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What is the most important program of the Veterans Administration?

Counseling10 %10 %10 % 10.00 % (8)
Education and training18 %18 %18 % 18.75 % (15)
Medical care30 %30 %30 % 30.00 % (24)
Disability compensation & pension37 %37 %37 % 37.50 % (30)
Home loan guarantees3 %3 %3 % 3.75 % (3)
National cemetery system0 %0 %0 % 0.00 % (0)
Insurance0 %0 %0 % 0.00 % (0)
Research0 %0 %0 % 0.00 % (0)

Total votes: 80
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Should Nuclear Weapons be Banned?

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This Day in History
1189: Philip Augustus, Henry II of England and Frederick Barbarossa assemble the troops for the Third Crusade.

1863: Two Confederate ships drive away two Union ships as the Rebels recapture Sabine Pass, Texas, and open an important port for the Confederacy.

1919: The German Krupp plant begins producing guns under the U.S. armistice terms.

1930: An international arms control meeting opens in London.

1941: The United States lifts the ban on arms to the Soviet Union.

1942: In North Africa, German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel launches a drive to push the British eastward. While the British benefited from radio-intercept-derived Ultra information, the Germans enjoyed an even speedier intelligence source.

1943: A Nazi daylight air raid kills 34 in a London school. When the anticipated invasion of Britain failed to materialize in 1940, Londoners relaxed, but soon they faced a frightening new threat from the sky.

1951: Communist troops force the UN army out of Inchon, Korea after a 12-hour attack.

1951: Lieutenant Colonel William E. Bertram, 523rd Fighter-Escort Squadron commander, became the first F-84 Thunderjet pilot to shoot down a MiG-15.

1953: Aircraft from three carriers continue relentless assaults against communist supply buildups near Hungnam and Wonsan. Meanwhile, Air Force F-86 Sabre jets downed seven MiGs and damaged three others in a trio of engagements.