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Should women be included in the next draft?

Yes56 %56 %56 % 56.00 % (84)
No41 %41 %41 % 41.33 % (62)
I do not know0 %0 %0 % 0.00 % (0)
I have no opinion0 %0 %0 % 0.00 % (0)
Other, please list in comments2 %2 %2 % 2.67 % (4)

Total votes: 150
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Re: Should women be included in the next draft?
on Dec 26, 2003

Would rather see the Government hoist the white flag and surrender to the first nation willing to accept that surrender than reinstitute the draft.Freedom and slavery(the draft)are incompatable.

Re: Should women be included in the next draft?
by Anonymous
on Dec 27, 2003

Apparently you never heard of World War II.

Re: Should women be included in the next draft?
by Anonymous
on Dec 27, 2003

I believe that women should be included in the draft,but in non-combatant roles, pogs. however they should never ever be placed in a hostile situation.

Re: Should women be included in the next draft?
by Anonymous
on Dec 28, 2003

IF there is another Draft, then the ladies are full partners in it... they asked for it, they demanded it and a whole lot more, and so IF it happens, then they get what they asked for. And what a sad and sick day that will be...

Re: Should women be included in the next draft?
by Anonymous
on Jan 01, 2004
Equality for pay, opportunity,etc means also equal opportunity to take a bullet for your country. Saying that women are equal ...EXCEPT subverts the whole idea of equality. If there is to be a draft, women should be subject to it as men are. One standard should be in place and either sex must pass it to gain entry. No exceptions.

As for the draft and giving up liberty, remember that the draft was first enacted by the Confederacy in the spring of 1862 and the Union in the spring of 1863. The war was unpopular enough so that if there had been no Union draft, we might be living in two countries today. I believe the draft should be reinstituted and maintained, especially in this era of uncertainty.


Re: Should women be included in the next draft?
by Anonymous
on Jan 02, 2004

Women should be included in the next draft. (If, dear God, it came to that..) Women are just as much a part of today's military as men are, and to ask men to make the sacrifice, but not women is out of question. However, then the politics of the situation come in play. Married couples, or couples with children, single moms, single dads... the government would have to look at the demographics and compare. It would be a pick and choose, because you can't very well send a mom and dad into a draft, and leave the child behind.

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