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Who should be responsible for shaping a new government in Afghanistan?

Northern Alliance7 %7 %7 % 7.23 % (6)
Afghani citizens67 %67 %67 % 67.47 % (56)
United States7 %7 %7 % 7.23 % (6)
United Nations12 %12 %12 % 12.05 % (10)
Other multinational group2 %2 %2 % 2.41 % (2)
Pakistan1 %1 %1 % 1.20 % (1)
Not Listed1 %1 %1 % 1.20 % (1)
I have no opinion1 %1 %1 % 1.20 % (1)

Total votes: 83
One vote is allowed per day

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Re: Who should be responsible for shaping a new government i
by Anonymous
on Nov 21, 2001

This is an opportunity for the UN to prove to the world that it can do something, as long as they don't botch it. With the Islamic countries clamoring for the UN, let them have it. I think the US should lend transportation support, as SecDef said, then get out as soon as the Taliban are neutralized.

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1918: German fighter ace Baron von Richthofen, "The Red Baron," is shot down and killed.

1943: President Roosevelt announces that several Doolittle pilots have been executed by Japanese.

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