louis Mo.
November the 30th /62
To Miss Hannah Cone

I will inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the Present time & I Hope that when this reaches you that it many find you well I can tell you that the Boys are Generaly Well at the Present & in verry Good Spirits

I Suppose that you have heard the Particulars of our travels from Keokuk to this Place through Wills letters Hence you you *sic* will Please Pardon me for giveing it but a Brief Notice

We left Keokuk on th 24th inst & came down the River Stoping Every now & then at the little towns By the Way I can tell that those little towns on the Mo. Side of the River are Hard looking Places little Dirty cabins with nothing to Sell Hardly But whiskey & the People looks to Suit the Places

But anough of that We arrived at St. Louis about 2 oclock on the morning of the 26th inst We was most all Sound asleep next morning at daylight We went up on Deck & we considerble that we never See Before the Steam Boats was up & down the River Wharf as far as we could See. But again about 3 oclock in the after noon we Recd. Orders to Put on our Harness & march to this Place!

Co A was the first to march off the Boat We formed & marched up through the little villige St Louis to this Place & we found a verry nice Place Here good quarters for us & we get Plenty to Eat & Suffice it to Say that we are Doing verry well

we Exspect to leave Here in a day or two to go we know not where But Suppose to Helena Arkansas I can tell you that we found Several Boys Here that we knew Via Philander Wilson George House Y. Lee Albert Miles & others---

I am sorrow to tell you that we left H W Reikel & Y. M. Osburn in the Hospital at Keokuk But I Hope that they will follow us verry Soon & also that we left 6 or 8 others there Y. A. Lyon was verry Sick---

Well Miss Han I will tell you that I & Will Has written about a dozen letters Since we left Home & Recd. But 2 or 3 letters This is the 2d. one that I have Writen to you & Recd. No Answer

Please write verry soon & Direct Plain
Co A 36th Iowa Infantry
St Louis Mo
give my love & Respects to all the Friends & Reserve ashare for your Self

in Friendship love & truth
I am verry Respectfully yours

Newton Scott

of Co A 36th Iowa Infantry
Benton Barracks
St Louis Mo.

On Board Lavinia Logan March 9th /63 on the Taliehatchie River in the State of Miss.

Dear Friend Han.

I will inform you with Pleasure that I am Well at the Present & I hope that When this Reaches you that it may find you Well I Rec'd your letter of Feb. the 8th on the 2nd day of this month & I Have Delayed Answering it untill Which I Hope you will Excuse me for & I will Promise to do better in the future. I was verry glad to Hear from you & that you was Well.. The Boys are Generaly Well I Believe at the Present I will Inform you that we left Helena on the 24th of Feb.. & we Have Bin on the Boat Ever since. We was 6 days comeing 18 miles through the Yazoo Pass one of the Crookedest & narrest Channels that a Steam Boat Ever went Before But we Have got through with about 25 Boats all together We Have Some 6 or 8 gun Boats with us & we are now Penetrating into the verry Heart of Dixie Since we Started we Have taken over one Hundred thousand Dollars worth of cotton & taken what Beef & chickens that we needed We Have See no Armed Rebels yet But we are Exspecting to be Fired at Every day By Guirillias I know not where we are going for certain But think that we will Fight our way to Vicksburg I Exspect that we will Have our first fight at Yazoo City Below the mouth of the Taliehatchie River I Exspect Ere this Reaches you to be in a fight--But that you know is what we all come to war for We Have got to fight Before we Can come Home

We can not Exspect this Rebellion Put Down with out Fighting & I am in favor of Doing the Fighting as soon as Possible & then those of us that are Spared to live can Return to there Honnest Friends I will tell you that Lieut Walker & Will & all convalescents were left at Helena Will was getting Pretty Stout again But I told Him that comeing with this Expedition might throw Him Back sick again & He concluded to stay though I Exspect that He Has writen to you Before this time

Our teams & teamsters & Hospital & nurses was left at Helena When we Started we Exspected that we will Be gone a month yet I care not How long we are out If we can Do any thing to Hurt the Rebel. & we don't all gett killed or Captured

If you see Amanda Please tell Her where I am & that I know not How soon that I will write Home I may not write untill I see the End of our Expedition though tell Her I will If Necessary at any time tell Her that I have written 2 letters Home Since I started Well Han. I Believe that I have written all of any Importance at the Present--I can't say how Soon this letter will get Back to Helena

Please write Soon My love & Respects to all & Reserve a share for your self Please Excuse my Bad writting for I have a Poor way of writing

Direct as before Verry Respectfully yours in Friend Ship
love & truth

Newton Scott

Helena Arks April the 9th /63
Dear Miss Han. M. Cone
I will Inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the present & I hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well I Have Recd. no letter from you Since the about the 1st of March I wrote you an answer on the 9th of March & Rec. no Ans yet & I Have concluded to write one letter for Spite Well Han. I dont know that I have much of Interest to write at the Present But I will write alittle & tell you How the Boys are getting along Since I wrote you last we Have Had considerable Sickness in our Co. E. F. Knight Has Bin verry sick But is Getting well now. Dorsey Makin is verry Sick at the Present He took Sick on or about the 15th March & Has Bin Gradualy Sinking Ever Since He is not Exspected to live I Have Bin waiting on Him Ever Since the 24th March We carried Him from the Boat yesterday Evening to His Relatives Here & I & Will P. is Staying with Him I think that He can not last But afew Days longer. the Rest of acquaintances are Generaly well I Beleive at this time--

Well Han, Since I last Wrote to you I Have Heard Rebel Bullets Sing But we Have Had no General Fight we was Fired on Several times By Gurillas Fired on us & Slightly Wounded 2 of our Co. Sergt. D. P. Bay was Shot in the Shoulder But not Seriously also Thomas Nichol was Shot on the cheek the Bullet was taken out But *But is crossed out* it will Soon Be well again

We left Ft Greenwood on the 4th & arrived Here on yesterday We Will go into camp Here But I know not How long we will Remain Here I think it Doubtful Whether we stay Here verry long I Have not Room to tell you any thing about our Expedition for it Would take about 20 Sheets of Paper to tell all But Suffice it to say that we Had apretty Hard time & Sufferd considerable with Sickness & Done But little Damage only in the Destruction of Cotton & Property I Have See a great many large Buildings & Fencing Burned and any Amount of other Property taken We got Several messes of Good chicken While we was gone we Respected Rebel Property But little & where Ever they Fired on our Boats We landed & Burnt Every thing that would Burn

But enough to this for the Present Well Han. I must tell you that I & the old Lady liveing at this Home Had a Big chat last night She Has two verry nice girls they are Sociable & Friendly & good looking But they are Secsh they Have Sent there only Grown Brother to Join the Rebel Army He left Here on the 9th of March they are verry Good to Dorsey they will give Him any thing that he will Eat If they are Secesh they are in favor of Peace on any terms they are verry tired of the war But they hear that the war will last Some time & I think my Self that it will Be some time yet Before the war closes

But I will Have to close for I Have my sheet Filled & nothing writen Will is Sitting By me writing to David Cone Please write all Particulars & write Soon give my Respects to all

Respectfully yours Newton Scott

HD Quarters Co. E. 2nd Regt Arkansas A. D.
Camp Prentifs Helena Arks

To Miss Han. M. Cone

Dear Friend
I will Inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the Present & I Hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well I Recd. your letter written May 18th to day I was Glad to Hear from you & that you was well If the letter was writen amonth ago the letter Has Bin to the 30th Iowa Below Vicksburg on account of the Directions not Being Plain. I will Inform you that I Have left the 36th Iowa I left on the 10th inst I am Appointed Ordy Sergt in the 2nd Regt Arks Vols A. D. the A. D. means African Devils Jacob Elder is Capt of my Co. & David M Warren is 1st. Lieut

You Better Beleive that I Have Some Big times with the Darkies. My Duties are much easyer Here than the Duties of a Private Soldier I loose no Sleep & Have no Garding to do

Our Regt is about 300 Strong at Present & will Soon Be full & then I Exspect that we will Go South to Vicksburg Port Hudson or New Orleans

I would love to Be at Home with My Friends But So long as this war last & I Remain in Good Health I Exspect to Stay in the Service & If it Should End Soon I may Stay longer But the Future Can only tell Comeing Events

Well Han I will Inform you that I & Will Had our Pictures taken & Sent one Each to you & Manda By Luint Walker I Suppose that you Have Recd. them Ere this time & when you write again Please tell me If I look anything like the little White-Headed Boy that used to Visit Mifs Hattie Kester

Well Han. you must Excuse my Foolishness For you Know that I allways would gab I See Will P yesterday He was well we are Camped about 1 1/2 mile from the 36th Iowa I pay them a visit every day or two.. I will tell you that the weather is Getting Pretty Warm Down Here now & you may Be Shure that I Stay in the Shade as much as Possible

You Spoke a word or two in Refference to my Darling Hattie & that the Cavalry Boy would Be to fast for me there But If He is I cannot Help it But will Cry If I can Shed a tear. You Speak verry excittingly about your Sabbath School I am Glad to Hear that you are Haveing Such Good times & only wish that I was there with you all to Enjoy the Pleasures of Home & Friends But I can not & Smile not Grumble about it But Do the Best that I can
- - - - - - - -

Well Han I Believe that I Have writen all worth writing at the Present We Have no News from Vicksburg or Below of Interest at the Present more than you Have Heard- - - - - - -

Now Han Haveing Sent you my Picture I will make one Request of you & that is I wish you & Amanda to Have you Pictures taken Both on one Plate If you can get Good ones that way & If not Have them taken Single & Send to me I wrote to Manda the Same Amanda will Pay the Exspense

I will Close for the Present Please give my love to all & Reserve a share for your Self I will give you my address on a nother Piece of Paper & Please write Soon & Direct-Plain

In Friendship love & truth
I am verry Respectfully yours

Newton Scott

Helena Arks
July 6th.. 1863

Dear Parents

I will Inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the Present & I Hope that when this Reaches you that it May find you all well I Had a light chill yesterday But I feel all O. K. to day

Ere this time I Suppose you Have the News of the Battle at Helena I will tell you that Gens Price Holmes and Marmaduke made a Dash at us on the Morning of the 4th.. Inst 5 Brigades of Infty & Considerably Cavalry When I a wake up the long Roll was Sounding & Every things to arms The Pickets was fighting and By Daylight our Forces were all in Positions our artillery all Ready & the Drove our Pickets in to the Rifle Pits where our men were & the the Fight was Most Sanguine & the massed there Force one the Center & that Confined the Fighting on the Bluffs
all this time our Hill Batterys ten or twelve Pieces in the Bottom & the Gun Boat Tyler with 8 or ten guns were throwing Shells Amongst them thick as Hail But they Filled up there Fallen Ranks with Fresh Troops & about 8 oclock they made a Charge on one of our Batterys first on the Rifle Pits they Carried the Rifle Pits & Come a Head on the Battery & took the Battery the Rebles was now in Fare view & our Artillery just mowed them & our Infty Had a Cross fire on them & they could not Stand it & Part of them Run for life But the most of them Surrendered I See them Comeing over our Rifle Pits & take our Battery But they had not time to Spike the Cannons for the Shells & Bullets were to Hot for them

We took 960 Prisners with 3 Cols & 3 or 4 other Field Oficers & Sent them up the River in 2 Hours after they were taken We Have Over 400 of there wounded Here in town I talked with Several of there wounded & they Said that Gen Holmes was Killed He was Chief Commander & Price next & then Marmeduke the 2nd.. Arks was on the Extreme left Supporting a Battery our Battery Done great Execution
We was not in Gun Shot of them But Could See them Fighting all the time & there Balls whistled all arround us & Amongst us one Ball wounded 2 Darkies in the Arm not Dangerous

I Have no time to give you any Detail now But will as Soon as I can

I was Over apart of the Battle Field yesterday & Indeed it was an Awfull Sight where the Charged on one of our Batterys I Stood & Counted 35 Dead Rebels in about 20 Paces Square But not Being verry well I did not go over But a Small Space of the Battle ground & I Counted 78 Dead Rebels & what little Space I was Over we Had Details out yesterday all Day Burrying there Dead an Officer Come to me this morning for a nother Detail to Bury more Dead today He Said that that they Had Burried about 400 of there Dead all Ready from Best Accounts they Have lost in Killed wounded & Prisners about 2000 & on Our Side we have lost in Killed wounded not Over one Hundred & we lost 4 or 5 Prisners of our Pickets

You will think that unresponsable to tell Such a one sided fight But wait for Official Reports the 36th.. Iowa was on the Extreme right & lost 3 Prisners & one Kiled on Picket. Co A lost none we Recd.. news this morning By 2 Boats that Vicksburg Surrendered on the 4th.. at ten Oclock Hurrah for Such Celebrations as at Vicksburg & Helena on 4th.. July 1863 we can whip ten to one of the Rebels. Here now you can See what we can Do Behind our works
I will write again as soon as I can & tell you all Huzza for the Old Flag of our Union

The last several lines were written around the periphery of all four pages. Those lines may not have been transcribed in the sequence in which Newton wrote them.

We Had one gunboat Here in the fight & now we Have 3 good ones So let them Come
I am sorrow to Inform you that Will Holmes is verry Sick in Hospital I see Him 2 days ago & not Heard from Him since, Case Critical Have Bin the Rifle Pits for the last 48 Hours
Capt Elder & 2nd.. Lieut are not Able for Duty Which throw all tasks on me & 1st.. Leiut
I have no Room for my Name But I will Scribble Down Here Old Dempsey Newton Scott

Helena Arks July the 23e.. 1863
Miss Han.. M. Cone

Dear Friend

I will Inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the Present & I Hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well I Recd.. your letter of the 27th.. inst on the Morn of the 21st.. that you Sent By Dr Ivens we was Starting out on 2 days Scout & I Recd.. the letter after I Had Started I was Glad to Hear from you again I will tell you that we was out 18 Miles in the Country & found Plenty of Apples & Peaches & Berrys
We See no Armed Rebs we Had a General good time we got Back yesterday Evening without losseing a man I Recd.. the Pictures that you & Manda Sent me & I was Glad to See the Second choice. again I think the Pictures verry Good ones & I als Recd.. the Butter & Berries that Mother Sent Me.. Wm.. P. is well He is gone after His Cans that you sent to Him By Dr Ivens
the Boys are Generaly well that is what is left of Co. A. I am Sorrow to Inform you that Will Holmes Died on the 15th.. inst it looks as If our Co. will Soon all Be gone But I Hope not I am Sorrow to Inform you that we Recd.. the News Here a few days ago that Oliver Boardman was Killed in the late Fight with Johnston in the Rear of Vicksburg & Several more of that Co. Wounded
I will tell you that Since I wrote to you last I Have Returned to Co A My Reasons was this I did not wish to Be Sworn in to the Service for five years & then I was Sick all the time that I was with the Darkies or Pretty near & Being of the Opinion that the war would End in 12 or 15 months I thought Best in Doing as I have Done..

You Spoke of your Sabbath School & off Haveing Good times in General I would love to Be at Home & Share the Pleasures & Libertys of Home But as it is I will content my Self & Hope for Better times in the Future

I am verry much Over Joyed Over our late Victories at Vicksburg Helena & Port Hudson & other Places I suppose that you Have Heard the Particulars of our Fight at Helena While you all was Haveing Such good times up at Albia on the 4th.. we was Shooting Rebels & the Bullets Came whistling around our Heads thick as Hail But By the Good will of Providence we Repulsed the Rebels with Great Slaughter I was over apart of the Battle ground the next morn & See the Dead Rebels Scatterd over the ground
at one Place where the Rebs charged & took one of our Batterys I Stood & counted 35 dead Rebs in about 15 Paces of ground Square our lose in Killed wounded & Prisners was less than 200 & the Rebels loss was Over 2500. We gave them one of the most Signal Trashings that they Ever got from the Yankees

Well Han. I Beleive that I Have writen all for the Present

Please write Soon & write all News & Particulars give my love to all & Reserve a Share for your Self
Direct Co. A

In Friend ship love & Truth
I am as Ever
Respectfully yours
Newton Scott

Helena Arks August the 11th 1863
To Miss H. M. Cone

Dear Friend

I will Inform you with Pleasure that I am well at the Present & I Hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well I Have Rec. no letter from you Since the one you Sent By Dr Ivens But I Hope that I will Rec. a letter soon
W. P. is well & the Boys are Generaly well I Beleive at this time I will Inform you that we will leave Helena to Day at 3 oclock on a march through Arks I Suppose that we will go to Little Rock & likely to Texas
We are agoing to have a Pretty long march & the weather is verry warm Down Here

I do not Know the No of troops that will leave Helena with us But suppose about 5000 & we will join Gen Davidson about 25 miles from Here & He Has Some 7000 Cavalry Suffice it to Say that old Price Has to leave Arks or give us Battle I Exspect that we will Have a fight with Him at little Rock or near that Place If we Do we will Do the verry best that we can for Him.---

After we leave Here I Exspect that it will Be Some time Ere we Rec. any mail I Have no Idiea How Soon that the mail will Reach us & we will Seldom Have the opportunity of Sending any letters Back But Suffice it to Say that I will write as often as I can & I wish you to write Soon & Direct as Before

Well Han I have Nothing of much interest to write to you at Present But I will try & do Better next time

W. P. is agoing to Drive a team He will not get to write Home Before we Start
Every thing is Excitement in Camp at Present they are Pulling Down the tents & I Have to Quit writing to Help them

I will close for the present
My love to all & Reserve a share for your self
In Hast yours truly

Newton Scott

Camp 36th.. Regt.. Iowa Vols
Little Rock Arks Jan.. 19th.. 1864
Most Respected Friend Han..

it is with much Pleasure that I take the Present Oppertunity of writing you a few lines in Answer to yours of the 28th.. inst which was Recd.. a few days ago with Pleasure.. I am well at this Present time & I hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well,, the Boys are Generaly well at the Present Will P. is Absent at this time He is gone on a Forageing Expedition He Has Bin gone 6 days I look for Him Back to morrow I will tell you that Siri?? Scott Started Home on last Saturday He will most likely Reach Home Ere this Reaches you & He can tell you all the News from Little Rock..

Well Han.. I will tell you that I See a Rebel Spy Hyng Here on the 8th.. inst He was caught going out Past our Picket Guards & was arrested & Examined & Papers of Importance to the Rebels found in His Possession & He was Brought Back & Court martialed & Sentenced to Be Hung Dead By the neck & on the 8th.. He was Executed in the Presence of Some Good Persons His Name was David. O. Dodd..

Well Han.. I Haave No News of Interest to write at the Present I will tell that most all the Old Troops Have Reenlisted the 77th.. Ohio Inftry & 3d.. Iowa Cav.. & 10th.. Ill Cav.. Have Reenlisted & gone Home on Furlough the 1st.. Iowa Cav.. Have most all Reenlisted & will go Home on Furlough in March Capt Andersons old Co.. Have most all Reenlisted all of Our Acquaintences Have Reenlisted Except Jim Forman Blair Reitzel & Isaac Jones.. Troops Has to Be in the Service 2 years Before they can Reenlist Therefore the 36th.. can not Reenlist for 6 months yet
For my part I think 3 years Plenty long for one man to Serve when there is Plenty of Torries up North that Should Be Drafted.

Well Han.. you Stated that I need not Be Surprised to see Lile come Down to our Co.. I would Be some surprised If He Should come tho I would love to Have all good Boys with us But still I would advise Him to Remain at Home & let them Draft Some of them Home Torries---------

Well Han.. you Stated that you had a Pretty Dry Christmas up Home well Indeed I Hope that you Had a merry time on Newyears Day Well let me tell you that we Had a Pretty Dry time Here on Christmas & Newyears Days

No Roasted Turkey for Dinner Nor Visitors to See us But we Stay at our Camps thinking of Home & of old times & Hopeing for Happier Days to Come Suffice it to Say that those two Noted Days was as other days in th Army of Arks..------------------------

Well Han.. I Have my Paper Nearly Filled & I Have not written Half that I could If I Had Room But I cannot tell you all with my Pen for If I did I would load Down the Mails..

Well I must close for this time Please write Soon & write all the News & Particulars & Please Excuse this Ill composed letter & my Poor writing & I will try & Do Better in the Future

From you Friend & well wisher

Newton Scott

Camp 36 th.. Iowa Infty
Little Rock Arks
Sabbath night-Feb.. the 14th.. 1864
Miss Han... M. Cone

Dear Friend
Your long looked for letter of the 25th.. inst is Recd.. at last I was verry glad to Hear from you again for it Has Bin Some time Before Since I Recd.. any letter from you.. This leaves me well & also the Boys are Generaly well I was Glad to Hear that you was anticipating a good time on the arrival of Co. E of the 6th.. Iowa & Indeed I Hope the Boys one & all of them & the girls will Have a Merry time while on there Short visit Home for If any Body Deserves a good time & Honors it is the Brave Boys of the old 6th.. Iowa.. All Honor to them But I don't think it Right for them to Reenlist & Serve 3 years longer & let those Cowardly Copperheads Stay at Home & spit there Treason at the Poor Worn out Soldiers What Do they care whether the Soldiers lives or not.. Away away with all Such Fiends But again I think the war will close By the time our Term of Service Expires & I Hope that those Veterans will not Have to Serve there 3 years.. But the Future only Can Decide when it will Close

Well Han.. you Said that you wished Co. A. could Come Home this Spring or Summer Well you may Be Shure that I would love to Come Home to Enjoy Some fun But then you Know that 30 days is the longest Period that Furloughs are Given & that would Be a verry Short time to Remain Home & Hence I will Be Content to wait & If I live See the Close of the war or Experation of our time of Service

Oh Indeed I would love to Be at Home & Enjoy the Pleasures of Friends & cut around with some of the Girls again But when I come I wish to come Knowing that I can Remain at Home If I choose & If I live & Have my Health I Exspect to Come Home that way

I think it the Duty of Every Able Bodied man If Necessary to Help Defend His country But I think 3 years Sufficient long for one man to Serve while they all take there turns.. But those old Troops Reenlisting will Soon Put an End to the Rebellion Certain for they will know that they Cannot Conquor well Drilled & well Tried Soldiers & there army is Deserting Daily & comeing over to our army & a great many of them Enlisting in our army
One Day last week there was 126 men mostly Deserters from Price & citizens of this State Came in & took the oath of Allegiance & 100 of them joined our army.. now this is True for a man Told me that See them.. & there is Hardly a day But some come in & takes the oath.

Little Rock, July 22nd.. 1864

Dear Friend Han..

Your letter of the 8th.. Inst is Recd.. with Pleasure.

I was Glad to Hear from you & that you Had gained your Health again. This leaves me in moderate Health only. I Resumed Duty on the 13th.. Inst & Have Bin on Guard Several times Since & I am Doing verry well & I Hope when this reaches you that it may find you well & Enjoying your Self. I See Will P. on yesterday. He was well & Hearty. the Boys of Co. A are Mostly well Except Some of the Recruits Our Co. Has lost Some 4 men In the Past month, to wit Ol. Cattern Died on the 23rd. June. Wm.. Carhart was Drowned on the 1st.. Inst. Robert B Miller Died on the 5th. Inst & Joseph Warren Died on the 13th.. inst. This Summer will take off many of the Recruits.

Capt John M. Porter Started Home on 30 days leave of Absence on Yesterday & will Reach Albia Ere this Reaches you If He meets with Good Luck & If He gets Home He can tell you all the News from Little Rock.

I Fear Capt Porters Health will not Permit Him to Return to us again. Though I Hope He may gain His Health & get Back & Remain with us while in the U. S. Service For I think there is But few Better men than Capt Porter. Sergt.. Marshal Law is our 1st.. Lieut Now & will be Capt If Porter leaves us But I Hope that Capt Porter may not leave us.

Well Han,, you Stated that you wished me & Will could get a Furlough Home. Well Indeed we would love to Come Home you may Be Shure But it is almost Impossible for a well man to get a Furlough when Sick men can not get them when it would Save many Dear lives I Have no Idea of getting Home untill the Expiration of my time of Service. & If Permited to live then I exspect to Return Home & See the People & Eat Peaches. We Could get Home This winter Coming By Reenlisting as Veterans for 3 years longer But I am not wanting to get Home that Bad yet a while.

I did think when I left Home that the war would not last over 15 months But now I would not Be Surprised If it last 5 years. Though it may Close Soon & I Hope it will. But I am Pretty certain it will not close Ere our time of Service is out
Well I Have No News of Interest to write at this time

The weather is verry warm Here & there is Considerable Sickness Among Soldiers Citizens & Refugees & many Dieing off. There is not much Fighting going on in this Depmt. But Considerable Bush whacking up & Down White River & along the Rail Road But it don't Amount to much as yet. Well I believe that I Have told you all for the Present. Please write Soon & give all the News & Particulars & what for times you are Having up in Iowa & If my Luck is Still living & on Pleading terms-----------------------

After my Best wishes & Respects to you Beleive me

Verry Truly Yours

Newton Scott

Barracks A. Company 36th Iowa Vols
Little Rock Arks Nov. 3rd 1864
Dear Friend

Yours of the 16th inst. is Recd. with Pleasure.. "I was verry glad To hear from you and that you was well..

"This leaves me well at the Present & Hope that when this Reaches you that it may find you well.. The boys of Co A.are mostly well at this time" Your Brother was well on yesterday.. he was up to see us he is Still on Detach Service in the City..

I am sorrow to Infrom you that Zellek H. Collins of our Co. (and Brother to Wm E. Collins Post master in Albia) died hear in Regamental Hospital on the Ist Inst., Diseas Typhoid Fever. Friend Hearvey was a good Soldier & a Social Comrade and we Regret his loss verry much..

Well Han, I have no News of Interest to write to you at this Time But I will write Something & will Try & Do Better in the Future..

I had almost given up getting a letter from you, and I think that we are getting verry Careless in writing to Each other So lets Do Better in the Future. Friend Han, you stated in your letter of the 16th inst that you Often looked over to my old home & thought of the many happy hours that Your Self & I with Two others had Enjoyed.

But one of our Group was now missing.. "Yes how True it is, and I often think of Past Times when I was at home & of the many Pleasant Moments that I have Enjoyed with My Friends & I often ask My Self is it True that Amanda is married.. "But oh it is True," and I cannot help it-and hence I will try & Enjoy My Self as Best I can. Every Person is there own Guardian in that Respect & will have to Risk there Chances Amanda was at Liberty to Do well or Do as She has Done and Now She will have to Do as Best She Can..

You stated that Miss Samatha Gillespy was agoing to get Married Soon.. Please Tell me in your next letter the Lucky mans Name that has Married Miss Samantha.. & also Please, Oh Please Tell me If my Hattie is married yet For I know that She is Tired of Single life Ere this time..

Well Han, I will tell you that we have just Eleven months From tomorrow to Serve for Uncle Sam and If our health & lives is Spared we Expect to Visit our Friends after that Time and Enjoy the Many Pleasures of Friends and the Pleasures of Sweet home I Expect to Return to old Monroe County again If I am Spared to live and have my helath after my Eleven months is served for Uncle Sam...
And I hope & think that the War will Be Over By that Time. I think that the Election or Reelection of President Lincoln will Do much Toward the Closeing of the War.. "The Election is near at hand and I I *sic* am glad to tell you that Co. A has No McClellen Men Amongst our No.. I think that Every man that Belongs to Co. A will Vote for Old Abe without a Doubt.. But I must close For it is 8 oclock at night & the Drum is Beating for Roll Call & I must go Please write Soon & give all the News & Particulars &You will Please Excuse my long letter & The Composed letter & Poorly writen Remarks & I will Try to Do Better in the Future

Please write Soon with out Delay
Very Respfully Yours,
Newton Scott
Co. A. 36th Iowa

Camp 36th Regt Iowa Inft
St. Charles Arks March 13th "65
Miss H.M. Cone..

Your verry Welcome letter of the 26th inst is Recd.. and I hasten to Reply.. "I was verry glad to hear from you once again and that you was still on the land & Amongst the living but Sorrow to hear that you was unwell.. but hope that you are well Ere this Time.. "but I exspect that you have been loosing so much Sleep attending Those Oyster Suppers & the verry Many Weddings that has Transpired up in your Country of Late Which has likely Caused your Ill health To Some extent "But Han you must excuse me for Writing as I do for you know that when I was home in my Young days I most always was at home with My Mother and only went visiting My Darling once Twice & Some Times Thrice a week, but will Promise My Mother to Do Better in the Future If I am Spared to Return home again.. but in Refference to Your Cousin Perry & Mr Hunter getting married I and Will thinks that they might as well have Postponed there wedding a few days while I & him Returned home.. "but then we will Rest Contented with the Consoling Thought that if we Should Ever get Married no one Can Cheat us out of being Present If So we will Forfeit the Ghost.." "But I must Stop my Foolishness or you will think me Crazy.."

"Since I last wrote to you we have left Little Rock, We recd. Marching orders on the 4th Inst & left the Rock on the 7th Inst & came By Rail to Duvals Bluffs & there took the Boat & Came to this Place about 150 Miles from the Rock arriveing here on the 8th and Relieved a Darkie Regt here & they took the Same boat & went to Vicksburg while we Moved into the Darkie Shantys and of all the Dirty & little Smokey Shantys Ever See those Certainly was the greatest Each Shanty large anough for 2 men I & my Bunk Mate Mr Albert Grimes Took Possession of one Shanty & to Work we went and In one half Day we had it arranged Somewhat to our Notion So that we can be Tolerable Comfortable again "There is but few Troops here but Sufficient to Garrison the Post it Being Strongly Fortified and the Gun Boats here to assist us If we Should Be Annoyed By the Enemy Our Duty Will be Some heavyer here than at the Rock but I think that I would Rather Stay here than at the Rock There is no Town here Now it Being burned By our Forces in 1862 & has not been Rebuilt Since.." Out Lt Col Comdg the Regt has ordered us to build New Barracks here & we have commenced hauling The loggs today Which I think is verry Imprudent at this Season of the year & also our Regt having but Some Six months yet to Serve. But Lt Col Drake is known by his Marks Mills Disgrace The General Opinion is here that If our Brigade had have had a Commander in Place of Col Drake that Brigade would not have been Butchered & captured.
But then you know that we have to Submit to Shoulder Straps for Some Six months yet but After that I expect to Dictate for my Self.

Well Han, our Prisoners are Exchanged at Last and 2 of them are here & the rest are on there way home on Furlough Those of them that are alive I am Sorrow to Inform you that Some Ten of our Co.. have Died Since they was Captured I will give you there Names Viz Ordly Sergt D. P. Bay Dorias Stacy, T. Castle, Wm..H Dean, Wm.. Martin Wm.. McKissick John Kritzen..Wm..F. Sperry, A Dunn.. G. W. Lindsay.. "Poor Soldiers away Down in Texas Rest there Remains and Sylvester Mefford & Daniel Shepperd are not accounted for Nor have never Been Seen Since the day thew went into Battle and of Course they are most Certainly Dead "you will See Some of the Boys up at Albia Soon Billy Mills & Sam Bowles & Charly Reed Jo & *illegible* Young are on there way home
"But Han. I must Close as my Sheet is Full I hope you will Excuse my long letter.. but Indeed Han I could fill another Sheet & then not be tired.. "My health is Tolerable good also Will is well

Please write Soon & give all the news to Direct to St. Charles Arks

Respectfully Yours
Newton Scott

Camp 36th Regt Iowa Vols
Saint Charles Arks May 24th "65
Miss H. M. Cone..

Yours of the 13th Inst is Recd. "Was glad to hear from you and that you was well..

"had almost given up ever Receiving another letter from you but better late than never

"This leaves me well at this time also the boys Generaly are in Pretty good health at this Time.. "hope that when this Reaches you That it may find you Enjoying the best of health..

"well you Stated in your letter that Many changes had taken Place up in Monroe here of late and the most heart-breaking of all is my Darling has long ago Forsaken me and Married and left me to mourn my life away or in other words Do the best I can During my future life "Yes Indeed I thank you verry much For your Sympathy Toward me in my Sad bereavement.
(hope I will Survive the Sudden Shock) and wish for better Success in the future.

"Well you Stated in your letter that you thought the time not far Distant when we would return home..
Indeed I hope not but I dont think That we will get home for 2 or 3 months yet but hope we will get home Sooner.. Though it is the General opinion here that we will get home by the 20th of July If not Sooner and I hope we may "have no News of much Interest to write from here at this time Everything is Quiet here Except that the Rebs Still continue to Come in & Surrender themselves & take the Oath. There is no Rebs of any Consequence North of the Arkansas River & West of the Miss River now They haveing all or nearly So Come in to our Forces & Taken the Oath..
"but I Suppose that Kirby Smith & Mcgruder & Price will Still oppose the government until They are Driven out & there Country Burned and If they Do not Surrender I hope to God that our Government will Exterminate the whole Crew of those General Officers & leading men for they cant but know that there case is a hopeless one & have no reason for Continuing the war longer..
"Well I believe that I have written all for this time. would be verry glad to See you & have a long talk with you..
Could Tell you much more If Present than I can write and hope how Soon we will get home to Enjoy the Comforts of Civil life & the many Pleasures of good Friends..

"Will Say to you That I dont understand your meaning when you Said that For your reason for not writing Sooner you could not write but would tell me when I Came home = = = = = = =.
"but hope it was for no error of my Self.. but I cant insist on knowing as you Said you would tell me when I came home

Well I will close for to day
Please write Soon
and tell me all the News and Particulars and
hopeing to hear from Soon again

Believe me as ever
Yours verry Respectfully
Newton Scott
Co. A. 36th Regt Iowa vols

To Miss Han.. M. Cone
Albia Iowa

Saint Charles Arks.
August 18th.. 1865

Dear Parents

Yours of the 3rd.. Inst is Recd.. "Was glad to hear from you & that you was all well.. "This day finds me Enjoying verry good health "had two chills Some time ago.. but think I have them Broke on me now.. "to morrow will be my 14th.. day & I am still Serveing my Bottle of Bitters & hope by So doing to remain clear of the chills & fevers

"health in the Co. is only Tolerbly good at this time although better than a few days ago.. " they Shake by releifs. "for my Part I went to the Store & Bought me Some Whiskey at $1.00 a pt & alot of *illegible* & have been Doing my own Doctoring & I feel about as well as usual for the Past few days.. "Although I may chill again Soon but hope not..

"Was glad to hear that my clothes had arrived home.. "but think them Agents had better took the Box for Pay for the charged verry unreasonble for the Exspressage.. one of the boys Sent a box at the Same time with me that Weighs 60 lbs & they only charged him $5.85 but then I suppose it to be about as much Trouble to send a Small Box as one that is larger..

"Well I exspect that you are looking for the old 35th.. Iowa Co return home as all other Iowa Regts both the Vets & non Vets have returned.. "but you have not See the 36th.. at home yet.. nor have we any word as yet how Soon we will get home..

"don't look to be Musterd out Sooner than the Middle of next month.. "think Probably we will get home some time between this & Christmas..

"I think our Much esteemed & Dearbeloved Lt Col.. Brevet Brig Genl F. M. Drake is the whole cause of us being Detained in the Service.. the boys at the Regt are Down on him heavey & they have threatend his life..

& for my Part If I thought my Prayers would be Answered I should have.. have.. *sic* him Suddenly Disposed off..

"Well I have nothing of Interest to relate to day.. the weather has been verry warm here while Day before yesterday it turned cold & still remains likewise & hope it will continue to During our Stay in this Rackensack country..

"Well tell you that one of our boys See a large Bear out in the Bottoms on yesterday & thought there to be two other ones not far off.. and this morn Some 4 or 8 of the Co.. have gone out to Investigate the case.. have not came in yet.. Will tell you If the have a fight with old Bruin..

Well I beleive that I have told you all for to day.. the Mail leaves to morrow evening.. will not Seal my letter to day If any thing of Interest Transpires ere that time will write a few lines more ere I seal this letter.. Plese write Soon & tell me all the News & p need not be afraid to write for fear of me Starting home for one or Two letters will be but little loss If I should never See them for you may be sure that I always love to hear from home.. "Just So Soon as we get orders to Muster out I will let you know Immediatily If Well & there is any Mail Boat going to Memphis ere we do.. Will close for to day hopeing this may find you one & all in the best of health & hopeing to hear from you Soon.

"My love to all.. "Yours verry Respectfully

Newton Scott

To Hullum Scott & Family

N.B. Will Send you a Pattern of the 7th.. army corps Badge.. "I have one of Pure Silver..


August 19th 1865

Dear Parents

Since writing the Enclosed letter on yesterday the 18th Capt. Porter Recd. a Telagram from Major Hamilton Comdg 36th Iowa vols at Devalls Bluffs To Proceed him Self or Send Lieut Law with two clerks by first Boat to Devalls Bluffs To Make Muster out Rolls for Co. having orders for the Muster out of our Regt... "Well Indeed that was good news for Co. A.. "News that we have wished for verry many times During the Past three months.. Lieut Law, W.H. Phelps, and my Self is ordered to Proceed to the Bluffs by first Boat for the above named Purposes.. The Regular Mail Boat will be up tomorrow evening. "We will go up on that Boat unless one Should Come Sooner.. "It will take us Some 3 or 4 days to make out the Rolls I think we will get away from by the first of Sept at farthest and think we will get home about the 15th of Sept "we all have the option of takeing our guns home with us by Paying Six Dollars apiece for them.. "Some 25 of Co. A. will take there guns home..
I shall not take my gun home for it would be of no use to me whatever.

"well I believe that I have nothing more of Interest to write today.. Will write again Probaly ere I get home.. you need not write any more and tell C*?*, Bud, & John not to write to me.. and you can tell the Friends of the 36th Iowa vols to cease writing to the boys for we will most Probaly leave Arkansas for home in Ten days..

"well I will close for to day hopeing Soon to See you one and all good Friends.. "My love to all..

Beleive me as ever
Yours verry Respectfully
Newton Scott

To Hullum Scott..
&d Family..

Note: by Newton Robert Scott, Private, Company A, of the 36th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers


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